How much do they pay for 1,000,000 YouTube views in Russia and America?

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How much do they pay for 1,000,000 YouTube views in Russia and America?
How much do they pay for 1,000,000 YouTube views in Russia and America?

YouTube is familiar to almost every user who has access to the Internet. Millions of people around the world use this video hosting for various purposes. However, one goal unites almost everyone - making money. People who just want to try making money this way want to know how much YouTube pays for 1,000,000 views. Let's try to figure it out.

how much do they pay for 1000000 views on youtube in rubles

What exactly is YouTube paying for?

YouTube hosting is developing actively and is developing its advertising technologies even more rapidly. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that YouTube pays money for video views. Just for this, the popular video hosting does not pay money to anyone at all. Payments are made only for displaying ads that can be displayed on the video. That is the schemeThe work is as follows: different advertisers order ads on YouTube, then YouTube places these advertising materials on the videos of the channel owner, and the owner, in turn, receives money for this. It is logical to assume that the more video views and, accordingly, ad views, the more money the owner can earn.

But how much do you get paid for 1,000,000 YouTube views? It is almost impossible to calculate this, since many important factors play a role: the audience of viewers, content topics, etc. But it is known that the share of the channel owner from the display of advertising is 68%. That is, for every dollar earned, the owner will receive 68 cents, and YouTube will get 32 ​​cents. But that's too general.

As already noted, there are different factors that affect how much you pay per 1,000,000 YouTube views. Let's look at a specific example.

How much do you get paid for 1,000,000 YouTube views in the US?

Note that in the US the average earnings of a video blogger are higher than in Russia. This is logical, but now is not about that. Below is a screenshot of the video blogger's earnings statistics for a 28-day period. This screenshot shows the blogger's earnings minus the YouTube commission. That is, that is how much a person actually earned.

how much do you get paid for 1000000 views on youtube

The screenshot shows that within 28 days there were 19590 views, and during this period the blogger was able to earn $30. This means that for every 1,000 views you earn about $1.50. Therefore, for one million views$1,500 profit possible.

However, this is just one example. Some bloggers have very different earnings levels, and 1000 video views can earn $3 or more. Also, earnings may be lower. There are a lot of factors that affect the potential profit of a video blogger, and we will analyze them below.

Factors affecting profits

First of all, this is the number and quality of views. For example, if a user clicks the "Skip" button while watching an ad, then such ad display is not paid at all. Ads that appear as rectangles at the bottom of the video are also not paid per impression. Rewards are only awarded if the user clicks on the ad.

how much do they pay for 1000000 views on youtube in russia

The second factor influencing profit is the cost of a click or viewing an advertisement. The cost per click on channels dedicated to cars will be much higher than the cost per click on general channels where the owner talks about how to properly cook barbecue. And this is logical, since YouTube automatically selects ads for the content of the channel and in accordance with the interests of the viewers. It is logical that advertising a car will cost more than advertising barbecue marinade. That is why it is impossible to generalize and say how much they pay for 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Earnings per million views can be 100 dollars, or maybe several thousand.


The theme of the channel is an additional factor on which profitability depends. Automotive, medicine, construction, business are all profitable topics for video channels, and advertising materials are also highly paid here. Advertising on channels that are dedicated to humor and everyday life is paid lower. However, it is easier to attract users to such a channel.

The audience of the channel also plays a role. The children's theme of the videos attracts schoolchildren and younger children. Advertisers will not be able to make money if schoolchildren click on their ads, so you should not expect a large income from advertising that is spinning on channels with children's content. Advertisers are interested in having their commercials seen by businessmen and people with high purchasing power. And for this they are willing to pay money.

how much is paid for views on youtube in russia and in the world


The country whose citizens watch the videos plays a more important role. If you compare how much they pay for 1,000,000 YouTube views in America with earnings in Russia, then the difference will amaze you. The difference in revenue with equal number of views on channels with identical topics can be huge. But this is logical, since advertising in the United States is paid more, and competition between companies is higher. For this reason, many Russian citizens are trying to keep their video blogs in English and relate to topics that are relevant in the United States.

The number of subscribers is an indirect factor influencing the income of a YouTuber.Of course, YouTube pays nothing for the growth in the number of subscribers, but the more subscribers there are, the higher the rating of the channel will be, and the more views each video will gain. This leads to increased income.

And in general, at the moment, YouTube is a huge entertainment and business platform with a billion-strong audience. This is actively used by advertisers (large and small), who are very successful in selling their products thanks to advertising on this video hosting. Therefore, the prospect of making money on this site is, and quite large. But how much they pay for 1,000,000 views on YouTube in rubles - it depends on the content and the audience for which the videos are designed.

Is it possible to accurately calculate potential income?

how much do they pay for 1000000 views on youtube in america

Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately calculate how much people pay for YouTube views in Russia and in the world. You can only focus on your previous performance and predict future earnings. After all, a click on an advertisement or its viewing can be estimated at only one cent, or maybe even a few dollars. It all depends on the subject of the channel, the purchasing power of the people who view the content. If the video tells about the nuances of choosing real estate for purchase, then it is obvious that people who are going to buy an apartment for themselves will watch such a video, for example. And the competition for advertising space in the real estate industry is serious, so the cost of a click on an advertisement for buying an apartment can be estimatedtens of dollars, if not hundreds. The same applies to automotive topics, because there are a lot of sellers, and cars are quite expensive goods. Therefore, advertising on a vlog about cars will also be expensive.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate the cost of a thousand video views on YouTube for the future, and if there is any calculation algorithm, then YouTube will not disclose it. However, advertising is always embedded in the video, which is selected based on the preferences of the visitor himself. This increases the likelihood that he will see the ad he wants and click on it.

how much do you get paid for 1000000 views on youtube in usa

Approximate numbers

Consequently, it is impossible to determine exactly how much they pay for 1,000,000 views on YouTube in Russia. You can only conduct a survey among bloggers and identify the average value. However, hardly anyone will share such data. Generally speaking, the earnings for one million views is $1,000. Some manage to earn $1,500. Foreign bloggers earn more due to higher competition and the cost of advertising - about 2-4 thousand dollars per one million views.

Earning calculation service

There is a SocialBlade service, which in theory allows you to determine how much money a particular YouTube channel brings to its owner. According to this service, the world's most famous blogger PewDiePie, who has 57 million subscribers, earns from 54 to 868 thousand dollars a month. Even here is hugespread in numbers. This makes it possible to understand that there is no specific formula that would allow you to calculate the amount of earnings depending on the number of video views.

how much do you get paid on average for 1000000 views on youtube

In conclusion

So we realized that there is no way to know how much the average pay for 1,000,000 YouTube views. There are a lot of different factors that determine the amount of profit for video bloggers, but if you generalize strongly, you can call the figure $ 1,500. This is how much you can earn approximately on YouTube if you get one million views per month. Is it possible to get that many views? Quite, but for this you need to make high-quality and interesting content, which is very scarce on the Web today.

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