Phone with AMOLED display: overview of models

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Phone with AMOLED display: overview of models
Phone with AMOLED display: overview of models

Quite a few manufacturers of mobile gadgets are starting to abandon quite good IPS matrices in favor of AMOLED displays. In which phones they are installed, it is quite easy to find out. It is enough to look at the included screen in complete darkness. If there are at least some glimmers of light, then you have the usual LCD backlight with IPS technology. Phones with an AMOLED display have a completely black screen and do not glow. This is one of the most remarkable features of this technology.

The pioneer in this area is considered to be Samsung. It was she who showed and told in detail what an AMOLED display on a phone is. Samsung and its engineers were able to design an active matrix based on organic light emitting diodes. The abbreviation AMOLED is exactly the decoding of this technology (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode).

Difficulties in choosing

Phones with an AMOLED screen have a number of undeniable advantages and practically no significant drawbacks. That is why many manufacturers transfer their new models to them.

Pros of AMOLED technology:

  • significantly less compared tofamiliar matrices, power consumption;
  • more varied colors;
  • reduced response time;
  • maximum viewing angles;
  • high and at the same time eye-friendly contrast;
  • capable of working with ultra-thin cases.

Also on sale you can find phones with Super AMOLED-screen. The prefix "Super" was added by Samsung's marketers to stir up interest in new models. In principle, as such, there is no difference between a regular phone and a phone with a super AMOLED display.

The only moment that can be called more or less significant is the elimination of the air gap in gadgets marked "Super". This gave impetus to an even greater reduction in the thickness of the hull, and nothing more, and the backbone of the technologies itself remained as it is, and there are no other cardinal changes. So those who do not want to overpay extra money for a millimeter of thinness do not have to buy phones with a Super AMOLED display.

Some experts still trace the negative points in the new screens and describe in detail the shortcomings on thematic forums. The fact is that smartphones with a Super AMOLED display use a sub-pixel arrangement of dots of the PenTile RGBG standard. This allows you to significantly increase the life of the screen, but at the same time, the output picture also deteriorates.

A good half of the manufacturers, including Samsung, preferred to keep silent about this feature in their advertising brochures, but soon corrected the situation by releasing all the same phones with Super AMOLED, with only onethe difference is that new gadgets support the familiar RGB RGB format. The latter is just used in conventional AMOLED devices without the Super prefix. So be sure to pay attention to the variety of RGB standard before buying a smartphone.

Next, let's take a look at the best phones with an AMOLED display, which are distinguished by their quality component and a large number of flattering reviews from consumers. All the models described below can be seen on the shelves of both offline and online stores. So there shouldn't be any problems with "look and feel".

Google Pixel

Based on reviews, users find this AMOLED phone to be the perfect balance between value and performance. The gadget on the Android platform received a fairly smart set of chipsets that can handle any modern applications, as well as a smart 12 MP camera.

google pixel

In addition, the device boasts an attractive appearance with an original design. The 5-inch AMOLED phone boasts Quad-HD resolution and exceptional picture quality with maximum viewing angles.

Features of the device

It is also worth noting that the model received a very good battery, which, in tandem with AMOLED technology, allows you to use the device with the maximum load all day. Obvious pluses include the presence of a fingerprint sensor that works almost instantly, and excellent build quality without a hint of backlash, gaps, squeaks and other problems.

The only onethe point that users sometimes complain about in their reviews is the lack of good protection. For this money, the same Samsung offers almost the same gadget, but it meets the ip68 class.

The estimated cost of the device is about 25,000 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy S7

5 The 1-inch 2560 x 1440 AMOLED phone gets the best this technology has to offer, with all Super and Ultra prefixes. One of the main differences from competitors in this segment is the presence on board of a full-fledged slot for working with SD cards and the protection class ip68.

galaxy s7

The model can please its owner with an exceptional picture, where all the data is clearly visible even under direct sunlight, not to mention a juicy image indoors and in the shade. The device works under the control of the Android platform, but this does not in the least prevent it from being autonomous. The gadget will easily last all day under maximum load.

Distinctive features of the model

Judging by the reviews, users have no complaints about the build quality of the smartphone, but you don’t expect anything else for this money. There are no backlashes, gaps, creaks or crunches here at all. Owners also respond positively to the appearance of the device. A stylish case with a competent contrast gives the gadget chic, and the owner - a sense of satisfaction with the purchase.

Performance also did not let us down. The device will master everything that you offer it, and will not even choke, so new games and "heavy" applications are comingwithout problems, not to mention the flawless operation of the interface.

The estimated cost of the model is about 26,000 rubles.

