Beeline Internet settings on various devices: a step-by-step guide


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Beeline Internet settings on various devices: a step-by-step guide
Beeline Internet settings on various devices: a step-by-step guide

During the initial initialization of the phone or smartphone, the Beeline Internet settings should be received automatically. But this is not always the case: either the phone is not certified, or the smartphone is new. The reasons may be completely different. In such cases, you have to call the operator. The second solution to this issue is the manual configuration of the mobile device. In any case, there is nothing complicated in configuring a smartphone or phone, and each subscriber can handle this task.

Internet settings "Beeline"


Before you set up any device to connect to the Internet, you need to make sure of some points. First, whether your phone supports data transfer. Although quite rare, but now there are such devices. Next, your account balance must be positive. Otherwise, the data service will be automatically disabled. Don't forget to activate your internet connection by calling 0611.

Auto setup

The easiest way is to get Beeline Internet settings automatically. When you turn on the gadget for the first time, the mobile operator's network receives informationabout his model. Further, based on the received data, a search is performed in the device database. If the required parameters are found, they are sent to the device. It is enough to accept and save them. In some cases, you must enter the device's security code for the changes to take effect. It can be found in the user manual for the device. But there is one problem here. If your smartphone is not certified for use on the territory of the Russian Federation, then its settings may not be in the operator's database. A similar situation arises with a completely new device, since the necessary configurations appear late. In this case, there are two solutions: call the operator or enter the necessary parameters manually.

Setting up the Internet "Beeline" on the phone

Order from operator

For an unprepared subscriber, the easiest way is to order Beeline Internet settings from a service center operator. You just need to dial the short number 0611 and then press the call button. Then, following the instructions of the autoinformer, you need to connect with the operator. You order universal settings that work on all devices without exception.

Make by hand

Another way to gain access to the global web, if there are no automatic parameters, is to manually configure the Internet. Beeline, like any other mobile operator, provides this opportunity to each of its subscribers. For

Setting up the Internet "Beeline"

this go to the following address onSmartphones: Applications\Settings\Networks\Mobile networks\APN. Here we create a new BeeLine connection. Set the following values ​​in it:

  • APN –
  • Login and password must be beeline.

Leave other values ​​unchanged and save. For ordinary mobile phones, the procedure is similar. But you need to enter the following path: Menu \ Settings \ Network \ Connections. Here we create a new profile in the same way as on a smartphone, and in the same way fill in its fields that were indicated earlier. The remaining parameters are left unchanged.


After the Beeline Internet setup on the phone is completed, you need to check the correctness of all the manipulations performed. It is recommended that after making changes to the settings of the mobile device, restart it. That is, forcibly turn it off and then turn it on. Next, we activate data transfer by number 0611, as mentioned earlier. Then we turn on the Internet connection on the smartphone. Phone owners skip this step. Next, launch the browser and in its address bar enter: After that, click the "Go" button, the start page of the search engine should open. If this does not happen, then we repeat everything again and find the error. In extreme cases, we call 0611 and ask for help from the service center operator, but in most cases this will not be necessary, since the settings come automatically. Upon reaching a positive result, we begin to browse the Internet.

Internet settings "Beeline"


This article describes step by step how to set Beeline Internet settings on your mobile device. The most favorable option is the automatic installation of the necessary inserts. In this case, it is enough to accept and install them. A little more difficult if your smartphone is brand new or not certified. In this case, the necessary settings may not be available. Then we call the operator at 0611 and order them. An alternative option in this case is to set the required values ​​manually. Reboot the device completely. Then, be sure to test the operability of the created connection. There is nothing difficult in this, each subscriber can cope with such a task, regardless of their level of knowledge in digital technology.

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