Smartphone Fly FS401 Stratus 1 - specifications and opinion

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Smartphone Fly FS401 Stratus 1 - specifications and opinion
Smartphone Fly FS401 Stratus 1 - specifications and opinion

One of the most popular brands of smartphones used in Russia is Fly. The company offers quite reasonable prices and "smart models". Stores sell Fly FS401 Stratus 1 at a price of 3,590 rubles. But it is, of course, available to everyone. Now let's take a closer look at why this model has such a price.

Flaws of the model

fly fs401

• The device is running slowly. Despite the fact that the processor is at 1 GHz, the work is delayed.

• The battery is rather poor quality, which will allow you to watch videos or visit online resources for no more than four hours, but this is not enough.

• It has a TFT-screen with a TN-matrix. It will shine when exposed to the sun.

• No GPS function. In this case, you cannot use your smartphone as a navigator in the car.• The price does not match the specifications.

Smartphone model advantages:

• lightness of the device;

• decent design;

• support for a pair of microSIM.Therefore, it is quite pleasant to keep it in hands and apply at work.

Soft Models

Fly FS401 has such applications,as:

• Music player - Melodies (for audio playback).

• To watch videos - Megogo program.

• Catalog with books in electronic version.

• Bookmark on the Odnoklassniki social network.

• Well-known quick access services (Yandex search engine, uBank, ordering a private taxi - Intaxi).

• Mini Opera browser works.

• Games available.• ES File Explorer converter.

Battery device model and duration

fly fs401 stratus 1

Talking for 5 hours, as well as waiting for 100 hours, will fully charge the battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh. You can listen to music for no more than 25 hours, watch videos - 3.5 hours. The practice of using the Fly FS401 phone has shown this range of figures. A current of 500 mA is supplied from the charger. It will take 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Synthetic tests showed:

• Complex test - 7 300.

• Ice Storm Extreme testing - 730.• Complex test - 140.

Smartphone will take up to 40 seconds to fully boot up. time.

Model parameters:

• 2 micro SIM.

• Processor for 1 core.

• No video processor.

• Memory - 512 MB/4 GB built-in, support - micro SD.

• TFT screen.

• Bluetooth.

• 4 '' - screen.

• 2 MP - camera.

• 120, 5×63, 3×10, 1 mm - in size.

• 16 million colors.• Weight - 110 g.


fly fs401 reviews

So we looked at the main characteristics of the Fly phoneFS401. Reviews about it are very diverse, and now we will try to sort them out. The advantages of the device usually include: the quality of the case, the package bundle and support for two SIM cards. The price of Fly FS401 is also called one of the main advantages of the device. However, not all smartphone owners agree with this statement.

Fly FS401 also has disadvantages, according to users, most often mentioned among them: insufficient performance, weak processor power, crashes, problems with flight mode, software instability, inconvenience of control.

According to some users, freezes can occur during calls, and delays when flipping through music in the player sometimes reach 30 seconds. According to the owners, while using a Wi-Fi connection, the battery drops at a tremendous rate - 1-2 percent per minute. In addition, it takes a long time to connect to a wireless network.

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