Nokia 7280 ("Nokia 7280"): description, reviews, photos

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Nokia 7280 ("Nokia 7280"): description, reviews, photos
Nokia 7280 ("Nokia 7280"): description, reviews, photos

For many years the Finnish company "Nokia" was practically the hegemon of the world of mobile phones, publishing a kind of legislative norms and indicating the fashion and trends that other companies adhered to. And there were all reasons for this. One of the most famous models released by the manufacturer was the Nokia 7280, which has a variety of opinions.

nokia 7280

This phone will just be the subject of our today's review. And first, let's talk about its positioning in the international mobile arena.


Several years ago, the Finnish manufacturer chose the tactics of mass expansion, adhering to the trend of expanding the lineup. However, one of the drawbacks of such a policy was the destruction of the face of the devices. Even whole series were subjected to this. What was the problem? The fact is that in the field of design they began to applynot alternative, but similar solutions. This also applied to the implementation of the functional framework. Thus, phones of different models became similar to each other, like nesting dolls.

nokia 7280 opinions

Yes, the use of the same design solutions brought some benefits. This helped to emphasize the similarities within the lineup. However, the negative side of such a decision can be called the imposition of a sense of uniformity. It probably didn't have the best effect on sales. The situation began to change only towards the middle of 2004. Then the trends changed, and the manufacturing company began to use internal identity while adding external differences.

On the road to success

It seemed to many already at that moment that the Finnish manufacturer had found a compromise, a golden mean, having decided what roles would be assigned to the appearance of the devices and technological foundations, as well as in what percentage. Experts said that the company was able to learn how to create truly balanced solutions. The determining factor then again became the ergonomics of the models.

Yes, the changes were not so striking, but they really were, so no one missed them. By the way, the result of such a policy of changing trends was the Nokia 7280, reviews of which you can read in this article.

How the Finnish manufacturer tried to highlight the model

To say that the most convenient keyboard was used to create the device,made according to an unusual design, it is not necessary. Here, engineers and designers tried to attract attention due to several other components. Design elements were involved. And here the changes in the past and present views of designers and engineers became visible to the naked eye.

nokia 7280 how to dial a number

And even with all this, the Finnish manufacturer at that time still could not refuse to manufacture and produce exclusively designer low-functional models. They were intended for a limited segment of users. Nokia 7280, which is described in the review, does not apply to them.


The delivery set of the Nokia 7280 model, which we are currently reviewing, includes the device itself, documentation for it (this is an instruction manual, as well as a warranty card), a disk on which the software is recorded, a case made made of leather, a special strap for safe transportation, a stereo headset for playing music and connecting the radio.

Well, the composition is completed by a charger, as well as a holder for a SIM card and a stylus designed to open the corresponding compartment.


If you look closely at previous models (such as 7260, 7270) and understand the main details, you can say that the Finnish manufacturer approached the creation of the series quite seriously, having prepared a whole range of appropriate measures. The Nokia 7280 was the culmination of this sequence.

nokia 7280 reviews

It has been designed as efficiently as possible to fill the appropriate niche. Moreover, he had an excellent return, attracting a huge number of potential buyers.

Experimental approach

As you know, all three models were nothing but pure experiments. And in such conditions, the developers of the device allowed themselves to deviate from the unwritten rules, trying to create something that did not exist before. Perhaps they still managed to turn a standard mobile phone into something with a twist. In principle, the kitsch was a success, the attempt to create an extraordinary device was a success.

First look at the phone

Very often you can meet questions of the following plan: "Nokia 7280: how to dial a number?" A very strange question, since to send a voice call it is enough to go to the corresponding menu and enter the subscriber's number there. But what thoughts come to mind when you first look at the subject of our today's review?

nokia 7280 description

It immediately becomes clear that the model is not at all similar to the usual for our understanding of a mobile phone. The device is made in a rectangular shape, and therefore some people tend to confuse the device with an ordinary voice recorder. I would like to note that no super-important innovations were applied by the developers of the device. I remember that a company called Haier first released its devices in a similar form factor.

Dimensions and dimensions

Nokia7280 "parameters practically coincide with the creations of Haier. If we talk about specific numbers, then it is 32 mm wide and 19 mm thick. And if in the case of the second company the devices were not very popular, then the Finnish manufacturer managed to sell products to the maximum effectively by raising the overall level.

When creating the device, the Finns focused on the segment of the image. That is why the appropriate materials were used for the manufacture.

Device Features

There are several of them in the mobile phone. Firstly, the screen of the model is made as if mirrored. If the device is in standby mode, then we will be able to admire the most real mirror. The second feature is the speaker grille. Its designers covered it with a special insert made of suede. It should be noted that it is simply built into the case itself. We can see a similar element on the right side. There he helps to use the device as a camera.

nokia 7280 phone

The disadvantage of suede inserts is that they are extremely easily soiled. Not much time will pass after the start of use, and you will already notice traces of dust, dirt and other minor annoyances. It will be possible to clean the inserts, but this will require a special brush.

Reviews about the phone Nokia 7280

So, what can we learn from the reviews of people who have purchased this phone model? As noted, the sound capabilities are similar to those inherent in the hardware platform,installed, for example, in the model 6230. One advantage is the loudspeaker volume, which is sufficient for most situations. It is also possible to activate a special mode. The volume reserve can always be used by connecting an equalizer.

Standard drawback is the volume of using factory ringtones. Especially for such cases, an additional library of sounds has been added, some of which simulate the corresponding situations. For example, you can hear the noise of the airport, followed by an announcement telling about the departure of a plane. If you use a custom melody in MP3 format, then there should not be any special problems with recognition. A significant drawback is a weak vibrating alert.

nokia 7280 review

This also includes the fact that there is no familiar keyboard. Perhaps that is why there are questions like: “Nokia 7280: how to dial a number and make voice calls?” Nevertheless, this causes inconvenience only at the beginning, until the user understands the basics of control. On the whole, we can say that the Nokia 7280, which received mostly positive reviews, has become a designer phone. This device has every chance of existence.

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