The smallest phone in the world - an unusual toy or a complete communication device?

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The smallest phone in the world - an unusual toy or a complete communication device?
The smallest phone in the world - an unusual toy or a complete communication device?

Recently, the trend towards increasing the size of mobile phones is becoming more apparent. Manufacturers seem to have entered into a race with each other and are trying to invent the thinnest, largest or “coolest” phone in the world. But some of them took a different path and decided to create their smallest phone in the world. What happened as a result - we learn from this article.

Why do we need tiny phones?

When you see a miniature phone, the question immediately arises - why is it needed at all? Why do companies still produce such models? Not everyone likes ever-growing phones. They have already approached tablets in their dimensions, and some of them, for example, the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy Note line and the Sony Xperia Z1, can be called tablet phones. Many owners of such devices do not use even a tenth of their capabilities. A small phone, without superfluous and unnecessary functionality, can perfectly fulfill its main purpose - to be a convenient means of communication.

Japanese babe

In 2013, a miniature phone called Willcom Phone Strap 2 was introduced by a Japanese operatorwillcom. It weighs only 32 grams, has a 1-inch screen.

smallest phone

Japanese manufacturer proudly announces that their tiny phone can send email messages. In terms of functionality, this smallest cell phone cannot boast of anything special, except for the infrared port. And in the operating mode without recharging, it can be used for a modest two hours. The Japanese themselves admit that it is rather a compact addition to a tablet or a full-size smartphone. In terms of ease of use, the phone also raised questions - how can you type text, such as SMS, with the help of tiny buttons? The Willcom Phone Strap 2 was planned to be marketed at a maximum of 12,000 and was only available for purchase in Japan.

Modu Phone is the smallest phone of 2009

This miniature phone has been released for a long time, but at that time it was surprising with its modest size and functionality. Weight - 40 grams, a diagonal of 1.3 inches and a color display with an MP3 player and Bluetooth made this phone the best among other compact communication devices. But the operating time is again only two hours, so you won’t talk much with such a phone far from the outlet. And another fact that could cause difficulty when working with this miniature device is the lack of buttons. The phone had navigation keys, through which you could dial a number or write a message. In general, the device made a very pleasant impression, although outwardly it looked more like an MP3 player, andlooked a little like a phone.

photo of the smallest phone

Trinket phone - possibly this

In 2010, another smallest phone was released - sWap Nova. It is not only miniature, but also unusual. Its dimensions are so small that this phone can be worn either as a keychain or as a pendant. Weighing 43 grams, it is the smallest touchscreen phone, and this fact was officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

smallest phone in the world

Although the device has the size of a key fob, it is a full-fledged phone with a good set of features. The 1.76-inch touchscreen, built-in speakers and microphone, microSD slot, FM radio, everything is like in large models of phones. An interesting detail is that thanks to the retractable USB adapter, sWap Nova can be connected to a computer as a USB flash drive. Working with the touch screen with its tiny size is almost impossible, so a stylus was included with the phone.

Now you can find it only through the Internet, on sites selling mobile devices. And there are still those who want to buy swap Nova, but rather as an exclusive accessory.

Nokia Mini Phone Experience

The famous brand companies did not stay away from the temptation to create their smallest phone in the world. The Finns offered two variants of small-sized phones aimed at different user groups. One of them is the budget Nokia 100. The weight of the device is really small -71 grams. But it has a bright color display and a good range of apps.

Nokia's second smallest phone is the Nokia 700 smartphone. Of course, compared to Willcom's device, this device looks big, but if we take smartphones from other manufacturers as an example, the Nokia 700 looks like a crumb against their background.

smallest cell phone

Phone - business card QUMO Cardphone

But the QUMO Cardphone can rightfully be considered the smallest phone in the world. The size of a business card or credit card, it can easily fit in a purse or a woman's purse. The novelty from QUMO is aimed at an audience of buyers who purchase a phone only as a means of communication and do not want to overpay for functions they do not need.

The phone is made of ordinary plastic, but it looks very attractive. Plus, it comes in several vibrant colors. The modest size, however, allows it to have an impressive feature set. This is a calculator, alarm clock, phone book. The weight of 38 grams and the thickness of 7 millimeters make the device the smallest communication device to date. A photo of the smallest QUMO Cardphone is presented below. By the way, it can also be charged from a computer or laptop, which is very convenient.

smallest nokia phone

It is suitable as the first phone for a child, you can take it with you on vacation and not worry that it might get lost or fall into the water. The cost of less than 2 thousand rubles allows you not to worry about losing it.


Does it make sense for manufacturers to produce small models of phones? The example of QUMO Cardphone, which has recently appeared on the market, shows that such products will find their buyer, who is interested not in the huge screens of the phone, but in its function to be a simple and inexpensive means of communication without unnecessary bells and whistles.

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