Samsung S2 phone: specifications, review and comparison with competitors, reviews

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Samsung S2 phone: specifications, review and comparison with competitors, reviews
Samsung S2 phone: specifications, review and comparison with competitors, reviews

Smartphones from Samsung are considered among the best in the modern world, because for a long time the manufacturer has tried to produce high-quality, comprehensively thought-out devices. However, in order to take a leading position, a starting spurt was needed. They became a line of devices called Samsung S2, the characteristics of which were once considered top-end. Let's take a closer look at the two main models included in this line, as well as some additional accessories. Let's start with a basic gadget called the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Appearance and equipment

The smartphone was released back in 2011 and immediately attracted public attention. The company even faced the problem of a shortage of finished products, so it was problematic to buy a gadget immediately after the release. In standardthe package included not only a charger, a USB cable, the smartphone itself and a battery for it, but also a branded wired headset with a fairly high-quality sound. This made it possible to reduce the need to purchase additional accessories to a minimum. Thus, the buyer could only attend to the purchase of a protective case, the costs ended there.

Externally, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Prime smartphone, the characteristics of which we will discuss a little later, looked stylish and attractive. This is a classic monoblock with a relatively compact size, because it uses a display with a diagonal of only 4.3 inches. At the bottom of the display is a signature feature of "Samsung" devices - a small physical button that allows you to return to the main screen from any application. Among the physical controls are also the lock and volume buttons, located on different side faces of the device.

The back cover is removable and has a fairly large cutout that houses the camera and LED flash. For ease of use, the USB jack was placed at the bottom of the smartphone, and the 3.5 connector at the top. The case received a square strict outline, which made it more attractive than the previous model.

samsung s2 9100 specs


The main reason for the shortage of this model on the market was the display, made using innovative Super AMOLED technology. At that time, its production was not as developed as it is today, so it was produced in a verymodest amounts. The popularity of the model was so great that there was simply not enough production capacity. As a result, the company's management decided to produce two models in parallel with the same characteristics, but different displays. The i9003, which used a standard TFT sensor, was cheaper but still popular.

The main feature of Super AMOLED displays is good color reproduction and a margin of brightness that is enough for comfortable use of the device in the sun. In addition, such displays consume less energy during operation, which has a positive effect on the technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 in terms of autonomy.

Display resolution is 800480 pixels. By modern standards, this is not so much, but such indicators are quite enough to not notice pixels on a 4.3-inch display during everyday use. Users who have used a smartphone and analyzed the display characteristics of the Samsung S2 9100 for several years often notice that the display has never had any complaints.

Autonomy and battery

The manufacturer considered that for optimal preservation of the appearance and reduction of the thickness of the case, you can use a battery with a capacity of 1650 mAh. For modern smartphones, this would be frankly not enough, but this model has not too demanding hardware and an economical display. As a result, even when working in third-generation networksThe battery charge is enough to easily get through the whole day without recharging. At the same time, the user can continue to correspond as usual in instant messengers, surf the Internet and talk via voice communication.

Of course, everything is within reasonable limits, but for the average layman this is more than enough. So, speaking in the language of numbers, you can talk continuously for almost 7 hours. And if the phone is left in standby mode and not touched, then it will live without charging for about 12 days. At the same time, in order to fully restore the energy reserve, it takes less than 3 hours. Therefore, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone is not ideal, but it is quite acceptable for the average user.

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Communications and wireless features

The device is equipped with all kinds of modules that allow it to communicate both with a computer and with other gadgets and peripherals. The most common option at the time it was released was Bluetooth. Module version 3.0 allows you to easily connect multiple devices at the same time, such as a wireless stereo headset, fitness tracker and Samsung Gear S2 Classic. At the same time, the characteristics of the data transfer rate did not decrease, just work with each of the devices was carried out sequentially. It should be noted that if files were transferred between two identical devices, then the Wi-Fi module was used to speed up this procedure, and the speed increased toan impressive 24 Mbps. This allows you to share not only small files like photos, but also send videos or archives with data.

When connected to a computer via USB, the device will prompt you to select one of the three connection options that should be used at the moment. Two of them are absolutely standard - this is a connection as a multimedia device and as a simple memory drive (in this mode, direct access to the installed microSD memory card is provided). But the third one is different, because it is a branded “chip”, a peculiar characteristic of the Samsung S2 phone. It is designed to sync with Samsung Kies, which can store all data from the device, including phone numbers, SMS messages, and more. At that time, synchronization with Google services was not so developed, and this approach was useful for those who were worried about losing valuable data in case of theft of the device or its malfunction.