OnePlus 3T

Another 5.5-inch phone with a Full HD AMOLED display that boasts a very fast processor and impressive amount of RAM. The set of chipsets can be envied even by some flagship models of venerable brands.

smartphone with AMOLED screen

In addition, the device boasts a high-quality aluminum body, excellent build, attractive appearance and a 16-megapixel camera that takes great pictures. Despite the fact that this model slightly outperforms the Galaxy S7 in synthetic tests, the weak point of the OnePlus 3T is the resolution. If Samsung can offer Quad HD, here we have Full HD. For a smartphone, this may not be so important, but, judging by the reviews, a good half of users consider this moment critical.

The gadget has no problems with autonomy. The rechargeable battery will adequately last a day, even if you properly load the device with “heavy” applications.

The estimated price of a smartphone is about 25,000 rubles.

Huawei Mate 9

The 6-inch device can already be classified as a phablet, but despite its massive dimensions, it is quite convenient to use it as a phone. The model can offer Quad HD resolution with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. The output image is juicy, bright and does not fade even with a strong change in the viewing angle.

huawei mat 9

The performance of the gadget is also on top. The octa-core processor boasts of its speed, and 4 GB of RAM helps it digest the most powerful applications. So there are no problems with launching games here, not to mention the steel work of the interface.

Phone Features

The appearance of the model is also a success. The all-aluminum body has smooth lines that will appeal to any user. In addition, the device has a 12-megapixel camera, and the output images are detailed and more than worthy, even without regard to the time of day.

An obvious advantage is also the battery life. The 4000 mAh rechargeable battery allows you to work quietly at any load for at least a day. Users are entirely positive about the capabilities of the phone. In addition, the visual component, which is critical in our case, has been expanded to a 6-inch size and allows you to watch videos and play games with due comfort.

The estimated cost of the model is about 27,000 rubles.

LG V20

This is a flagship, but at the same time relatively inexpensive model from the well-known LG brand. The device, like the previous respondent, is quite large - 5.7 inches, but this does not prevent it from being comfortable. The screen copes well with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, plus it has an additional module on a conventional IPS-matrix with a resolution of 160 by 1040 pixels.

lg v20

The model received an intelligent processor and more thansufficient amount of RAM - 4 GB. This allows you to run any, even the most serious applications on your phone without lags, friezes and other brakes.

Distinctive features of the model

It is also worth noting that the device is equipped with a high-quality 16-megapixel camera, which can easily handle both night shooting and winter shooting, not to mention good sunny weather. In obvious pluses, you can write down the battery life. A 3200 mAh battery ensures stable and long-lasting operation of the model throughout the day with maximum load.

Users speak very warmly about the smartphone and its capabilities. The domestic consumer was especially pleased with the cost of the gadget, which does not exceed 20 thousand rubles. In addition, the phone pleased many with its attractive design with contrasting elements.

The estimated price of a smartphone is about 19,000 rubles.

HTC 10

The device boasts not only an advanced AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, but also an excellent multimedia component. The model received stereo speakers, and they are made not just for show, but work as they should and give out excellent sound.

nts 10

Judging by the reviews, many users consider the NTS 10 a very good alternative to the more expensive Samsung with its Galaxy S7. Here we have similar specifications with the only difference that protection against water and dust is not provided in this case.

The set of chipsets allows you to run anya modern application will process it with a decent frame rate without any problems. In addition, the model is distinguished by a reliable and efficient fingerprint scanner that works in a split second and accurately identifies the owner.

The battery life is somewhat less than that of previous respondents, but clearly higher than that of other "Android" brethren without an AMOLED screen. The 3000 mAh battery lasts almost the whole day with a serious load on the chipsets. In mixed mode, the battery will last a couple of days.

As for the appearance, users are ambivalent about the design of the model and call it a bit one-sided and outdated. Nevertheless, the exterior of the device inspires respect, it shows that in your hands the gadget is not for 10 thousand rubles, but a serious device. There are also no complaints about the build quality: nothing creaks, crunches or backlash.

The estimated cost of the model is about 20,000 rubles.

Motorola Moto Z

The device received a smart set of chipsets, 4 GB of RAM and an excellent picture output at a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. This also includes an intelligent 13-megapixel camera matrix, which produces good pictures with video, regardless of the weather.

motorola z

Many users, judging by the reviews, were pleased with the appearance of the model. The original design and barely recognizable notes of the good old Motorola are pleasing to the eye and inspire respect. It is also worth noting that the device is deprived of the usual 3.5 mm mini-jack audio output. The manufacturer offersmodern USB-C adapter.

In addition, the owner has the opportunity to connect various modular systems. With today's market offering a plethora of options, there are peripherals to choose from, from speakers to serious projectors.

The performance of the smartphone also has no problems. All modern and "heavy" gaming applications run quickly, users do not notice any lags with friezes. The only fly in the ointment for such an advanced gadget is the battery capacity - only 2600 mAh. So battery life fluctuates around 8 hours at maximum load.

The approximate price of the device is about 25,000 rubles.

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