How to make money on Olymp Trade: secrets, step-by-step recommendations and reviews

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How to make money on Olymp Trade: secrets, step-by-step recommendations and reviews
How to make money on Olymp Trade: secrets, step-by-step recommendations and reviews

In the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade, there are more secrets than successful traders. Moreover, even notorious beginners, unable to understand the driving forces of trends, supposedly have them. As a result, the number of articles about earnings and videos showing these same earnings is multiplying on the Web. But, having pretty much littered Internet portals with the same type of content about trading using the doubling system, no one has taught a Russian person to trade successfully. Of course, this publication will also not make a trader out of a reader, however, it will reveal the fundamental secret of options trading.

The main secret of options

Understanding the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade, you should not find secrets and universal recipes. You just need to understand that a successful strategy is based on a mathematically advantageous idea, and therefore the doubling system is widelyadvertised by bloggers will not be successful. Profit will bring such tactics, which will provide at least a 70% probability of profit. And, of course, to build it, you need to learn to understand market processes and understand who buys this asset and who sells it.

how to make money on olymp trade secrets

Understanding who wins in this confrontation between sellers and buyers will allow you to look for good points for buying options. Of course, here a beginner will be disappointed, because it is impossible to make money on Olymp Trade from scratch. To make money, you need to be a balanced trader, and not a fool who hopes that mathematics will pull out all money management instead of looking for competent entry points. This should be learned right now and remembered forever.

For successful learning, a beginner should not hesitate to merge demo accounts and first learn how to trade on Forex. This will give the most valuable experience and, perhaps, distract from binary options. Because in the trading tactics of a successful trader, they are assigned only the role of hedging instruments for medium-term positions.

Algorithmic trading

One of the most reliable options trading strategies is algorithmic, which boils down to the formation of a set of rules on the basis of which an option is purchased. And the most competent tactic, but quite difficult to understand, is the "Sniper 3.2". More precisely, on options, its adaptation should be applied with only one difference: instead of entering a trade, an option is bought after the appearancereversal level or exit from the cumulative flat. This is the only difference with the "Sniper" tactics used in Forex.

For such trading, it is better to use the M5-M15 timeframe and set the option expiration time to at least 30 minutes. Minute charts, so widely advertised on the web, cannot be successfully used for trading, because they are the result of the activity of HFT robots. Therefore, it is not possible to predict high-frequency operations.

how to make money on olymp trade from scratch

It is worth remembering that it is the rules that are the main successful strategy, since it is impossible to trade on Olymp Trade and make a profit without an analysis algorithm. It is the rules that are able to eliminate the psychological influence and allow you to protect your deposit from yourself. And there are no secrets in this activity: you need to understand the instrument and see its participants by analyzing charts on large timeframes.

Binary Options Overnight Strategy

Among the algorithmic strategies, there are also those that are based on the behavior of a quote at a certain point in time. For example, the EURGBP, EURCHF, GBPJPY, NZDCHF, AUDCHF pairs are in a narrow corridor at night and move between its borders. Due to the Forex spread, it is impossible to make money at this time, but it is available on options.

is it possible to make money on olymp trade how to make money

Perhaps this is the only way to find an intelligible answer to the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade from scratch. The secrets of the strategy are as follows: after 22:00according to Moscow time on these instruments, presented in the form of candlestick charts, you should find a narrow corridor lasting more than 1.5 hours. Then you should determine its boundaries, denoting them by highs and lows. The next step is to visually determine the channel configuration: almost direct, ascending or descending.

Deal closing

The last step is making deals. This is selling from the upper boundaries and buying from the lower ones in the case of a horizontal channel. The second option is only selling from the upper border of the descending channel, ignoring purchases from the lower one. The third option is only buying in the ascending channel from the lower border. The expiration period of the option is set to 5-10 minutes depending on the frequency of movement.

In the pair EURCHF and EURGBP in the evening and late at night, a 15-minute expiration is justified. It is important that the volume of the contract is set in such a way that the trader has the opportunity to repeat the bet of the same volume 20 times during the trading period. In the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade, there are no secrets regarding night trading. That is, many traders know about them, but the broker has so confused the minds of its actual and potential clients with strategies with indicators and doubling that it is already difficult for them to synthesize a working strategy.

how to make money on olymp trade from scratch secrets

The main thing in overnight range trading is a fixed option amount. Here you can not double the amount of the transaction and be gambling. This is not a game for money, but painstaking work. And if "Olymp Trade" is honestbroker and will not generate non-market quotes to interfere with earnings, then for 3 hours of night trading you can reliably earn about $15, each time risking only $1.

Combined option trading

There is also a more reliable trading strategy, in which there are a lot of ambiguities for a beginner. And if a respected reader has stopped asking questions about whether it is possible to make money on Olymp Trade, how to make money with a doubling system, or has completely freed himself from the thought of instantly earning a lot of money, then he can learn something useful.

This utility lies in the use of options as a hedging tool for intraday Forex transactions. Their purpose is to eliminate the risk if the forecast for a transaction in the foreign exchange market does not come true. Then you should close the Forex deal with the minimum possible profit and make a profit on the option opened in advance. The latter should open in the direction opposite to the currency deal.

how to trade on olymp trade and make a profit

Perhaps this information will make it possible to understand that in the question of how to make money on Olymp Trade, secrets do not mean anything. All strategies have long been developed, because financial markets have been around for many years. And options have evolved long before the Olymp Trade and the current supposedly super-traders who use doubling for their earnings. Martingale is an unsuccessful tactic, but very profitable for a broker who receives income from client losses.


Efficiency and reliabilityThe strategies described above are also based on the expectation that the broker will absolutely honestly fulfill its obligations, that is, withdraw the earned funds. However, this is not guaranteed, since Olymp Trade has offshore jurisdiction. The option of termination of payments for a certain reason is not excluded. A similar example can be recalled with the broker FOREX MMCIS group, bankruptcy, or rather, the betrayal of which no one expected. At the same time, in financial terms, Olymp Trade is probably on its feet stronger. But the broker can go out of business quickly due to possible changes in the legislation of the states of offshore zones.

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