Fly DS107D: The Ultimate Economy Mobile Phone

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Fly DS107D: The Ultimate Economy Mobile Phone
Fly DS107D: The Ultimate Economy Mobile Phone

Fly DS107D is an entry-level push-button cell phone. It has everything you need to make calls, send and receive MMS and SMS, and browse websites. Another important plus of this model is a very, very democratic price. All this adds up to make it one of the best deals in the economy mobile phone segment.

Cell phone niche

Fly DS107D phone is a solution for the most budget segment of mobile devices. In this niche, the cost of the device comes to the fore, and only then potential owners look towards technical specifications.

fly ds107d

The price of the gadget is really democratic, but the technical parameters are acceptable. This mobile phone is aimed at those who need a familiar device with a regular keyboard and basic functionality.

Design and execution

This mobile device is manufactured in a body form factor called a candy bar. It doesn't have a touch screen, butbut there is a keypad familiar to many, with the help of which the device is controlled. Above the keyboard is a display with a modest by today's standards diagonal of 1.77 inches, produced using TFT technology. Its resolution is only 128x160. Even higher is the earpiece. On the left side of the device there is an audio port, and on its upper end there is a USB port. On the back cover there is only a camera and a flashlight diode.

Technical parameters of the mobile device

Fly DS107D's hardware is pretty good. His characteristics in this regard are:

  • The SC6531DA processor was developed by Speactrum. It has only one processing core, and the frequency is 312 MHz.

  • The amount of RAM is 32 kb. Exactly the same built-in storage capacity.

  • It is possible to install a memory card. Its maximum size can be up to 8 GB.

    fly ds107d phone
  • 2 SIM cards can be installed in the device at once. Second generation cellular networks (i.e. GSM) are supported.

  • Data when connected to the Internet can be transmitted using WAP or GPRS technologies. This allows you to get a speed of several tens of kilobytes, and this is only enough to download mainly mobile versions of Internet resources.


The camera is quite modest in this cell phone. She has a sensor element of only 0.3 megapixels. Expect a photo of acceptable quality in this case is notaccount for. The same can be said about video recording. The resolution of the videos is 320x240. You can normally view them only on the phone screen, but it is not recommended to use modern TVs for these purposes. The image will turn into squares, and it will certainly not work to parse something in such a record. It should also be noted that photos and videos can only be taken if a flash card is installed in the phone. The device's own memory will obviously not be enough for these purposes.

Device autonomy

The capacity of the bundled battery in this cell phone is 800 mAh. According to the assurances of the developer company, this will last for 3 hours in the communication mode. If you use this device only in standby mode, then one battery charge will last for 200 hours of continuous operation.

fly ds107d games

In reality, with an average mode of operation, you can count on 2-3 days. You can increase this value by connecting an external battery to the phone. But to reduce the previously indicated value is possible only in the case of active Internet surfing. In this case, you will have to charge the phone every day.


Proprietary operating system is used in this cell phone. For this reason, an impressive set of application software does not exist for Fly DS107D. For the same reason, games for him are also not so easy to find. Among other features of the system software, the Organizer can be distinguished. It includes such mini-programs as"Calculator", "Alarm Clock", "Calendar", "Flashlight", "My Files" (essentially a built-in file manager), "Internet" and "Entertainment". The last paragraph contains the only pre-installed game - "Snake".

Reviews. Gadget price. Resume

In the common people, the class of mobile devices that Fly DS107D belongs to is called "dialers". Their main purpose is to make calls. With this simple task, this mobile gadget copes just fine. Similarly, you can evaluate the performance of a mobile device with SMS and MMS. Also, its strengths include the presence of a camera (albeit with very modest characteristics), the ability to connect to the World Wide Web and download mobile versions of various sites.

fly ds107d specifications

You can still buy such a phone at a very modest price - $ 23. Given the functionality and low price, this device can be called one of the best offers in the niche of solutions with a hardware keyboard. The service life will be several years. The gadget is perfect for those who need a phone. And there are still such potential owners at the moment, and this device was released for them.

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