Review of mobile phone "Nokia 7380"

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Review of mobile phone "Nokia 7380"
Review of mobile phone "Nokia 7380"

The Nokia 7380 phone became the hero of this review. He joined the ranks of the exclusive L'Amore line. This device differs from standard devices by its unusual body shape and the absence of a numeric keypad. And given the design features of this model, its potential buyers are women.


A rather unusual design was implemented in the Nokia 7380 (the photo in the article confirms this). The shape of the phone is a rectangular bar. The front panel is completely decorated with a mirror. The disadvantage of this solution is that the owners will have to constantly clean the case from fingerprints. Unlike its predecessor, in this model, the manufacturer has added an original pattern to the mirror surface. It is located in the upper part at the level of the conversational speaker.

The mirror panel is framed with a plastic rim. It is finished in bronze. As an addition, there is a leather insert of the same color on the back cover. It is placed on an ivory-colored plastic panel. This design looks quite bright and, as they say, rich.

Unlike the previous model, the Nokia 7380 has an indicator built into the OK button. Illumination is orange. Also on the front panel there is a navigation wheel with a rubber rim. It also has a backlight, but less saturated. By the same principle, two arcs are made, which perform the functions of receiving a call, resetting. The usual keyboard in this model is missing.

At the bottom of the case there is an arcuate fastening for a strap. There are also connectors for connecting the charger and headphones. On the rear panel, in addition to decorative inserts, there is also a camera lens (2 megapixels). The SIM card slot is on the left side.

All these elements are located on the body, which has a fairly compact size (114 × 30 × 20 mm). With such dimensions, the phone turned out to be quite heavy. Its mass reaches 80 g.

nokia 7380 review


In the Nokia 7380, the manufacturer installed a screen that was already used in the previous model. Considering that the phone itself is small in size, the display is the same. Its dimensions: 30 × 16 mm. It is made using TFT technology. Color reproduction is limited to 65K shades.

One vertical service line and four text lines fit on the screen. The picture quality is relatively good. Colors are rich and vibrant.

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In Nokia 7380, the manufacturer installed a non-removable battery. His model is BL-8N. Battery life - 700 mAh. Official testing showed the following results:

  • talk time - 3h;
  • standby - up to 240 hours

With an average load, the phone will work for about two days. It will take a little over one hour to charge the battery.

Nokia 7380 features

Features of work

In order to start working, Nokia 7380 must be placed horizontally in your hand. By pressing any key, activate the screen. Soft keys and the logo of the cellular operator will be displayed on the desktop.

To go to the menu, you need to press the central button "OK". Your phone provides quick access to the most frequently used options. It's in the GoTo section. If there is a need to dial the subscriber's number, then you need to hold down the "OK" key for a while. Numbers and symbols (star, hash, etc.) will appear on the screen at the bottom. In order to select the desired character, you need to rotate the selector. The inconvenience lies in the fact that for each digit you need to repeat the operation from the beginning. The selection is confirmed by briefly pressing "OK". After the number is fully dialed, just press the call button. This input principle is also valid for typing.

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