Do you know how to stick a film on a phone?

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Do you know how to stick a film on a phone?
Do you know how to stick a film on a phone?

We all want the things we have to buy to be as cheap as possible, but at the same time of high enough quality. Of course, there is no point in denying the rule that the price of a quality item cannot be too low, but life experience shows that in many cases a compromise is still possible. So, many owners of mobile communication devices know very well that a timely pasted film for the phone screen not only reduces wear on the front side of the device, but also often protects against the need to purchase a new mobile phone.

"how to stick a film on a phone

If expensive models use a durable scratch-resistant glass coating, then budget lines cannot boast of such a thing yet: the plastic of the screen is covered with scratches during active use or not too careful handling. If you immediately stick a protective film on the phone, then the load will fall on it. It remains only to periodically replace. The advantages of such a protective coating include the non-obvious fact that if the phone is accidentally dropped, the film will protect against the appearance of the infamous network of cracks.

glue the protectivefilm on phone


Although at first glance, how to stick a film on a phone is not difficult, in fact, everything is a little different. When sticking without proper preparation, dust, lint, air bubbles remain between the film and the plastic of the screen, which spoil the appearance of the device. Thus, the screen must be thoroughly cleaned first. This operation is recommended to be done with special dry wipes, which are usually included with the film (you can also use cleaning products for LCD monitors). People who do not even know how to stick a film on a phone should remember the rule that scraps of cloth are of little use for cleaning (with rare exceptions), since they usually contain a significant amount of dust themselves. So, the task is to remove all types of pollution. Sometimes it is recommended to stick the film in the bathroom, where there is less dust. However, this is at the discretion of the owner.

How to stick a film on a phone

After preparation, you can start gluing. New film is always supplied on the base. It is necessary to position it so that the adhesive side is transferred to the screen. To do this, attach the film to the top or bottom of the display and pull slightly on the corner (tab) marked on the base. A transparent sticky layer will adhere to the screen. It must be smoothed with a napkin to remove air bubbles. And so on until the end: they glued it a little, smoothed it out, etc. The film should only be on the screen, without enteringthe plastic of the case and the institution in the gaps between the surfaces - in these places it will begin to peel off after a while. The main thing is that there are no dust particles or lint on the display, since they cannot be removed without re-gluing. Air bubbles that cannot be removed by smoothing will disappear on their own in 2-3 days. Usually, when buying such a protective coating, instructions are attached on how to stick the film on the phone. You should definitely read it.

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