Review of mobile phone "Nokia 1616"

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Review of mobile phone "Nokia 1616"
Review of mobile phone "Nokia 1616"

The old phones of the Finnish company Nokia were produced so high quality that they still work without problems at the present time. They can be called a kind of legend. In 2009, the Nokia 1616 model went on sale. It differed from its predecessors in updated software. In addition, the manufacturer has made changes to its appearance. At the time of release, this device was considered the cheapest device equipped with a color screen. Let's take a look at its characteristics.


"Nokia 1616" is a typical candy bar. For its body, the manufacturer used plastic. The range includes several color options. Choose from black, graphite, dark red and dark blue. When interacting, you can feel that the manufacturer did not use expensive materials in his state employee.

The size of this phone is small. The case thickness is 15 mm. In height, it reaches 107.1 mm. The width, respectively, is 45 mm. With such dimensions, the phone weighs only 78 g. And this is an indisputable plus, since itfits easily even in the small breast pocket of a summer shirt.

There are no functional elements on the left side end. But on the opposite is a connector for connecting the charger. At the top, the manufacturer placed a flashlight and a headphone jack. At the bottom there is a special fastening for the strap. The microphone hole in this model is displayed directly under the keyboard.

What about the build quality? She is, as always, on top. During operation, nothing creaks, does not play. If necessary, this phone can easily replace the front panel. It is not offered as an optional accessory, but it will greatly facilitate repairs, for example after a fall.

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Nokia 1616: Screen Specifications

This phone model was produced in 2009, and at that time the screen with a diagonal of 1.8 inches was considered quite large. It has physical dimensions - 28 × 35 mm. In the budget segment, such characteristics can be considered a significant advantage.

The display is made using CSTN technology. Capable of displaying up to 65 thousand different shades. The picture is displayed at a resolution of 160 × 128 pixels. The image looks bright, all information is displayed clearly. On the street, when exposed to direct sunlight, using the phone will be quite problematic, since the screen is almost completely blind. Some problems may also arise when starting the game on the Nokia 1616. The image is not as high quality as I would like. Presenta certain pixelation, due to which, with prolonged interaction, the eyes get very tired.

The screen fits 5 lines of text and 2 service lines. In the locked state, the owner can see the date and time.

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The Nokia 1616 has a mechanical keyboard. The keys are rubber. The manufacturer claims that they do not allow moisture to pass through. While working with them, there is no discomfort, as they are quite large. Soft keys are located directly below the screen. In the center is a joystick with 5 positions. Unlike the digital block, it is made of plastic. During prolonged use, small abrasions may appear on the chrome rim.

Buttons are backlit in white. Thanks to it, all symbols are clearly visible under any operating conditions.

nokia 1616 battery

Nokia 1616 battery

Older models from the Finnish manufacturer have always had long battery life. This device was no exception. It is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. The chemical element is lithium-ion. As the manufacturer assures, in standby mode the device is able to operate up to 540 hours. During operation, you can expect approximately 4 days of work. This allows you to make calls for up to 15 minutes every day, listen to the radio for one hour, and use other functions for approximately 10 minutes. In order to restore the battery life, you will needspend about two hours.

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Nokia 1616 runs Series 30. The system interface is slightly different from that used in previous models. The difference lies in the design of the icons. They are displayed on the main screen in the form of a 3 × 3 grid. The menu consists of a standard set:

  • Phone book. The owner can store up to 500 contacts in it.
  • Message. The described device is capable of working only with ordinary text messages.
  • Calls. This item stores information about 30 missed, incoming and outgoing numbers.
  • Games. Three standard games are preinstalled on the Nokia 1616. These are Forbidden Treasures (rpg), Snake Xenzia (snake), Bounce (arcade).
  • Settings. Here you can change the following parameters: ringer volume, ringtone and ringtone, activate/deactivate the "vibrate" option, turn on/off the light indication, and more.
  • Watch. The phone has one alarm clock.
  • Reminders. This item contains a calendar where you can save a small text as a reminder.
  • Radio. This function can only work when wired headphones are connected. They act as an antenna.
  • Additional features. This section combines converter, timer, calculator, stopwatch.

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