IPad not charging: possible causes, recommendations for solving the problem and feedback


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IPad not charging: possible causes, recommendations for solving the problem and feedback
IPad not charging: possible causes, recommendations for solving the problem and feedback

Gadgets of the famous Apple company are the dream of many people. Their broad capabilities, innovative design, high technology win the hearts of domestic buyers. As you know, "apple" devices are distinguished by a high level of reliability and a long service life. However, unforeseen problems can also occur, for example, the iPad does not charge. Of course, such a breakdown makes the owner nervous.

When you connect the power adapter to the device and see a message on the screen that charging is not happening, you immediately start to panic. But professionals do not recommend running to a service center. First you need to find out the reason why such a failure occurs in the system. To do this, it is advisable to test not only the charger itself, but also the iPad. Proper diagnosis is a guarantee of stability.

Within the framework of this article, the most common reasons will be considered when it is not possible to charge an "apple" device. We will also offer several ways to solve the current problem.

iPad not charging

iPad not charging - what to do?

All gadget owners know whichicon is displayed while charging. There is a battery icon on the main screen. Lightning appears on the charger while connected to the iPad. If one fine day this did not happen, then it is necessary to look for the reason.

Studying the reviews of both ordinary users and professional craftsmen, we can conclude that the most common problems are with the adapter, wires or socket. Also, do not exclude the banal clogging of the connector. Sometimes a problem with charging can occur due to mechanical damage or moisture penetration inside the device. And finally, the most serious failure cannot be ruled out - the failure of the power controller.

So, let's look at each reason in more detail.

iPad not charging what to do

Looking for the reason in the wire

If the iPad is not charging, then the first action of the owner should be to check the charger, or rather the cable. You need to inspect it for damage. This must be done carefully, as insulation failure can be microscopic. It is also recommended to check the contacts in order to exclude the presence of problem areas.

Another important point is the brand of the cable. All "apple" devices recognize only original accessories. If they are not MFI certified, the system will automatically lock the iPad.

In order to exclude this cause, you need to check the cable by connecting it to another device. If it does not charge, then it is necessary to replace the wire with a new one. But if on the iPad screena message appeared stating that this accessory is not supported, then most likely the cable is simply a fake. Before buying, it is recommended to pay attention to the inscription on the package: Made for iPod, iPad, iPhone. This label is used if the product is manufactured by another company that is an official partner of Apple.

why is my ipad not charging

Checking the performance of the socket and adapter

If everything is in order with the cable, and the iPad is not charging, then you need to continue searching for the causes of the breakdown. Sometimes it can be so banal that sometimes it becomes very funny. The fact is that in their reviews, users often describe situations when a non-working outlet was used to charge the gadget. In order to exclude this, it is necessary to connect another device through it, which is in working condition.

A little more difficult is the situation with the adapter. If possible, then you need to try it on a smartphone or other tablet. You can also disassemble the adapter to visually check the condition of the contacts.

Controller failed

One of the serious breakdowns when the iPad stopped charging could be a power controller failure. Most often, such a malfunction occurs with those tablets that are connected to an uncertified cable.

Unfortunately, this repair will cost the owner a lot. We can say that he will be very lucky if the gadget is still under warranty.

iPad charging slowly

Damage to tablet

There are many different situations when the iPad does not charge. The reviews that are presented on the Web often describe situations in which the tablet received mechanical damage. This happens quite often. Many users have encountered this issue. In this situation, there can be only one solution - go to the service center.

Also, charging problems in the iPad can occur if moisture gets inside the case. Contacts begin to oxidize, which leads to breakdowns. In such a situation, you need to be on the alert, as moisture can cause a malfunction that will completely disable the device. As in the first case, the owners will have to seek help from qualified craftsmen.

Charging from a computer

On the Web, users often raise the topic that the iPad is slowly charging from the computer. This problem does not occur due to a breakdown, but due to technical characteristics. The fact is that a tablet, unlike a smartphone, needs much more energy. When the screen is on, charging will stand still.

If the owner is interested in the time period during which the battery restores its resource to 100%, then it is recommended to abandon this method by switching the device to a power outlet. In another case, you can leave the tablet connected via a USB cable, but do not forget to turn off the screen. This method of charging the battery will take a very long time.

iPad shows charging but not charging

ipad shows charging but notcharging

After keeping the gadget connected to the mains all night, users may find in the morning that it simply did not charge. In such a situation, the cause must be sought in the battery. As a rule, you will need to connect the gadget to power again in order to make sure that the charging icon appears or not. If everything is displayed in the standard form, then you need to wait about one hour. After that, check if the charge value has changed. If this does not happen, then you need to go to the service center. It will diagnose and determine exactly what the problem is: in the battery or the electronic part of the gadget.

Clogged connector. Pro Tips

So, having figured out the reasons why the iPad does not charge, you need to try to fix the breakdown. The first thing that can help in this matter is cleaning the charger connector. Professionals advise using a regular toothpick for this. All actions must be very careful, since it is quite easy to damage the contacts. However, if this does not help, and all other methods have already been tried, then you will have to go to the service center for qualified help.

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