Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: photo, review, specifications and reviews

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: photo, review, specifications and reviews
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo: photo, review, specifications and reviews

Samsung Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo is a budget device that is perfect for unpretentious users who need only a minimum number of functions from gadgets. Against the background of most smartphones, the filling of this device looks rather modest, but its capabilities are quite enough for ordinary tasks: calls, Internet access, use of GPS, data transfer and other things. The low price of the device makes it very affordable, which is the main trump card of the offspring of the South Korean company.


samsung galaxy pocket neo

The assembly of the gadget is quite high quality, and this type of design is perfect for both men and women. The smartphone is available in three colors: silver, blue and white. Plastic was chosen as the material for the manufacture of the case, there is also a metal edging. The design does not play and does not creak.

There is a display on the front panel of the device. Above it is a speaker for conversations, below it are three central keys: one regular and two touch-sensitive. The physical button allows you to enter the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo menu, the touch button,located on the right is responsible for the "back" action, and the key on the left brings up a small menu consisting of three items: "Wishlist", "Settings" and "Help".

There is a camera lens and a speaker on the back. On the left side of the device there is a rocker that controls the volume, on the right side there is an on/off button for the device. There is a 3.5mm headset jack on the top and a micro-USB port and microphone on the bottom.

It is worth noting that the case is quite smooth and slips a lot in the hands, so it is best to purchase smartphone cases to secure the device. A case with a flip down will perfectly cope with such a task. In addition to aesthetic beauty, this accessory reliably protects the case from scratches and any physical damage: scuffs, cracks, etc.

The overall dimensions of the model are 57.8×104.95×11.8 with a weight of 100 g. The device turned out to be very compact and fits easily into any pocket.

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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo screen reaches 3 inches with a resolution of 240x320 pixels - too modest even for a budget model. The PPI is 133 pixels per inch. The display has a conventional TFT-matrix. Viewing angles and brightness leave much to be desired: the screen fades in the sun, but even under normal lighting, its colors look pale and inconspicuous. Watching pictures, photos or videos on such a display will not be very pleasant, although the graininess is not very striking. Although a smartphone is not bad for, say, viewing anydocuments, accessing the Internet, or using important applications.

samsung galaxy pocket neo gt s5312


It would be naive to expect some impressive stuffing performance from this budget device, and yet it cannot be said that the characteristics are completely unacceptable. The model runs on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform and is equipped with a rather weak single-core processor with a clock frequency of 850 MHz, the core type is Cortex-A9. Also disappointing is the low rate of RAM - only 512 MB. Winchester provides the user with 4 GB of data storage, which can be expanded using microSD memory cards up to 32 GB in size. The gadget is presented in two variations: Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo GT S5312 with two SIM cards and GT S5310 with one. In addition to the number of slots for SIM cards, these models do not differ from each other.

With such characteristics, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo slows down even during normal use of the menu, what can we say about downloading applications or web pages. A nice feature is the presence of multi-touch, however, the sensor recognizes only two fingers and does not respond to touch in the best way. However, this is enough to scale a page on the Web, increase or decrease the size of a GPS map, or play games that require the simultaneous use of two fingers.


The device has a 2 megapixel camera. This resolution is not enough to take pictures even of average quality. Plus, the situation is aggravated by the lack of autofocus and flash. MenuThe camera has standard and unremarkable features. In bright outdoor lighting, you can take a good picture, which will then look bearable on the small screen of the device. However, for printing, as well as for scanning on a monitor or TV, such a photo will not work: fuzziness and blurring caused by the lack of autofocus and a small number of pixels look just awful on large screens. The developers of the device were deprived of a flash, so it will not work to take a picture at night or in conditions of lack of light. Selfie and Skype lovers will be disappointed by the lack of a front camera.

samsung galaxy pocket neo s5310

With all the shortcomings of the optics, some consolation is the possibility of video recording, but the quality of such videos is extremely unsatisfactory, and the image itself is very slow: the low processing of the number of frames per second affects.

Other entertainment phone Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo has a media player that can play mp3 and videos of various formats, but the quality of video and sound is unlikely to leave the user satisfied. For radio lovers, the gadget is equipped with an FM receiver. For data transfer, the smartphone providesWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth 4.0 (A2DP). It also has a GPS navigator, various Google services and support for 3G networks/


Due to the weak filling, the device can only work with software that requires a minimum amount of resources from the system. But even such applications sometimes slow down. gadgetcopes well with work on the Internet, although some pages open for a long time. Also, the filling allows you to effectively plot routes on a GPS navigator and use other functions.


As for games, even the owner of such a modest device as the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo GT S5312 will not feel a shortage of them, since every day developers release more and more new entertainment with a variety of system requirements for gadgets of all categories. The device launches 2D projects very well, although the graphics look too pixelated and not particularly attractive. The device is also capable of running large games that are not particularly demanding on hardware, but most of them will slow down and fail. Hoping for the launch of top toys is not worth it at all.

smartphone samsung galaxy pocket neo


The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo smartphone has a 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery. At first glance, the indicator is very low, but it is worth remembering that both the display and the filling of the device do not differ in impressive characteristics, and therefore the device will last quite a long time without recharging, even when working with applications, using the Internet and watching videos. In talk mode, the gadget is able to work up to 6 hours, which is not such a bad result.

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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo, whose price ranges from 2500-3200 rubles, is a lightweight, miniature and affordable smartphone,quite suitable for undemanding users. Despite all its shortcomings and meager technical characteristics, the device is able to run many useful applications, carry out stable work on the Internet and high-quality data transfer. Also, the device has a good “survivability”, which is why it will have to be charged quite rarely, which is quite a significant advantage for business and busy people. For those who prefer to use the phone as a full-fledged multimedia device, this device, of course, will not work, but for minimalists in functionality, it may well become a good assistant for a low cost.

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User reviews

User reviews about this device are very contradictory. Many lack screen pixels. Although the display itself reaches only 3 inches in size, the modest resolution of 240x320 is still too small for normal operation.

As for multitouch, almost all owners of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310 criticize it: in particular, a weak response is mentioned. Some note that in the cold, the sensor may not work at all.

As for the multimedia component, opinions differ. Some believe that for such a price a 2 megapixel camera is enough, and the music player produces compositions in a fairly decent quality. Others criticize the low resolution of the optics, the lack of autofocus and the blurring of the pictures taken. They also consider the quality of the music player to be unacceptable, even if there are goodheadphones; mentioned low volume when using the headset.

Owners complain about poorly implemented keyboard. Because of the small keys and display, typing can sometimes be almost impossible. However, it is noted that the T9 setting corrects this shortcoming.

Design of the device to the liking of the majority. The assembly of the phone is very high quality, the developers also did a good job on the appearance of the device, which is why it is great for users of various categories. True, many say that the surface of the gadget is rather slippery, and it is best to use smartphone cases. Another plus is the fact that fingerprints and possible scratches on the case are almost invisible.

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