It is especially worth noting the presence of an NFC module, which is not installed in cheap devices. With it, you can manage many gadgets, and the phone is able to replace you with several cards used in everyday life. With the introduction of transport cards, the technology has become more in demand than ever. Yes, and banking applications allow you to pay using smartphones that have this function "on board". The specifications of the Samsung S2 16 Gb allow you to enjoy all this set of life-facilitating features to the fullest.

Mobile communication standards

For those who live inlarge cities, it is important to have support for modern communication protocols. This is relevant, since some operators do not provide services at all in the usual 2G band.

When developing this smartphone, the manufacturer foresaw such scenarios, therefore, according to the official specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100, it supports all modern 3G frequencies used by Russian and European operators. The user will not have problems if he needs high-speed Internet access anywhere where there is operator coverage. And the quality of calls will always be on top, because in 3G networks, the communication channel usually transmits sound more accurately and better, and it seems that the other person is right next to you.

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Memory and expansion options

For its time, a smartphone had truly limitless storage. Even in the basic version, it had a 16 GB non-volatile memory chip installed, which was enough to store not only the necessary programs, but also a good audio library and even several films. If this was not enough, the user could easily increase the characteristics of the Samsung S2 by installing a microSD memory expansion card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. For comparison, at that time, iPhones were still produced with a built-in drive of only 8 GB, of which half was occupied by the system, and an expansion slot was not provided. In the case of the model under consideration, the operating system occupies only 2 GB, the rest of the spacegiven to the undivided use of the owner.

Iron specs

All of the above would not make sense if the phone was low-performance. That is why the manufacturer tried to make it as fast as possible, giving the Samsung S2 characteristics that can be compared even with some modern budget models. So, the heart of the device was a self-developed processor called Exynos 4210. It had two cores, each of which is capable of operating at frequencies up to 1.2 GHz. This is more than enough for all basic tasks. Considering that the device was originally shipped with Android version 2.3 "on board", one can only imagine how this firmware "flyed" on it.

The processor is paired with 1 GB of RAM. This is really a lot, because the shell consumes no more than 200 MB, and the rest of the space can be used by additional programs as needed. This made it possible to run rather heavy games without “brakes”, and in general, brought the gadget to the list of top and most common models. Even today, you can find a large number of people who continue to use it, despite their rather respectable age, as the characteristics of the Samsun Galaxy S2 Plus GT-19105 are enough to perform their daily tasks.

phone samsung s2 specifications

Cameras and photo quality

Samsung did not stint on a quality module, and as a result, users got the opportunity to take good picturesin almost any conditions. This is a module designed specifically for this model. In combination with chic optics, it is able to bypass many modern state employees in terms of color reproduction and detail preservation. It has a resolution of 8 megapixels, and this is a real, not an interpolated value. In low light, it is possible to use a powerful LED flash. Of course, at a great distance, it is unlikely to help, but in shooting closely spaced objects, its merits can hardly be overestimated. Thanks to these characteristics, Samsung S2 Plus is able to take high-quality photos that are sharp and clear, and auto focus almost never misses. Post-processing algorithms are also on top.

The camera is a versatile solution that allows you to use basic macro photography and create panoramic images. If necessary, you can use digital zoom, the multiplicity of which is four, but it is worth remembering that the quality of the image may noticeably decrease.

The device is capable of recording video with FullHD resolution and a frame rate of 30 units per second. However, users note that when shooting dynamic scenes, it is better to use the previous quality option, with a resolution of 1280720, because otherwise the frames may abound in small jerks, which will negatively affect viewing comfort. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus are not quite enough for streaming video processing of this quality.

Front camera alsoquite good. Although its main purpose is video calls, it can easily take good selfies with a resolution of 2 megapixels, as well as shoot videos in 640480 quality.

samsung s2 specs

Model update

The success of the classic "Galaxy" of the second generation was so great that at some point it was scheduled to restart. As a result, in 2013, a gadget was released that almost completely repeats its appearance, but with fundamentally different characteristics. Samsung S2 Plus received a new blue color, updated materials from which the case was made.

