Lenovo Miix 3 tablet: features and reviews. Lenovo Miix 3: problems after update


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Lenovo Miix 3 tablet: features and reviews. Lenovo Miix 3: problems after update
Lenovo Miix 3 tablet: features and reviews. Lenovo Miix 3: problems after update

So, today your attention will be presented to a tablet called Lenovo Miix 3. This is a fairly new model that has already won the hearts of many buyers. But why is this happening? What is special about her? Or perhaps we are dealing with nothing more than a well-advertised product? We will try to understand all this. The technical specifications of the Lenovo Miix 3 device, as well as numerous owner reviews and expert advice, will help us. Let's start with you as soon as possible to study our today's question.


What to pay attention to at the very beginning? For example, on the screen. This component is very important for the tablet. And Lenovo Miix 3 offers its owners pretty good options in this regard. The diagonal of this screen is 10.1 inches. This is a great indicator for a gaming device. The resolution is also high - 1920 by 1200 pixels. This means that the Lenovo Miix 3 tablet allows you to watch movies and videos in excellent quality and Full HD.

lenovo miix 3

The display of the gadget is capacitive, touch. It supports up to 10 simultaneous touches. This allows the tablet to quickly respond to commands sent.So you can be sure that with this gadget you will be provided with speed and quality. The image on the screen always remains bright, beautiful and accurate under any weather conditions. All this thanks to the latest technologies that were used in the manufacture of Lenovo Miix 3. And this fact is extremely pleasing to the owners. Indeed, for a tablet, the screen is a very important point, especially when it comes to a gaming gadget.


The overall dimensions of the device is also an important parameter. If you choose a Lenovo Miix 3 tablet or some other tablet for a student or work, then you should still pay attention to the size of the device. It is not always convenient to carry one or another model with you. Therefore, do not lose sight of this parameter.

For example, the Lenovo Miix 3 tablet has pretty good performance in this sense. After all, despite the large diagonal of the screen, the dimensions still remain not so huge. The model is 257 millimeters long and 172 millimeters wide. But the thickness of this device is not so small - almost 1 centimeter. To be more precise, then 9.3 millimeters. However, this does not interfere with the comfortable storage of the tablet. Carrying it with you in a bag or backpack is not a problem. We can conclude that this particular tablet is perfect for work or study.

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In addition, Lenovo Miix 3, reviews of which we are studying, has a small weight for its parameters - only 549 grams. This is enough to feel the device in the bag, but not to add extra weight.Even a child can handle such a tablet. And it pleases. You don't have to worry about having a hard time carrying your device around.


Another important point that affects both the main characteristics of the gadget and its cost is the processor. The more powerful it is, the better. And the Lenovo Miix 3 830 tablet can really boast of this component. It's not as big or powerful as some of today's models, but it still holds its own.

The thing is that the processor here has 4 cores. This is an average figure for a gaming tablet. And the clock speed of each core is 1.3GHz. We get a processor with a capacity of 5.2 GHz. The numbers are pretty big. Yes, you can also find models with 8 cores, but they will only cost 3 times more than the Lenovo Miix 3 830 tablet. Therefore, it does not always make sense to buy such gadgets.

As many users assure, Lenovo is perfect for both work and entertainment. And all this thanks to a powerful processor. Yes, the main characteristics are also important for the performance of the device. But the processor plays an important role among them. And now it is very difficult to find a worthy and powerful model. But if you have chosen Lenovo Miix 3 830 (32GB), the characteristics of which we will learn more and more, then you can rest assured that you made the right choice.


The next thing is RAM. It also affects the performance of the tablet. The higher its score, the better. So, it makes sense to give thismoment of close attention.

tablet lenovo miix 3 830

For example, it is worth considering that the Lenovo Miix 3 10 tablet receives normal reviews in this sense. Not as good as it could be, but not terrible either. After all, we will be offered 2 GB of RAM on the device. There are also models with 3 and even 4 gigabytes, but they will cost several times more. And, as many owners note, so much space on the tablet is simply not needed. This is overkill.

But 2 GB of RAM is fine. Most modern games and applications require exactly this amount of space. So you can not worry about the fact that you will be somehow limited in content. After all, it is this factor that can repel most potential buyers from a particular model.


Don't forget about the operating system. Now she is given a lot of time. After all, the nature of the installed content, as well as the functionality of the entire gadget, depends on it. Many are accustomed to seeing "Android" on modern technology. But the Lenovo Miix 3 1030 tablet does not fall under such a familiar description. After all, it has one distinguishing feature.

And, of course, it's the operating system. It is a little unusual - based on Windows. Initially, version 8.1 is installed here. But if necessary, you can upgrade it to Windows 10 absolutely free of charge. So you have to prepare for the fact that applications for Android will be banned for you. But Windows has its advantages. For example, suchtablets are more functional. And on them you can run more useful applications and games than on Android. Many refuse such a device as the Lenovo Miix 3 830 tablet (or higher) precisely because of the unusual operating system. But you should not do this. After all, Windows is beginning to actively take root in gadgets of various types. And, moreover, it is successfully moving forward. This means that very soon Windows will begin to attract customers.

Free seat

Any tablet should have hard drive space to store information. And the more of it, the better. It is very important. And most buyers choose a gadget based on this parameter. Lenovo Miix 3 830 (32GB) has quite good characteristics in this sense. But among the buyers there are still forever dissatisfied customers.

lenovo miix 3 830 32gb specs

The thing is that in this model you will be offered 32 GB of free space for data. But in practice, we get only 30 gigabytes. 2 of them are occupied by the operating system and the files necessary for its functioning. In principle, this is a completely normal indicator. But if you consider that the operating system here is Windows, then very soon you will begin to experience a shortage of space. And this is not very pleasant. There are several ways out of this situation. The first is to constantly monitor the installed content and get rid of unnecessary, old files in the system. It's not the best way out. After all, buyers are not accustomed to constantly cleaning their own gadgets. Therefore, one has to resort toone well-known and popular trick.

