Frequency converters for pumps: prices, specifications and reviews


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Frequency converters for pumps: prices, specifications and reviews
Frequency converters for pumps: prices, specifications and reviews

Frequency converters for pumps are needed to adjust the power of motors. As a result, the pressure in the system is maintained at the proper level. High-quality converters are able to save a large amount of electricity. And this should be taken into account. In this case, pumps can be used in a variety of ways. The most common are systems for supplying water to the house. Also, converters are needed for circulation pumps. Additionally, they can be installed in fountains and aquariums.

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Features of converters

The hallmark of all pump converters is their simplicity. At the same time, they do not require any maintenance and work completely automatically. Additionally, it is possible to control them through a personal computer. You can also set individual schedules for the device. At the same time, their efficiency is about 90%. You should also be aware that for pumps withconverters do not need an expansion tank. Thus, the pressure is always maintained at the optimum level.

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What are the characteristics of converters?

The important characteristics of converters are input voltage and power. Additionally, the manufacturer always indicates the type of control. To date, there are scalar and vector regulation of the device. The rated current parameter depends on the power of the model. You can also highlight the output frequency. It is usually specified in the range from 0.1 to 600 Hz. The overload capacity is calculated as a percentage. The degree of protection of the converter housing is indicated by a special marking. The operating temperature of the device is also indicated by the manufacturer without fail. Among other things, it is necessary to highlight the parameter of acceleration time, as well as deceleration.

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Reviews about converters "Danfoss 2800"

Danfoss frequency converter is quite easy to maintain as well as operate. In this case, dense installation of equipment is allowed. This is largely due to a reliable cooling system. To control the level of pressure in the device, special sensors are provided. Separately, it is worth mentioning the high-quality PID controller. The input voltage of the converter is 220V and the power is 0.2KW.

The output frequency ranges from 0.1 to 600 Hz. The frequency converter is controlled by a vector method.The full acceleration time takes an average of 30 seconds. Degree of protection of the body - class "IP20". The dimensions of this unit are as follows: height - 174 mm, width - 73 mm, and depth - 135 mm. The Danfoss 2800 frequency converter costs about 11 thousand rubles.

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INVT GD10 model: specifications and reviews

Many buyers appreciate these pump frequency converters for their large number of discrete inputs. Among other things, the presence of a relay output should be highlighted. This converter can be used at temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees. The manufacturer provides a built-in PID controller.

Also, many positively appreciated the multifunctional keyboard. With its help, you can quickly access absolutely all parameters. The input voltage of this device is 220 V. The rated motor power is 0.2 kW, and the frequency ranges from 0 to 400 Hz. The rated current parameter is 1.6 A. The degree of protection of the housing is IP20 class. The overload capacity of this converter is 150%. This model will cost the buyer 12 thousand rubles.

Converter "Vesper E3-8100"

Frequency converter "Vesper E3-8100" is able to boast of its modest size. Among other things, it has special communication adapters that are designed for the network. It should also be noted convenient optional remote control. It is equipped with modern software. Printed circuit boardsprotection devices are lacquered.

Dense installation of appliances by the manufacturer is allowed. The type of control in this converter is vector. The rated power of the device is 0.75 kW, and the output voltage is 22 V. The output frequency of the device fluctuates around 200 Hz. The total acceleration time is 30 seconds and the deceleration time is 50 seconds. The degree of protection of the case is set to the class "IP20". The unit can be operated at temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees. The frequency converter "Vesper E3-8100" costs 13 thousand rubles

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Inverter parameters INVT GD15

Voltage regulation in this converter occurs in automatic mode. There are five digital inputs in total. The PID controller is built-in type. The manufacturer also provides support for all standard programs. The keyboard is multifunctional and provides quick access to the system. Separately, it is worth mentioning the EMC filter, which is built into the case. This single-phase control converter is of scalar type.

The input voltage of the device ranges from 205V to 235V, and the motor power is 0.4KW. The output frequency is at around 300 Hz. In turn, the rated current indicator is 2.5 A. Within 10 seconds. the overload capacity of the converter is 180%. This model has the following dimensions: height - 140 mm, width - 80 mm, and depth - 134 mm. This device will cost the buyer 14 thousand rubles.