The camera, battery and display remain the same, but the hardware has become more productive. The most significant difference is the use of the Broadcom BC28155 processor. While it has the same two cores clocked at 1.2GHz each, it's significantly faster in terms of graphics. The point here is the use of the Broadcom VideoCore IV graphics subsystem. It was she who made it possible to obtain the necessary smoothness in the work of the new Android 4.1 firmware, with which this gadget was supplied to the market.

However, "Samsung S2 Plus" has deteriorated in some aspects. If the older version had memory chips of 16 and even 32 gigabytes, then here the manufacturer clearly saved money by equipping the smartphone with only 8 gigabytes of non-volatile memory. However, support for microSD cards has improved, and the gadget now supports heavier 64-gigabyte flash drives.

samsung s2 specs

Positive user feedback on the model

Since the 2011 and 2013 versions are almost identical, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus specifications are also very similar to the old model. That is why they can be combined together. Among the main positive points, users most often note the following:

  • Good "survivability". A convenient case that does not allow you to drop the phone, and durable glass made the device resistant to damage, inevitable in everyday use. If there is at least some kind of protective cover, it is quite difficult to break it.
  • Convenient display diagonal. Many users do not want to change their smartphone to a newer model, since most of them have a display with a diagonal of 5 inches or more. However, it is 4.3 inches that is the golden mean that is optimal for any user, be it a guy or a girl, and allows you to easily reach the upper corners with one hand.
  • Good support from the manufacturer. The gadget received updates until 2015, that is, for 4 years from the date of release. Even by modern standards, it still has an up-to-date version of the operating system, which allows you to use all common instant messengers in full. That is why it is quite suitable as a simple communication device for every day. In addition, recent updates have made it possible to use it with the Samsung Gear S2 Sport smartwatch. The characteristics of this accessory allow you to expand the functionality of the smartphone itself.
  • Qualitydisplay. At one time, the device made a splash in terms of color reproduction and picture quality. She is pleasant to look at as she does not create unnecessary strain on the eyes. Many note that they used the gadget even as the main device for watching movies, despite the fact that they had a TV or tablet.
  • Quality camera. Samsung has always been famous for its good cameras, and this model is no exception. It is capable of capturing a decent shot regardless of the environment and lighting quality.
  • Ability to connect devices via OTG. Even modern smartphones have this feature through one, and in 2011 it was a godsend for those who are closely connected with the digital world. So, this model was highly appreciated by those who were engaged in setting up equipment, thanks to the ability to download from the Internet and dump the necessary software or other information onto a USB flash drive.
  • Proprietary interface. Samsung was able to make even the outdated Android 2.3 beautiful, and with the release of the update to the more current version 4.1, the situation has only improved. Perhaps today everyone has seen the same dandelion that is closely associated with the lock display of these particular devices.
  • Large built-in memory. Many users note that their smartphones have never used a memory expansion card, as the built-in chip is more than enough for everyday tasks.

As you can see, the model won the hearts of many of her fans for a reason. In many respects, such a reputation has developed precisely thanks to the thoughtful andbalanced interface and high-quality hardware. However, it also has a number of negative sides.

Negative moments found in the smartphone

There were some disadvantages that inevitably haunt absolutely any electronics. One of them is the capacity of the battery. It is sufficient if you use a smartphone as a means of communication. However, if it falls into the hands of an amateur to play or watch a video, and even online, the battery charge is melting before our eyes. In this case, only an external battery or a socket that is always nearby can save.

A high-quality display has a nasty feature - it starts to fade after a few years of use. Although this feature went unnoticed by most users, who changed it to a newer model in time. Many who use it to this day note that the picture becomes more faded, and saturation and contrast are lost over time. And in the sun it is more difficult to use it with each year of operation. Part of the problem with the sun can be solved by purchasing a Samsung Gear S2 Classic watch. The characteristics of this gadget allow you to display all important notifications on a small display on your hand, which has a good margin of brightness and color reproduction.

samsung gear s2 specs


Although the smartphone has a number of shortcomings, it remains a true friend and colleague for many. It is quite difficult to buy it today, because most of the new devices are already almost collectible and have the corresponding cost, and the formeruse often consist of some shortcomings that have arisen as a result of long-term operation. However, if you come across a good copy for an adequate price and there is a need for a high-quality communication device, then you can safely buy it, since it is able to serve for several years without any major failures, the Samsung S2 characteristics are enough for most everyday tasks, and the battery, if necessary, is replaced in a couple minutes.

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