Samsung reset like this can kill

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Samsung reset like this can kill
Samsung reset like this can kill

Samsung software crashes (phones) are relatively rare, but if this happens, the first thing to do is to clear the memory of user settings. How is a Samsung factory reset done? What methods exist? First things first.

Tricky situation, or again something with memory

Reset Samsung settings

From this point you should read carefully. Did the title bother you? However, as long as your phone is reset in the standard way, you are not afraid of the threatening consequences of ingenious methods. But probably, such a phenomenon known to you as “glitches”, which you may have repeatedly noticed in the operation of your device, somehow should have alerted you. Therefore, information about the existing options for returning a “lost” phone will not be superfluous for you. So, how to reset Samsung so that the phone does not suffer, and the “common mind” in the device clears up? You will not believe it, but it is elementary simple, and very little time will be spent.

Why does the phone start to “fail”?

With the compact dimensions of the mobile device, the internalThe filling of the device is given an extremely limited space. The motherboard of an electronic device is literally “studded” with a variety of microcircuits, modules and parts. Microelectronics is a rather complex applied part of science. Magnetic fields, potential differences and many other factors of an electrical nature can be the “pathogens” of phone malfunction symptoms. Resetting Samsung settings can partially resolve the problem situation associated with the partial inoperability of an individual communication device. More serious preventive actions can only be done by specialized centers, private workshops, or self-taught people with an incredibly practical experience. So what is the root cause of the sometimes lingering “fits” of our indispensable communication friends?

Samsung reset code

The four main culprits of electronic “madness”

  • The first reason. Mechanical damage, which results in the displacement of microcircuits and the separation of parts from the soldering point.
  • Probability number two. Oxidation of motherboard components after exposure to liquid or condensation.
  • Third option. Systematic overload of the flash memory of the phone and extremely intensive operation of the device: frequent juggling of the battery (replacing the SIM card), incorrect disconnection from service programs.
  • The worst culprit at number four is a virus that entered God knows how!

Universal code to reset Samsung settings

So, sometimes a certain combination of numbers is quiteis able to cope with temporarily arisen “glitches” of the phone. But it is important to understand what characters and numbers you enter, and what they are for in general. Sometimes an incorrectly used service command can completely destroy not only user settings, but the entire software part of the device. Therefore, before using the kindly provided code, make sure the source is reliable. And now about the main thing. The first service team presented is not always effective, however, your device may fall under the success rate, especially if the year of manufacture is not the first, so to speak, freshness. Type on the keyboard of your “Samsung” -27672878and press the “call” key. The device should reboot. But partial or complete loss of information stored in the memory of the mobile is possible. Therefore, if technically possible, save at least the phone book. Otherwise, if you urgently need the integrity of subscriber contacts, it would be more appropriate to contact a specialized workshop. There is another code that is able to snatch an electronic organism from oblivion, this is 27673855. This set of numbers will surely reset the Samsung device, as it is effective for most devices of the Korean manufacturer.

What if my Samsung is Android?

samsung galaxy y factory reset

If the standard functions of the smartphone and the applied service code 27673855 did not have the effect provided for in the Samsung Galaxy Y system itselfResetting the settings can be done in a fairly effective way.

  1. Press the three keys of the device, and in the described sequence: first, the "volume +" button, then the "Home" button (central navigation) and close the queue circuit with the "on" button.
  2. After the phone opens the "Recovery" menu, select "Reboot system now" and press "Home". After the reboot, you can assume that the phone is fresh from the store.

Congratulations! Now you own not only several ways to return the “prodigal” phone to working capacity, but also become the owner of valuable information. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to prove your user competence and help someone in a moment of overwhelming difficulties for him.

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