Reviews about the INVT modelGD20

These pump frequency converters are in great demand and have good protection system. Analog inputs and outputs are provided by the manufacturer. Also of note is the built-in C485 port with support for many standard programs. The braking module is mounted in built-in type. The EMC filter is available in class C2. The protection system of the converter copes with various kinds of interference quite successfully.

If necessary, the remote control in the device can be easily detached. The dimensions of the converter are quite compact and at the same time its weight is only 1.5 kg. The rated power of the unit is at the level of 0.7 kW, and the frequency fluctuates around 200 Hz. The rated current parameter is 4.2 A. The device can be used at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees. Separately, it is worth mentioning the good overload capacity. The control type, in turn, is of the scalar type. This frequency converter costs (market price) about 12 thousand rubles.

Customer opinion about the device "Hyundai 700E"

This Hyundai frequency converter differs from other devices by its high-quality PID controller. In this case, the braking module is installed built-in type. The control panel is quite convenient and is equipped with a potentiometer to control the speed. This model is suitable not only for pumps, but also for fans. Among other things, it is often installed on various conveyors. The EMC filter is built-in type.

Drives for this model come from different manufacturers, which is very convenient. Installedthe device is quite simple and comfortable to use. For commissioning, you can use "Flashdrop". The type of control in this model is classified as scalar. The input voltage of the device ranges from 200 to 240 V. In this case, the operating power of a single-phase motor is 0.37 kW. We should also mention the wide range of output frequencies. The rated current parameter is at the level of 2.4 A, and the overload capacity is 150%. The degree of protection in the converter is set to class "IP20". The height of this unit is 202 mm, width - 75 mm, and depth - 142 mm, with a mass of 1.1 kg. The Hyundai 700E frequency converter costs 12 thousand rubles in a specialized store.

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Characteristics of the converter "Schnider AT12"

Connecting the frequency converter "Schnyder AT12" to the circulation pumps is quite simple. This model differs from other devices in compactness and high performance. Among other things, the versatility of the device should be noted. Manufacturers paid much attention to the security system.

The overload capacity parameter remains 150%. The motor is single-phase, with a power of 0.18 kW. In this case, the rated current parameter is 1.4 A. The total acceleration time is 20 seconds, and the deceleration time is 55 seconds. The output frequency indicator is on average at around 250 Hz. At the same time, it can rise to a maximum of 400 Hz. On the other hand, the input voltageconverter is 220 V. This model costs 14 thousand rubles in the store.

Model "Lovar H3"

Frequency converters for Lovar N3 pumps have acceptable characteristics, but have one drawback. It is associated with the formation of condensate. This largely depends on unprotected contacts. The possibility of synchronous operation in this model is provided. It should also be noted the versatility of the device. Starting and stopping the engine can be done remotely. Reception of current signals is carried out from 4 to 20 mA.

The ambient temperature should be between 5 and 40 degrees. Depending on the pressure in the system, the engine speed is controlled automatically. The input voltage indicator is at the level of 400 V. The rated power of a three-phase motor is 3 kW. This model will cost the buyer 15 thousand rubles.

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Inverter FC-051

Frequency converter FC-051 is actively used for pumps and ventilation systems. This model is distinguished by a high-quality control unit. It should be noted and a good interface of the device. You can connect this converter to a personal computer. The mechanical seal is locked automatically.

If necessary, the remote control can be easily detached. At the same time, the device can be launched from any distance remotely. At elevated pressure, the protective system immediately activates and blocks the engine. It also protects the system from variousvoltage surges. This model has an LED display. At the same time, only the most necessary indicators are available on the control panel. The noise level of the electric motor is within the normal range. This was largely achieved due to a high-quality variator that produces a stable frequency at 8 kHz.

There is a powerful fan to cool the entire inverter. It is installed at the base of the frame and securely fastened. In this case, the device can be used for a long time and not overheat. Additionally, it should be noted that the tracking system constantly monitors the external pressure. This model can be installed on centrifugal pumps. The control sensor can withstand a maximum output signal of up to 20 mA. This frequency converter costs (market price) about 16 thousand rubles.

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