How to hide apps on android: three easy ways


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How to hide apps on android: three easy ways
How to hide apps on android: three easy ways

Modern technologies have developed so much that they allow you to install many useful and entertaining applications on a device running various operating systems. But at the same time, each person has the opportunity to ensure the privacy of their data and, for some reason, hide the applications installed on the gadget from prying eyes. And so many are wondering how to hide applications on android. This is what this article will be about.

Reasons for wanting to hide apps

Any desire of the user does not arise without a reason. Some may be wondering how to hide apps on android due to those apps that can't be uninstalled but are not in use. Most often, these are programs that are installed by the brand and partially duplicate other software or are paid. For some, it is enough to simply hide the icons of unused programs in the main menu so as not to get confused by the icons. Such users are more interested in the answer to the question of how to hideandroid app icon. At the same time, there are people who store important data on their device running the Android operating system that should be inaccessible to a prying eye. It is these cases that are the main reasons for the desire to hide applications installed on the gadget.

Hide standard applications that are not used

Today, there can be up to 10 standard applications installed by the brand but not used by users per device. The problem is complicated by the fact that they are marked as system ones and cannot be deleted. However, there is still an answer to the question of how to hide applications on android. In addition, by hiding such applications, you can also unload the device's memory, because after the procedure, the latest software updates and program icons from the gadget menu are deleted.

In order to do this, you need to follow a simple algorithm of actions. After going into the device settings, open the "Applications" tab, and then select the "All" category. When the list of all applications opens, select those that are not used and are not deleted. When the selection is made, click on the "Off" button. Please note that after a while you can make these apps and programs available again by simply turning them back on.

how to hide apps on android

How to hide app icon on android

The following method is useful for those users who just want to remove the program icon from the menu for comfort in using the device. Essentially, this questioneasy enough to solve. First of all, you need to install a third-party launcher on the device, where you need to hide program icons. The two most popular launchers are Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher. They are similar to each other and have great flexibility and convenience in settings. In order to hide app icons using these launchers, the steps are as follows. First, double-tap an empty space in the center of your device's screen. Open the settings menu, and then select Application menu settings. Next, by going to the "Hidden" category, select those applications whose icons you want to hide. Finally, don't forget to save your changes.

how to hide app icon on android

How to hide apps on android from strangers

This question is most often asked by those people who store important information in the device's memory. In order to achieve the goal, you will need to install additional software, namely the Hide it Pro program. The functionality of this utility makes it possible to hide applications, video and audio files, as well as other data that the user wants to keep secret from others.

how to hide app icon on android

In addition, the program allows you to block applications by setting a password to open a particular application or file.

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