Koss headphones: review and reviews


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Koss headphones: review and reviews
Koss headphones: review and reviews

Koss has been operating in the high-tech market for over 60 years. Its founder in 1953 was the American engineer John Koss. At first, the company was engaged in television receivers. Subsequently, however, Kossa gradually began to expand its products. Today it is one of America's premier speci alty audio companies.

Advanced technology

Koss Corporation since the late 1960s has been actively engaged in the production of stereo headphones and the corresponding headset. Since then, only the latest acoustic technologies have been used in production. No wonder Koss headphones come with a lifetime warranty. No other company in the world has anything like this.The main principle that led the corporation to success and guaranteed a bright future for it is commitment to the highest quality standards. Thanks to this, the company's products will always be in demand, whether it is yesterday or tomorrow. In addition, the company's engineers are constantly modifying the production technology of their acoustic systems. Therefore, with each new model, Koss headphones are getting better and better. This applies to the depth of sound, and the issuance of bass, and the generaldesign.

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John Koss products are widely used not only in the computer field, but also in medicine, education, mobile communications, and the transport network. It is noteworthy that Koss has signed contracts with many airlines in North America. This fact largely determines the uniqueness of the brand. In Russia, the devices became popular thanks to the promotional campaign of the Blade distributor.

Porta Pro headphones review

In today's world, it's hard to find audio devices that stand the test of time. The Koss Porta Pro headphones are just that. This is a real classic, which today is able to satisfy any needs of even the most demanding music lovers. The main advantages of the device are the depth of the bass, the high sensitivity of the speakers and the wide frequency range.The Koss Porta Pro headphones fit perfectly to the headband. Construction type - portable arc open. The integrated speaker system does not distort the sound even at low bass. The body is made of metal and environmentally friendly plastic. Headphones will please with an unusual design and a high level of comfort.

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The range of supported frequencies is 15-25,000 Hz. In this case, the sensitivity reaches 101 dB. The weight of such a device is 79 g. The cord has a length of 1.2 m.

Reviews about headphones Porta Pro

The main features of the model are high-quality sound, ease of use and relatively low weight. Numerous reviews show thatfor a moderate amount, the user gets a top class device.Koss Porta headphones have amazing noise isolation. At maximum volume in a quiet room, they are barely audible. The reverse effect is also on the level. Even in public transport, you don’t need to set the volume control to 100% for full sound. In addition, the advantages of the model include durability, build quality and breathable foam pads, thanks to which the ears do not sweat.

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There are not so many flaws, but, based on criticism, they are. First of all, these are the quick wear of the ear pads and the unpresentable packaging.

The Plug headphones review

This model is one of the first manufactured devices by John Koss. These are the iconic Koss in-ear headphones that have delighted music lovers around the world for more than two decades. Their uniqueness lies in the hardware support for the reproduction of low frequencies up to 10 Hz. At the same time, the ear cushions retain amazing noise isolation.Koss The Plug headphones are very light and comfortable to use. They are suitable for a portable sound source, making them indispensable when walking down the street or taking the subway. Construction type - closed. Experts note the depth of sound, which is not distorted at the maximum frequency maxima. The circulation includes devices of different colors: from white and even to light green and orange.

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Cult brainchild of John Koss supports a frequency range from 10 to 20,000 Hz. permissivesensitivity is 112 dB. Weight is only 7g.

Reviews about The Plug headphones

In quiet rooms, bass is not transmitted, especially in an airplane and subway. The sound quality is amazing. Even the bass is reproduced without problems. At such a low price, the quality of the device is not satisfactory. It is also worth highlighting the design of the headphones, which is comfortable. After wearing for a long time, the ears do not hurt and do not turn red. Thus, The Plug is Koss headphones, reviews of which demonstrate the best value for money.Among the few minuses, one can note a very thin wire that is constantly tangled. Some users find it inconvenient to wear the headphones for a long time, as they do not hold well and fall off. However, this nuance directly depends on the structural features of the human ear. The design of the device is made according to all standards.

Pro4S headphone review

This is a professional acoustic device with powerful studio sound. The Koss Pro4S headphones are equipped with dedicated 40mm drivers from the SLX40 series. This ensures perfect sound reproduction of both high frequencies and deep bass. Since the Pro4S is a studio version, they have improved noise isolation.

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Lightweight, D-shaped design, fits snugly around the ears and headband. The ear pads are made of ecological leather, soft, so they do not cause discomfort during prolonged use. It is possible to connect an additional pair of similar headphones to the cable.Frequenciessupported between 10 and 25,000 Hz. In turn, the maximum sensitivity threshold is 99 dB.

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