Selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics: what to look for?

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Selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics: what to look for?
Selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics: what to look for?

Currently, the range of smartphones is amazingly diverse. Such abundance is both an advantage and a disadvantage. In the first case, each buyer can select a smartphone according to its characteristics, parameters, design, cost, and manufacturer. But the wide range of the average person can be confusing. Why? Not every buyer knows what characteristics to look for. Indeed, in order for a smartphone to be multifunctional and satisfy all the requirements of the user, it is necessary to determine the main criteria. Let's figure out what to pay attention to first of all.

selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics and parameters

Smartphone requirements

Before you go to the store to buy a smartphone, you need to clearly know why you need it. For todaythere are a wide variety of gadgets on the market. Most of them are targeted at a specific target audience. Manufacturers produce smartphones of different price categories, so they are available to all segments of the population. You can also choose a device based on gender or age (see the photo for a range of models).

Selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics is an important point that will make the purchase profitable. However, by and large, each device performs the same functions. The operating system does not affect this. What tasks should even the simplest smartphone handle?

  • Grant access to the Global Web.
  • Have an audio and video player.
  • Support office programs.
  • Make calls and send messages.
  • Have cameras for video calls and snapshots.
  • Ensure long battery life.

In principle, this is the entire list of criteria that a modern user needs. However, there are situations when the smartphone is used as an additional phone, then many of these functions are simply not needed by the owner. They will only affect the price. Namely, new technological developments form the cost of the device. Therefore, before buying, think about whether they are needed.

selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics

Smartphone class

In order to facilitate the selection of a smartphone according to its characteristics, manufacturers conditionally divided all devices into classes. There are seven in total:

  1. Phone for every day. Usually,such devices are multifunctional. They are able to cope with all the tasks assigned. That is, the gadget has two cameras, wireless modules, a standard set of applications. But with such equipment, the capabilities of the smartphone will be limited to average quality. A striking example of a device for every day is the Samsung Galaxy J7.
  2. Maximum filling. This class combines models that have limitless possibilities. They are equipped with ultra-powerful processors with 10 cores, operating at a frequency of more than 2 GHz. In this category, the undisputed leader is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.
  3. Smartphones for audiophiles. For those who like to listen to music, manufacturers produce special devices in which the emphasis is on additional features, such as autonomous music player keys, sound settings, high-quality speakers (usually there are two of them). Among music lovers, the gadget LG G4c H522Y is appreciated.
  4. Camera phones. This category combines smartphones with excellent cameras. Moreover, not only high resolution is taken into account, but also additional options, which can be decisive when choosing a smartphone. According to the characteristics of cameras in this segment, the leading positions are occupied by devices from Samsung and Sony. Their optics are currently considered the best.
  5. Apparatus for players. Devices of this class are priced more expensive than others. They provide not only high performance, but also a high-quality image on the screen. Manufacturers also install a large amount of system memory, a capacious battery and the latest version of the OS. good in this categoryshowed itself LG Nexus 5.
  6. Protected gadgets. Devices with a durable and reliable housing are in demand among people who lead an active lifestyle. In addition to the above properties, they are also waterproof. The optimal ratio of price, quality and hardware, users found in the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.
  7. "Centenarians". As a rule, smartphones with powerful batteries in other equipment are significantly inferior to other devices. But their advantages, as they say, are obvious. For example, a 12,000 mAh battery is installed in the Jeep F605.

Selection of a smartphone according to OS characteristics

There are currently three popular operating systems:

  • "Android". Developed by Google. Installed in many smartphones. It has advantages: a wide range of applications, a wide range of settings, synchronization with a PC and other Android devices, over-the-air updates. Not without drawbacks. These include frequent crashes when starting programs.
  • Windows Phone. Developed by Microsoft. Used only in a limited number of smartphones. Advantages: copying files from a computer, synchronization with programs, a mobile version of the Office package. Cons: Few compatible apps.
  • IOS. It is installed only in Apple gadgets. The system is closed, so the probability of getting infected with viruses is minimal. Advantages: a large number of unique applications, high speed, program optimization. Disadvantages: difficult to transfer data to and from a PC,root folders are hard to get to.
selection of a smartphone according to the characteristics of OS

Selection of a smartphone according to the characteristics of the processor

If performance is an important criterion, then you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the processor:

  • Power. The clock frequency of the cores must not be less than 1.5 GHz.
  • Architecture. Currently, ARM is considered the best.
  • Number of computing modules (cores). The more of them, the faster the system will work.
selection of a smartphone according to the characteristics of the processor


If a smartphone is selected according to its characteristics, then you need to pay attention to the amount of memory:

  • RAM (system or operational). It is necessary for the quality work of the OS and applications. For high data processing speed, its volume should be at least 2-3 GB.
  • Built-in. Everything here will depend on the preferences of the user. If you plan to install many applications, then you need to choose a gadget with a memory capacity of 16 to 64 GB.
  • Expandable. You can increase the amount of internal memory using an external drive. The main thing is to pay attention to the presence of a slot.

SIM cards

With this criterion, everything is simple. If you plan to use one SIM card, then a device with the appropriate capabilities is purchased. However, dual SIM gadgets are currently popular. And if necessary, you can find those that support 4 or more SIM cards.


Thiselement in the smartphone is considered one of the main. The quality of the image will depend on its type and the technologies used. The sensor can be resistive (installed in budget models) and capacitive. It is also important to pay attention to the type of matrix: Super LCD, Super AMOLED, IPS.


An important criterion for those who cannot imagine life without photos. Today, almost all smartphones have two cameras: front (selfie) and main (rear). Pay attention when choosing a phone:

  • On the number of pixels (resolution).
  • The presence of a flash and its power.
  • Set auto focus.
Smartphone cameras


And the last criterion for selecting a smartphone according to its characteristics is the autonomy period. Manufacturers are now installing batteries made using two different technologies:

  • lithium-ion (Li-lon);
  • lithium polymer (Li-Po).

Naturally, it is important to pay attention not only to the type of battery, but also to its capacity. The larger it is, the longer the period of work will be. Preference should be given to gadgets that have a battery of at least 3000 mAh.

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