"Abundance": customer reviews of products and delivery

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"Abundance": customer reviews of products and delivery
"Abundance": customer reviews of products and delivery

Over the past few years, the Chinese market has become accessible to each of us thanks to the largest online stores. In them you can find hundreds of thousands of products in different categories and pay for them at the lowest cost (compared to prices in domestic stores).

But Chinese stores have some disadvantages. The first is a long delivery time. Well, there's nothing you can do about it - from China the package will take about 2 weeks, due to the huge distance and transport costs. The second is the dishonesty of many sellers. It manifests itself, for example, in sending defective, low-quality products that do not suit the buyer.

But this problem can be solved by the special service "Abundance". Customer reviews indicate that this is an intermediary service with warehouses in China and staff who checks all parcels, packs them and sends them to Russia. Thus, those who order things through this site can be sure of the quality of the products received and, as a result, the safety of their money.

"Abundance" customer reviews

How does Abundance work?

Servicefunctions very simply - it acts as an intermediary, which, so to speak, "on the spot" allows you to identify an unscrupulous seller and refuse to purchase while it is in China. Thus, the buyer does not have to wait 3 weeks for his defective item to arrive in Russia.

Also, with the help of "Abundance" (customer reviews call this feature very useful), you can also clarify some points regarding the product. For example, it can be the size of clothes or shoes, referred to a single size grid. If a buyer from Russia does not know if the item is suitable for him, he can ask the site managers a question and get an answer about the product.

"Abundance" photo reviews

It is noteworthy that you can order on Abundance (purchase reviews confirm this) from several sellers. You just need to wait until the goods arrive at the service warehouse, are collected in one package, after which they are sent to the buyer. Agree, it's very convenient and practical!

What can I order?

To understand what you can buy here, just read about "Abundance" product reviews. What you won't find here! Hundreds of thousands of diverse products collected from several Chinese online supermarkets. It is difficult to even list what is not in the assortment of the service. Almost everything made in China is here!

"Abundance" reviews about delivery

Therefore, you should not worry that you will not be able to make a purchase of a particular product due to its absence. Everything is here! If you don't believe -come and see for yourself.

Payment procedure

Since Abundance (customer reviews clearly show this) works with Russian-speaking clients mainly from the Russian Federation, they accept currencies that are common with us for payment. First of all, these are Visa / MasterCard, Yandex.Money and Webmoney cards. You can still pay through Svyaznoy, Euroset, as well as payment acceptance terminals, which are located in each city. This makes shopping at TaoBao Group China Auctions affordable wherever you are!

"Abundance" reviews of bargain purchases

The advantage of working with "Abundance", reviews of bargains on which are full of all over the Internet, is also the flexibility of payment terms. In particular, if you paid, but your product turned out to be defective, you can not only spend these funds on further purchases, but also withdraw them back. Thus, the service demonstrates a loyal attitude towards the client.

Delivery order

The site provides two ways in which you can receive the purchased product. The first is China Post Premium - delivery by air, which is free. True, it is long and usually takes 20-30 days.

The second way is much more comfortable, it is the EMS service. It will, of course, cost quite a lot, but the waiting period will be reduced to 7-10 days. At the same time, you will not need to pick up the parcel, as it will be brought to your home. As the reviews about delivery show on Izobiliti, customers prefer to choose forwardingvia EMS. This is beneficial if you order several items at once.

Customer Reviews

However, in order to understand what kind of store is in front of you, it is best to read reviews about it. So you will know all its pros and cons through the eyes of people who have previously de alt with it. We do exactly that by analyzing customer reviews regarding Abundance.

In general, if we summarize all opinions, we get the following. The service is really good, it helps to save your money, time and nerves for a small commission added on top of the original cost of the goods. However, even he has a couple of disadvantages.

"Abundance" purchase reviews

The first is delivery. Users note that sending by EMS service, carried out directly from Chinese stores, will be cheaper than through "Abundance". Shipping reviews are important because they determine how quickly and how easily you receive your ordered items.

The second negative point, which is evidenced by the characteristics of buyers, is the problem with the grouping of some products. So, people write that from time to time the site administration tightens the grouping rules and does not allow sending several orders in one lot. This is allegedly due to the lack of storage space. True, other reviews note that people still managed to receive their goods in a single package, thanks to which they saved money and time. Therefore, apparently, in this situation, everything depends on the luck of the buyer.

Abundance or directly?

Well, we publishedsome of the most interesting reviews about the Abundance service. It makes no sense to publish a photo of each of the parcels, because people who ordered something through the site really received everything safe and sound.

As a result, we can say that you can cooperate with this resource directly.

With the help of Abundance, the buyer has a real opportunity to protect his interests. So why not take advantage of it? Moreover, if you place an order for several goods at the same time, there is an opportunity to definitely save on high-speed delivery.

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