Review and photo scanner Canon Lide 120


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Review and photo scanner Canon Lide 120
Review and photo scanner Canon Lide 120

The Canon Lide 120 Scanner is a budget flatbed scanner. This device is purchased by those people who find it easier to scan photos at home, when they do not need to work with films and slides, and do not want to pay for rare scans in services.

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Instrument description

In reviews of the Canon Lide 120 they write that the device weighs a little - no more than 1.6 kg. Its dimensions are: 25 x 37 x 0.4 cm. The device is an update of the previous version of Lide 110. It is on its hardware base that the described scanner works. Resolution - 2.400 ppi. There is a slight difference in software between them. There are features in the form of updated features and limitations. The manufacturer did not add a photo editor, so you won't be able to edit the photos right away. However, there is My Image Garden, a utility that allows you to slightly correct the scanned files. In addition, a text recognition function has been added. As a result, immediately after scanning to PDF, you cansearch by text.

As reported in the reviews of the Canon CanoScan Lide 120 scanners, the device does not have a built-in system that would import all the images taken to the cloud. However, it is possible to install a utility that allows you to save files in the directory.

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As mentioned above, the scanner is a flatbed. The process of copying the image is carried out using a contact sensor. Color source: 3-color LEDs. Resolution 2400 by 4800 dots. It is possible to select resolution: range 25-19200. Hi-Speed ​​USB interface 2 version.

Color gradation at the input is 48 bits, at the output is 24/48 bits, as for black and white scanning, the indicators are 16 bits and 8 bits, respectively. The maximum document size is A4 and Letter. The Canon Lide 120 has 4 keys that enable scanning.

The device consumes from 1.5 W in standby mode to 11 mW in the off state. In the operating mode, the power consumption is 2.5 watts. The scanner can operate in the humidity range from 10 to 90% and at temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees. Compatible with almost all operating systems.

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Description of working with the scanner

In reviews of the Canon Lide 120 scanner, they write that it is easy to work with the device. There are four keys, control is also carried out through a computer. The installer installs drivers that make it easier to use the scanner.

Thanks to the keys you cancopy the file, send it by e-mail, scan to PDF, perform the AutoScan function. The latter function allows you to process-j.webp" /> canon lide 120 scanner

Scan Quality

The Canon Lide 120 Scanner works well, according to customers. Many people prefer to work with automatic mode. If the result is not satisfactory, you can always change the scan settings. Thanks to the Advanced mode, you can access most of the options that are not recommended for people with no experience. For beginners, there is a special mode Basic. The minimum number of functions are available in it.

Special ones have been added to the basic settings: the ability to change resolution, brightness, contrast is supplemented by a color restoration function. It works perfectly and perfectly copes with the "resuscitation" of any shades. Small dust dots can be removed using a function designed to remove dust and scratches from photos. However, it is difficult to deal with the latter. They remain even after processing by the program. This nuance is typical for such a function.

During testing, the Canon Lide 120 proved to be perfect. Thanks to him, high-quality images are obtained. Color reproduction is good. Moreover, the scanner perfectly conveys small details that other devices cannot cope with. We are talking about such nuances as glareand so on. Differences from the original photos are almost imperceptible.

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Scanning documents

Unfortunately, the use of such a scanner for office purposes is prohibited. There is no automatic document feeder, so working with a lot of papers will be terribly inconvenient. At home, working with text files, when there are few of them, the described device will be more than enough. After scanning, if the file is converted to editable text, formatting is lost.

Of the advantages of the device, it should be noted that the scanner uses little electricity. This is due to the fact that it is connected via USB. The operation of the scanner is provided through an LED light source that does not contain mercury and does not require warming up. This saves energy.


The Canon Lide 120 Scanner is great as an inexpensive tool that can work with both printed files and photographs. The device has a low price and a nice interface. However, if you need a scanner in order to work with a large number of text documents, then it is better to look at more expensive options from this or other manufacturers. In general, in terms of functionality, they do not differ much from the described device, but in terms of ease of use, the latter is significantly inferior to specialized devices.

Of the advantages, it should be noted the ability to scan a text file in PDF format with a search, the presence of a color restoration function andhigh quality of the received photos. The disadvantages of buyers include poorly designed software that does not allow you to edit scanned images. If this nuance does not bother the buyer, then you can safely take the scanner!

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