Kandy washing machine: to each according to his needs, to each according to his abilities


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Kandy washing machine: to each according to his needs, to each according to his abilities
Kandy washing machine: to each according to his needs, to each according to his abilities

Just 15 years ago, people did just fine without a large number of various household appliances. At present, it is difficult to imagine our existence without such know-how of developments as a cell phone, a dishwasher or a washing machine. Kandy, Indesit, Whirlpool and many other world-famous companies are making great efforts to make everyday household chores easier. The presence of refrigerators, microwave ovens, ovens, vacuum cleaners and other equipment in every house allowed women to reduce the time for cleaning and household chores by several times. It is not surprising that every year the number of the fairer sex, giving preference to a career rather than household chores, is steadily growing.

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A little helper for a difficult process

Just imagine how much time it takes to wash and rinse clothes, especially if there is no washing machine! Candy is an Italian company renowned throughout the world for quality products designed for easy and fast handling.household chores. Thanks to the developments of the holding's engineers, the full cycle "storage of food - cooking - washing dishes" gave the housewives more free time.

The Kandy washing machine is one of the categories of high-quality equipment of the Italian organization that does an unloved, long and "dirty" job.

Cost as the main selection criterion

It should be noted that there are several variants of models of this technique. The main criterion that buyers are guided by before purchasing directly is, of course, the financial issue. Few people can afford to purchase household appliances thoughtlessly and without caring about the issue of price. Therefore, the main and main point for selecting a model of a washing machine is its cost. Italian manufacturers offer their potential consumers both inexpensive and budget options within 15 thousand rubles, as well as solid units, the price of which reaches one and a half thousand USD

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It should be noted that the Kandy washing machine, regardless of the price, does an excellent job with its duties. The Italian holding has reserved the right to increase the price of the device based only on additional accessories, functional parts and devices that are installed in it, but without affecting the quality of washing. Therefore, budget models differ from their luxurious counterparts only in the absence of certain parameters.

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The next factor influencing the choice of a washing machine model is its dimensions. Unfortunately, in many modern apartments it is not so easy to plan the available space. Often in the kitchen it is impossible to place the refrigerator you like, as it takes up too much space. The same goes for Kandy washing machines: narrow devices are more in demand among consumers who have a limited usable area of ​​a kitchen, bathroom or other room.

An excellent budget yet compact option is the Holiday 1040 R. This miniature assistant easily copes with heavy loads. At the same time, its price favorably distinguishes the machine from analogues and is about 11 thousand rubles. This washing machine "Kandy" has a height of 85 cm, with a width and depth of 60 and 33 cm, respectively. Inside the electrical equipment is placed up to 4 kg of laundry. The good news is that the machine can be built into the countertop. For one washing cycle, the device consumes about 39 liters of water, which gives reason to judge the economy of resource consumption. Equipped with various cycles and modes, this technique copes with stains of any complexity and delicately cares for soft and fastidious materials.

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Top loading variant

It should be noted that for safety reasons, each Kandy washing machine is equipped with a special interlock that turns on when the wash cycle starts and turns off two minutes after it ends.

In addition, you can choose a model not only with frontal, but also with vertical loading of laundry. The last option is the Kandy CTL 1206 washing machine. For one wash cycle, up to 7 kg of laundry can be loaded inside this machine. At the same time, its dimensions cannot be called too large: 85 cm in height, 40 in width and 60 in depth. This miracle of technology is equipped with an intelligent control panel. The number of programs is 12, and the maximum spin speed reaches 1200 rpm. The last function allows you to get almost dry laundry out of the drum. Another difference of this model is the presence of partial protection against leaks. It was not present in the previous version. The cost of this device is much higher and amounts to about 20 thousand rubles.

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Additional modes

Another factor that unites both the first and second models is the absence of the “Drying” mode. However, there are other variants from the Italian manufacturer that are equipped with this function - for example, the EVO4W 264 3D-07 model. Its cost varies within 20 thousand Russian rubles. At the same time, this washing machine is equipped with a full set of protection against leaks. Using the intelligent control panel, you can select one of sixteen work programs. Temperature, wash time, pre-soak and spin speed can be adjusted slightly. In addition, this Kandy washing machine is equipped with a delayed wash function. By loading the laundry into the drum of the machine, the process can begin23 hours late. A more expensive option, which also has a Dry mode, is the GO4 W264. This washing machine is equipped with 21 modes, including prewash, stain removal and anti-crease program, economy wash and others. It is noteworthy that this model is somewhat energy intensive and consumes more than 100 liters of water in one cycle of its work.

The variety of options offered by this manufacturer will help you choose the option that will suit the consumer in all respects: quality, price, size and number of work programs.

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