Wexler TAB 7I tablet: review, specifications, reviews


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Wexler TAB 7I tablet: review, specifications, reviews
Wexler TAB 7I tablet: review, specifications, reviews

Wexler Tab 7I is the brainchild of a fairly well-known Russian manufacturer of specialized computer equipment and digital electronics. This model is available in several modifications, while it is worth noting the fact that the 16 GB + 3G device was initially available exclusively for pre-order.

In all devices of this series there is an IPS-LCD-matrix with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, as well as 1 GB of its own RAM. The Wexler Tab 7I is based on the Rockchip RK2918 chipset, which features a full 1.2GHz Cortex A8 single-core processor.


The device has a rectangular shape with rounded side ends. When developing the design of the Wexler Tab 7I case, the developers tried to make the upper part visually fit into the lower one, as a result of which small sides are formed at the top and bottom. The back side, which is close to the left and right side, is slightly bent. At the same time, Wexler Tab 7I itself is offered in two colors - black and white.

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Consideringseven-inch screen diagonal, in itself it is quite large and has dimensions of 200 x 119, while its thickness reaches 15 mm. The weight of this device is 380 grams, which can be called a very, very good result, since people who have a Wexler Tab 7I tablet left quite flattering reviews in this regard, saying that even while using the device there will be no feel no weight and increased thickness.


A certain part of the front panel, as well as the side faces, are made of specialized reliable plastic, while the back panel is a glossy plastic, which is why it is quite slippery. Of course, in the process of work, fingerprints will remain on the entire body, and they are quite noticeable, but at the same time, traces are erased extremely easily. The only thing that users of the Wexler Tab 7I 3G note is that every time the device is handled, all traces appear again and again, as a result of which they have to be carefully looked after. Among other things, the operation of this tablet may cause all kinds of scratches.

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On the front panel there is a small indicator light showing the battery status, as well as a front camera. The volume key is recessed into the case, and on the top end you can see the on/off button for this device. It should be said right away that, according to the majorityusers, such an arrangement of buttons is inconvenient, since it is impossible to instantly find the desired button the first time. Also, do not forget that the signatures are not placed directly on the buttons, but on the side.

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On the left and right ends of the Wexler Tab 7I 8Gb there are slots in which the speakers are installed. The main elements are located below - a slot for an additional microSD card, a separate USB port, a microphone, a miniHDMI connector, and a standard 3.5 mm audio output. Thus, this device can interact with almost any modern equipment, which can be called its undoubted advantage. It is also worth noting that the reset button is located in this part of the Wexler Tab 7I.


Special attention of users is given to a widescreen display with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The Wexler Tab 7I 3G 8Gb has a screen diagonal of 7 inches; physical size 154 x 89 mm; resolution - 1024 x 600 pixels. The image on this device almost always looks extremely clear, and it is impossible to see any pixelation with the naked eye. For the manufacture of the matrix, specialized IPS-LCD technology is used, so that you can see about 16 million colors on the display. It is worth noting separately the capacitive touch layer, which provides for five simultaneous touches. According to users, the touch sensitivity of the display is average.

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The screen is different frommost similar models have sufficiently large viewing angles. Thus, with a strong tilt, the contrast and brightness are somewhat reduced, but this is not critical, and, in principle, you can easily view images.

The disadvantage of this device is that it lacks a specialized light sensor. In the settings, if necessary, it will be possible to set the "sleep mode", that is, set the time after which the device will switch to this mode in case of user inactivity. In addition, it is also possible to change the font size. According to user reviews and the opinion of some experts, the most optimal is to use a large font, as it will be the most suitable for the resolution, as well as the display diagonal.


As is standard in modern tablets, there is an initially non-removable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. This device provides for the presence of specialized protection that excludes the possibility of overcharging or overheating, which is quite important for the operation of such equipment. The manufacturer says that while watching a video, the battery will be able to work for eight hours if Wi-Fi does not work in parallel, and with constant reading it can be discharged after 10 hours of active use. Of course, it is likely that this device was tested at the lowest possible backlight brightness and other settings, because in reality, usersnoted completely different indicators.

Indicators in practice

In particular, when the firmware was not installed in the Wexler Tab 7I, the battery ran down in three hours while constantly watching the video, and this despite the fact that the speaker, in principle, was not used, and the sound was output to the headphones. If you just play music in this device, and again, use only headphones, you can not worry about its performance for more than 20 hours.

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At high volume and brightness, you can play on the tablet for no more than half an hour. At the same time, you can only surf the Internet via Wi-Fi for five hours, after which the device is completely discharged. Thus, it can be said that with normal use of the device, the initial charge of the battery will last no more than five hours. This power consumption is not the highest, but the results are quite acceptable for a device of this class.


The device has a standard 1 GB of RAM, but by default the user has only about 570 MB. From time to time, this volume may not be enough to run certain applications, because quite often the device starts to unload applications from memory.

Standard Flash-memory is provided for storing the information necessary for the user, the volume of which is 8 GB, while the settings say that memory is allocated for installing various applications500 MB, while for additional data storage - 5.8 GB. There is a slot for installing an additional microSDHC card, the maximum possible volume of which can reach 32 GB.


This tablet provides two camera modules at the same time, while the main one is designed for 2 MP, while the front camera has only 0.3 MP. Considering that none of the cameras has focusing, this can be called the most important disadvantage of this device. The quality of even the main camera is mediocre and seriously loses to similar devices in its price category.

The only thing that users note is that, in principle, even with such a front camera, you can communicate pretty well via Skype.


The graphics accelerator used here is the GC800 Graphics Engine, which is unusual for today's users. It is immediately worth noting the fact that this device proved to be rather weak, and immediately after testing on games such as Nova 3, it showed its weaknesses. Of course, games of this class can run, but you will hardly see normal textures, and in some cases you will have to use Hard reset in Wexler Tab 7I. The situation is a little less frustrating with not so demanding games, but again, if there are a sufficiently large number of units in the game, the number of frames per second can noticeably drop.

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In general andin general, in its price category, this tablet can be called satisfactory in terms of performance, since similar devices do not differ in any technological breakthroughs in this regard.


You can install applications directly through the Android Market, for downloading which it is enough that you have an initially registered Google account. If you decide to download programs from the network directly to the device's memory, then in this case it is also recommended to install a utility such as AppInstaller. By default, it also provides a standard set from Google and certain additional applications such as EBookDroid, Gismeteo and others.

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To surf the pages initially there is a browser Android 4, 0. Taking into account the features of the processor, it is also possible to work with Flash. Despite the rather powerful graphics engines, as well as the presence of far from the weakest processor, the browser may slow down a little while working with certain sites.

Special attention of users is given to not the best work of multi-touch, as the scale of the page increases in jerks. This is most likely due to the chipset used, but in any case, users will have to put up with this small minus.

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