Automatic 3-pole switch: applications, installation features, popular brands


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Automatic 3-pole switch: applications, installation features, popular brands
Automatic 3-pole switch: applications, installation features, popular brands

The need to install circuit breakers in the switchboard at the input of electricity to the apartment is clear to everyone. But in such cases, devices are used that are connected to one phase and often have a low rated current. 380 V voltage connection requires other equipment with higher power. Today we will talk about what a 3-pole circuit breaker is, what types of such devices are and how they are connected.

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Features of connecting AB to 3 poles and its principle of operation

Equipment requiring high voltage is not always connected through such machines. Often wiring is done in the switchboard, after which each phase goes to a separate group of lighting or powering household appliances. However, if it is necessary to set AB as an introductorya protective device with four contacts should be preferred. It breaks the zero core together with the power supply. In the event of a breakdown, it may also be energized.

Automatic 3-pole switch is designed to simultaneously cut off all three phases in the event of an overload or short circuit in the power network. The current characteristics of the device will depend on the number and power of devices connected through such equipment. For private houses, high rates for this parameter are not required, which cannot be said about the industrial use of AB. In such cases, 3-pole circuit breakers 100A and above are used.

Popular power grid protection equipment manufacturers

Today, on the shelves of electrical stores, the range of such devices is quite extensive. The same applies to manufacturers that produce such products. The greatest demand is for 3-pole circuit breakers from ABB, Schneider Electric, Tech Controllers. There are many other brands, but their popularity among the population of Russia is lower.

As for brands whose name says nothing at all, you should not buy them, even if the price is quite attractive. No need to take risks when installing protective equipment, because the result can be much more expensive. It is better to purchase a more expensive and branded 3-pole circuit breaker and be calm about the state of the home power network.

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What canadd to what was said

Protective automation must ensure complete safety. Whether the network is overloaded, burned out and closed the wire - the task of AB is to relieve the voltage in time to avoid more serious consequences. This is especially true in high voltage networks. This means that by purchasing a high-quality 3-pole automatic switch, a person gives peace of mind to loved ones. In addition, he saves himself from the need to constantly monitor the number of household appliances plugged into the sockets.

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