The most reliable phone: what is it?

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The most reliable phone: what is it?
The most reliable phone: what is it?

What is the most reliable phone? This is a very important question that is now of interest to many. Previously, this almost did not bother anyone, since simple devices made in the form of a monoblock worked quite stably, rarely glitching. At the moment, the improvement of mobile phones keeps pace with technological progress, so there are more and more new devices. The quality of the "stuffing" is increasing, the functionality of the devices is expanding, so the question of which is the most reliable phone arises more and more often, because with the expansion of capabilities, the quality suffers greatly and the service life decreases. Naturally, developers try to fit both reliability and functionality into one package, but not everyone succeeds.

The most reliable phone

It can take a very long time to figure out how much this or that model of a particular manufacturer is more reliable than others. Some people understand this only as uninterrupted work, while others also appreciateresistance to mechanical stress. However, these concepts are not always compatible in the same device. Claims to be the "most reliable phone" iPhone 4, but the amount of glass in the device does not speak in favor of a high degree of protection from damage. The devices of many manufacturers have such a disadvantage as low technical reliability, that is, they can fail at any time for unknown reasons. If we talk about the degree of resistance of the device to outside interference, then smartphones manufactured by RIM show themselves best.

The most reliable phone of 2013

Recently, the Russian manufacturer Incrudo made a statement that they have created the most reliable phone, released in a limited number of 10 pieces. The device was called Incrudo Phantom. The user is offered a case with a thickness of 3 millimeters, which is made of titanium alloy, and the front and back sides are framed by high-strength composite materials coated with ceramic. The weight of the device is very impressive - 230 grams, despite the fact that the latest novelties usually have a mass of around 100 grams. The thickness of the device is also considerable, so not everyone will like it.

The rating of the most reliable phones may show that SonyEricsson models are in the first place, according to users. Most of them are able to work even after swimming, and their impact resistance is beyond doubt. Another advantage is the response speed, which is difficult to match even with devices from Nokia.

Rating of the most reliable phones

Samsung is also trying to keep up, releasing devices with a high degree of reliability. Active work on the creation of dual-SIM phones and smartphones brings excellent results, making this brand more and more popular among users. With each new model, the firmware and technical equipment of the devices are getting better, so their degree of reliability in operation also increases. Samsung is rising higher and higher in relation to its competitors. It was this brand that released the most reliable phone of 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

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