Memory card

For example, it is worth inserting a special device into the device. It's called a memory card. Unfortunately, this feature is now not available in all tablets. Nevertheless, our case is an exception. The Lenovo Miix 3 tablet receives excellent reviews in terms of memory card support. And now we'll find out why.

When space is scarce, it is enough to connect a MicroSD card to the tablet. There is one small limitation - the maximum allowable amount of space. In our case, it is 128 GB. Perhaps, for a modern gadget, this is not such a limitation. After all, memory cards larger than 128 GB simply do not exist in nature. So, it is with this tablet that you will get the maximum performance with respect to the space additionally built into the device.

As the owners emphasize, despite the fact that the operating system here is Windows, you still will not experience a lack of space with such a memory card. In addition, your data will become mobile. It is very comfortable. So already for this characteristic it is worth paying attention to Lenovo Miix 3. This moment is important for many. Basically, just like all other characteristics.


Don't forget about the battery. The thing is that it is he who can often influence the decision to buy. Of course, everyone wants to buy a gadget that can be actively used for a long time without recharging. But, unfortunately, to find something like this is quite difficult. But LenovoMiix 3 is quite suitable for these parameters.

The battery capacity here is 6000 mAh. On average, such a device should work with active use of about 7 days. But if you believe in practice, then in reality, recharging will be required after 5 days. Nevertheless, this is a very good indicator. Especially when you consider that most gadgets and tablets refuse to work after 2-3 days.

disk locked lenovo miix 3

The battery of Lenovo Miix 3 is not removable. And, unfortunately, sometimes this can be a huge problem. In particular, if the rules for operating the device are not observed. Batteries tend to deteriorate quickly if not handled properly. So, replacing a non-removable battery will bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner. But it is quite possible to avoid such a problem. It is enough just to follow all the rules of operation and completely discharge the gadget before putting it on recharging.

A little more clarity about the duration of the tablet. In a state of waiting, he can "lay idle" for about 2-3 months. With inactive, but daily use - about a month. If you constantly keep the Internet on, and even use it actively, then you can count on only 20 hours of excellent work. So it all depends on the intensity of contact with the tablet. In principle, these indicators are quite pleasing to many buyers. After all, do not forget about the cost of the device and additional equipment, which also plays an important role for owners.


When buying any gadget, it is important to know in what configuration you will receive it. Maybe it makes sense to purchase a more expensive model, which is "all inclusive"? In our case, to be honest, there may be some conflicts between buyers and sellers. After all, Lenovo Miix 3 has a variety of equipment.

The rarest and best is "all inclusive". There is also a special keyboard for the tablet, and a case, and instructions. In addition, here you can find a wire for connecting and synchronizing with a computer, a case, a sticker on the screen, as well as a keychain and a headset (branded). Usually such delivery is carried out only abroad. It is very rare in Russia. And, as a rule, she has to make purchases through foreign online stores.

tablet lenovo miix 3 10 reviews

But the Russian equipment is not very encouraging. After all, usually in the box with Lenovo Miix 3 there is only a warranty, instructions, and a headset. And not always branded. A charger and a cable for connecting to a computer are a matter of course. But the keyboard for the tablet, case and other components are usually purchased separately. And this does not have a very good effect on purchases in Russia. After all, it is better to wait a month or two until they bring you a complete set than to spend extra money. Yes, and not such small amounts.


Often the price plays a decisive role in choosing one or another tablet. In our case, we can say that the price tag is worthy. Especially when you consider that wewe will deal with the Windows operating system and a real gaming gadget.

The average cost of this device is about 8 thousand rubles. Even in an incomplete configuration, this is quite a good indicator. Few manufacturers will list a tablet with similar specifications at such a low price.

Nevertheless, among the buyers there are still constantly dissatisfied owners. For example, some believe that the average cost of this model should not exceed 5000. If you think about it, you can understand such users. Especially when you see the message "Disk locked" (Lenovo Miix 3) when turning on or trying to download data on the device. So, this opinion is based on numerous failures. What should buyers prepare for?

Errors and problems

It is extremely important to know what problems and errors may occur while working with a particular technical device. So, for example, the most common problem for Lenovo Miix 3 users is the hard drive. He constantly refuses to work. And this is corrected only by replacing the hardware. This requires taking the device to a specialized assistance center.

But most often Lenovo Miix 3 has problems after updating the operating system. Fortunately, they are not as dangerous as a hard drive failure. Usually you have to reinstall the system. Or take the tablet to the technical assistance center - there the masters will quickly correct the situation. But after that update the operating systemwill be prohibited. Inconvenient, but not critical.

lenovo miix 3 problems after update

BIOS is another problem that worries users. At the slightest malfunction of the device, you need to contact this particular component. And many are interested in information about Lenovo Miix 3: how to enter the BIOS, how to fix system errors. As a rule, it is impossible to answer these questions on your own. And you have to contact the Lenovo service centers for help. It is better not to try to "break through" the BIOS on your own - sometimes attempts can simply ruin the performance of the entire device as a whole.

Thus, by purchasing Lenovo Miix 3, you agree that this tablet will need to be repaired from time to time. But do not be afraid - if you follow the rules of operation, you can avoid these troubles. At first it will be unusual, but this is how the model can serve you for a long time.

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