"Supra", tablet: customer reviews


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"Supra", tablet: customer reviews
"Supra", tablet: customer reviews

SUPRA is a large Japanese company engaged in the development of a wide variety of household and electronic appliances. We will talk about several models of modern tablets, selected from the main production lines of the company. This article will consider the Supra gadget (tablet), reviews of which are attached at the end of each description. We hope that the unique information presented in them will help to evaluate the product more objectively.


Supra M72KG

The first hero of this short review is the Supra M72KG tablet - a model that is a typical representative of the budget price segment, since the average price of a tablet is 3000 - 4300 rubles. Nevertheless, such a property should not be considered exclusively in a negative sense, and reliable reviews of the Supra M72KG tablet will help to verify this.

Image "supra" tablet reviews

Let's start reviewing the main technical characteristics of the device.

  • Supra M72KG runs on the most popular Google Android operating system, the installed firmware version is 4.4 Kit Kat.
  • The resolution of the seven-inch screen of 1024x600 pixels is more than enough forsolving average daily tasks.
  • Dual-core processor coupled with 512 megabytes of RAM will provide an opportunity to work with the system comfortably, without freezes and jerks.
  • GPS support will also be a pleasant surprise - this means that you can insert a SIM card into the device and use it as an ordinary mobile phone, as well as as a navigator.

Supra M72KG tablet: reviews

Those who do not trust mere "dry numbers" should take an interest in the opinion of people who have already bought this model. Below are reviews of the Supra M72 KG tablet. They indicate both the advantages and possible problems faced by ordinary users. The advantages of the device customers include the following points:

  • low price: it depends on the region, but in most cases it is approximately three thousand Russian rubles;
  • comfortable tablet experience, no crashes, excellent GSM connection (and as a result, excellent internet connection);
  • Sufficient screen brightness, light and thin body;
  • rechargeable battery lasts for long, full use;
  • presence of a standard micro-usb interface.

Among the minuses were the following nuances:

  • not loud enough speaker (although it is quite possible that the review of the Supra tablet meant a quiet, but still adjustable ringer volume);
  • Poor quality built-in camera.

Supra 14AG: gadget features

Supra 14AGsomewhat different from the previous model, occupying a stable position of a middle-class device. The cost of the tablet ranges from seven to nine thousand Russian rubles. What determines the cost, we will consider in the technical specifications below.

supra 14ag tablets
  1. The OS version here is Google Android 5.1, which is much newer than 4.4 Kit Kat. Such a system contains corrected errors of previous generations, which, of course, has a positive effect on working with it.
  2. The resolution remains the same (1024x600 pixels), however, the diagonal has increased to 10.1 inches, turning the screen into a widescreen, with which you can now enjoy watching your favorite movies.
  3. A quad-core processor and a gigabyte of RAM are able to run more hardware-demanding multimedia applications that will give you more than one hour of relaxation and entertainment.
  4. The device supports GSM-mode - which means that now you can call your family, friends and relatives not only via Skype. In addition, 4G is supported.
supra 14ag tablets reviews

Supra 14AG tablets: reviews

One of the most popular budget devices is the Supra (tablet). Reviews can give a more complete picture than just technical parameters. So, according to users, among the advantages of the Supra 14AG were:

  • optimal price - it is significantly lower than competitors who have tablets with similar parameters are more expensive;
  • fresh version of the OS, 4-core processor, coupled withgigabytes of RAM did their job - the device turned out to be extremely dynamic and high-performance;
  • The availability of 4G LTE, which is quite popular today, is also a significant advantage, since the Internet is now much faster.

The following factors upset buyers:

  • resolution of 1024x600 pixels, which was enough for seven inches, is still not enough for a ten-inch diagonal; of those who left feedback on the Supra tablet, premium users are especially concerned about this fact;
  • there is a lack of battery capacity of 4 thousand mAh, given the increased capacity of the Supra 14AG.

Supra M141 features

Supra M141 is a device that could be called intermediate between the budget Supra M72KG and the middle class Supra 14AG. The cost is approximately 7 thousand Russian rubles, but what the manufacturer offers for this money can be found in the list of technical specifications below.

  1. The stable operation of the tablet will be ensured by the already familiar Google Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS. This version is still considered up to date and is the oldest version recommended for installation at the moment.
  2. The screen resolution of 1024x600 and the diagonal of 10.1 inches have remained unchanged since the previous model, so this characteristic remains stable.
  3. All the same 4-core processor and one gigabyte of RAM still speak for themselves. Similar equipmentsure to provide confident and reliable control of all tablet functions.

Supra M141 tablet: reviews

It's time to discuss the next Supra device (tablet). Reviews of the M141 model can be quite useful, as they often contain information that the manufacturer will not disclose. So what users liked:

  • Google Android 4.4 is a new enough firmware version not to have very unpleasant compatibility problems with files, documents or special applications.
  • Four cores of the Mediatek processor and one gigabyte of RAM are enough to fully experience almost all the applications from the Google Play Market.

What I didn't like:

  • this model does not have the ability to work in cell phone mode, which, among other things, does not allow using the tablet as a navigator if there is no Internet connection;
  • the screen may not seem to be of the highest quality, since a resolution of 1024x600 pixels with a ten-inch display may not be enough, for example, to watch movies in HD quality.
tablet supra m141 reviews

Supra M74LG Model Description

Completing the range of SUPRA tablets is the compact Supra M74LG. It is worth reading about its advantages, as well as possible disadvantages of the Supra device (tablet). The reviews will speak for themselves.

  • the tablet is controlled by a fairly recent version of Android 5.1, which providespleasant performance and ease of use;
  • 4-core processor and 512 MB of RAM allow you to enjoy simple games, and of course the smooth interface of the pre-installed OS;
  • The 1024x600 pixel resolution is perfect for a 7-inch screen - you can easily take the tablet on the road without worrying that it will not fit in your bag or backpack.
tablet supra m74 lg reviews

Supra M74 LG tablet: reviews

Now let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the "Supra" device (tablet). Reviews of the M74 LG model will help to overcome possible pitfalls. So, the advantages of the Supra M74 LG:

  • Google Android 5.1. – new version: it's worth recognizing that devices in this price category rarely get anything newer than variant 4.4;
  • The availability of 4G LTE is a clear advantage for those who are just starting to master the range of 3G networks.

And disadvantages:

  • again, users are not too satisfied with the camera - the resolution of both the rear and front is 0.3 megapixels here (shooting will not please with image quality);
  • lack of cell phone mode depresses some users, and they can be understood: when buying a tablet with relatively modest characteristics for 6 thousand rubles, buyers expect at least universality from the chosen model.

We hope this review will help those who have not yet decided on the choice of a decent gadget.

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