Choosing useful apps for Android

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Choosing useful apps for Android
Choosing useful apps for Android

Buying any device, we get the property of a "raw" device, which must be equipped with various programs and applications in order to fully experience its power and functionality. Regardless of what fell into our hands - a laptop, tablet or smartphone. After all, it was only the first mobile phones that had two functions: to call and send SMS messages, you could also play "snake" or Tetris. Consider, for example, what are the useful applications for Android.

useful apps for android

What should any self-respecting user install on their smartphone with the Android mobile operating system? First of all, this is Advanced Task Killer - a program with which you can view which applications are running in the background. If they are not needed at the moment, it is possible to close them, thereby reducing the load on the processor and battery. You can also configure autoload and a list of ignored applications.

The best Android appsbe sure to add the Astrid utility. It turns your smartphone into a powerful and versatile organizer. Syncs with Outlook and Google Tasks.

best apps for android

In third place is the EverPaper utility. This product provides access to the Instapaper service, which allows you to save various Internet pages for later viewing as needed. It is possible to save them in the cache and view them without the Internet.

The fourth line in the list of "Useful applications for Android" is occupied by a very convenient and multifunctional DoubleTwist player. He is the best of his kind for "Androids".

Fifth place holds online radio Slacker Radio. You can choose music from 120 stations, and if you want to create your own radio station.

The sixth place is occupied by the Mint utility, which is very important at the present time, with the help of which the owner of a bank card has the ability to track all transactions on his account. You can pay for goods and various services, always know how much money is spent and how much is left in the account.

popular android apps

In seventh place is the Kindle bookstore. With it, you can get to a huge number of free books that you will not re-read for the rest of your life.

Popular Android apps include NewsRob. The main purpose of this product is to read RSS feeds. After reading a lot of different news, you can email your favorites to Twitter.

Ninth place forOne of the most popular service in recent years is Dropbox. This program makes it possible to store various files in the cloud storage, including documents, work with them there or download them back to any device, regardless of the operating system.

Tenth place, last in our short review, belongs to Google Voice. Useful applications for Android could not do without such a utility that allows you to make calls, send voice and text messages. You only need to pay for your Internet traffic. To date, the program works only in the United States, but will soon become publicly available, Google has firmly promised this.

So we got acquainted with a dozen programs that are honorably called "useful applications for Android". It should also be taken into account that all the above utilities are completely free.

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