Notebook Asus A6R: model review, photo


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Notebook Asus A6R: model review, photo
Notebook Asus A6R: model review, photo

Laptops in the modern world occupy almost a leading position in terms of sales and prevalence. It is worth paying attention to some budget models that have powerful characteristics. One of these is the Asus A6R laptop. You can buy it in any specialized store at a price of about 30 thousand rubles. It is necessary to consider all its features to decide if it is worth the money.

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Monitor diagonal - 15.4 inches (1280x800), WXGA type. The screen has good color saturation. Viewing angles are simply amazing. However, if you slightly shift the screen to a vertical position, you will have to work hard to make out the image. However, it is slightly distorted. With a battery capacity of 4400 mAh, the Asus A6R laptop lasts more than 2.5 hours, and takes 1.5 hours to charge, which is quite an acceptable result.

Notebook dimensions: 354x285x35 mm. The weight of the device reaches almost 3 kg. There are connectors for a microphone, headphones and flash cards. Drive - DVD-RW.The laptop supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (version V2.0+EDR). There is a webcam for 0.35 Mp. The amount of memory is 2048 MB. Processor brand Intel, model Celeron M processor 360-380 (1.7 GHz). Operating system - Windows XP Professional. There are many special programs that allow you to freely communicate on the Internet.


The ergonomics of the Asus A6R is top notch. It, as an "intermediary" between the user and the software, is almost imperceptible. The keyboard has a pleasant appearance, it is not loud, so there will be no problems with it. The touchpad also suits almost all consumers. A nice bonus - special buttons to open the browser, mail, as well as a key to change the operating modes of the computer. Moreover, there is a separate mechanism for turning off and on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. "Hot" combinations allow you to quickly change the volume and brightness.

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Not much to say about multimedia. The Asus A6R laptop is set to standard specifications. There are speakers whose power is 2 watts each. There is also a special channel for connecting an external speaker system. The microphone, which is installed in the model, is equipped with quite decent characteristics. All users claim that it is of sufficient quality.


When buying an Asus A6R laptop, you can find instructions, disks with some programs, a modem cable and a charger in the kit. Unfortunately, this is all that the manufacturer provides. Case or bag will have topurchase separately. However, licensed programs and the operating system cover all the disadvantages.

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So, we can say that Asus A6R has everything you need to carry out daily work. The display is made in compliance with modern technology. Thanks to this, you can not worry about your eyes and calmly watch movies continuously for several hours in a row. The keyboard has an excellent appearance and mechanisms that do not tend to break. There are also ports that have received an excellent and convenient location. The budget laptop has a microphone, which is installed as a small bonus. In principle, you can use it when working with Skype or another "dialer".

Among the minuses you can see only low battery power and poor functionality in 3D mode. However, such nuances are quite typical for a similar price category. Considering all the pluses, it is still worth buying this Asus A6R laptop. The characteristics are quite satisfactory. You can buy it at any specialized store for a small price. Buying online can save you a lot of money. However, you need to choose trusted sources and never pay the full amount.

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