Reviews Micromax Canvas Spark Q380: review, specifications. Mobile phone

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Reviews Micromax Canvas Spark Q380: review, specifications. Mobile phone
Reviews Micromax Canvas Spark Q380: review, specifications. Mobile phone

Smartphone Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 is another device from the budget segment. Having a relatively low cost, it is ready to provide owners with an attractive appearance, high-quality assembly, a good camera, good technical specifications and a bright screen. The competition in this group of devices is huge, so you should study this model more closely to understand what advantages and disadvantages it has, as well as what it can oppose to its opponents on the market.

reviews micromax canvas spark q380


As a material, the developers used ordinary plastic. Also, the device has a metal edging. The design is made quite well: nothing backlash, does not creak and does not stagger. The device lies perfectly in the hand, does not slip and is good to the touch. An unpleasant disadvantage of the Micromax Canvas Spark Q380: it is quite difficult to find a case for it.

The gadget's screen is located on the front panel. Above the display is a speaker, front camera, light indicator and proximity sensor, below the display - threenon-backlit touch keys.

The left side of the device is empty, while the right side has a volume rocker and a power button for the device. At the bottom is a micro-USB slot and a microphone, at the top is a 3.5 mm headset jack. Two slots - for SIM cards and a slot for memory cards - are located under the back cover; the battery is not removable.

On the back is the main camera, LED flash and music speaker. The overall dimensions of the device are 68.9x137.9x8.5 mm and weigh 134 g.

micromax canvas spark q380 case


The display measures 4.7 inches. The screen has an IPS-matrix, which allows it to achieve bright and clear colors. Also, this technology does not allow the screen to fade under light or direct sunlight and maintains decent viewing angles, which makes it possible to see information on the display from different angles.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the screen is the resolution, which is only 960x540 here. So when watching videos and playing games, owners will not be able to enjoy a high-quality and smooth HD image. Pixels are strongly traced on the video, which makes the picture less attractive. Such a disadvantage is almost invisible on static images, but in dynamics they give blurry.

micromax canvas spark q380 review

Multi-touch here is set quite modest and supports only 2 touches. Suitable only for scaling pages and photos.

The screen glass is protected by technologyCorning Gorilla Glass 3, so don't be afraid of scratches or drops. Unfortunately, fingerprints are very noticeable on the display, and without the use of a special protective film, the fingers on the sensor stick a little, so the operation of the device may not be entirely comfortable.


The Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 smartphone is equipped with a MediaTek MT6582M quad-core processor operating at a frequency of 1300 GHz. Also, 1 GB of RAM is responsible for processing information, and the Mali-400 MP2 video accelerator is responsible for graphics. Users have at their disposal 8 GB of memory for data storage, which is expanded using microSD flash drives up to 32 GB. Android 5.0 is used as the platform. Among other technologies, the gadget has support for 3G networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and GPS.

Apps & Games

For a budget device, the filling of the model is quite acceptable. We are pleased with the presence of the Android 5.0 platform, but technical characteristics are clearly not enough to work with TOP toys and advanced programs. When using demanding games, there is a lack of system resources, due to which graphics that should look like color appear as dark, featureless objects - it's not very pleasant to watch.

As for the main software - navigation, Internet, and so on - here Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 8 GB does its job perfectly. Routes on the maps are laid instantly, satellites are quickly found, pages on the network are displayed quite quickly.

smartphone micromax canvas spark q380


The main camera installed in the Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 phone has 8 megapixels, autofocus and LED flash. Photos with proper lighting are quite decent, so they can be printed or deployed on a large screen. Macro shooting works great, I was also impressed by a wide range of various functions such as white balance, contrast, brightness, panorama and other interesting options that will come in handy during shooting. With a lack of light, optics shoot much worse.

micromax canvas spark q380 phone

The front camera has a much more modest resolution: only 2 megapixels. It's enough to take a modest selfie and make a video conference, but the quality leaves much to be desired.

As for video, the Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 Black can make videos in HD resolution, but only at 15 fps. From which it follows that it will not be possible to achieve high quality shooting: the image will slow down quite a lot. Highlighting good macro work.


The speakers are quite loud, so you won't have problems with talking or listening to music. The level of sound reproduction is above average. The player does not go to any comparison with mp3 gadgets, but it is quite suitable for listening to tracks in standard quality. A nice feature is that vacuum headphones are supplied with the gadget, but you should not flatter yourself, since they are entry-level.


The battery here is average,only 2000 mAh, but it is worth noting that the screen resolution is quite low, and the performance of the system is not the most impressive, so the battery sits down rather slowly. The developers assure that the device can work up to 7 hours in talk mode, and up to 335 hours in standby mode.


Micromax Canvas Spark Q380, whose review reveals its pros and cons, is a budget device costing 5390-6990 rubles. Although the gadget looks stylish, has a bright screen and good technical specifications, the lack of HD resolution is the most significant drawback that makes the smartphone unsuitable for playing games and watching movies, at least the reviews say so. The Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 produces good color reproduction and viewing angles - everything looks great, but these advantages fade without high resolution. Most of the competition in this price segment boasts 720p picture quality, and the Q380 is not easy to compete with them. There are no other obvious shortcomings, but there is nothing to especially praise the device for: everything is pretty standard, without any outstanding indicators. Let's just note the loud sound and good camera of the device.

micromax canvas spark q380 black

Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 reviews: pros and cons

Users have practically no complaints about the assembly, however, a few indicate a slight backlash. In the hand, the device lies comfortably, and a matte surface that does not collect fingerprints was also noted. The paint is peeling off the frame. Due to the non-removable battery, the devicelooks thinner and more comfortable to use. There is only a small minus for the Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 case: the case is not sold everywhere.

Most owners are delighted with the vibrant colors and overall quality of the display, but everyone complains about the main drawback - the lack of HD. For some, this nuance is not significant, but a larger percentage of buyers consider it a significant disadvantage. The display dimensions seemed acceptable to everyone and are especially suitable for those people who are uncomfortable using devices with very large diagonals.

As for the technical characteristics, opinions differ. For some users, iron is enough to perform a number of basic tasks and even to install fairly powerful toys. The owners also praise the Android 5 platform. Others complain about constant brakes and freezes, as well as incorrect system behavior. They believe that the device cannot cope with resource-intensive applications, and therefore it is not suitable as a smartphone.

Here's what the following reviews say: Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 has a clear and loud speaker that produces good sound. But not everyone liked the quality of the music played through the headphones: some consider it average, while others say that it is simply terrible.

micromax canvas spark q380 8gb

Owners are satisfied with the battery life of the Micromax Canvas Spark Q380. The review showed that even with the active use of various functions that require a lot of energy, the device still "lives" for a long time. However, problems with replenishment of energy were noticed: some ownersnote that it takes at least 3 hours to fully charge, others complain that after a couple of months of use, the battery has completely stopped charging.

Most users are generally satisfied with the device. They believe that it is worth the money, and for such an amount it would be naive to expect something more. This category of buyers considers all the shortcomings of the device to be insignificant.

But there are also negative reviews: Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 is heavily criticized due to the lack of HD, poor sound in headphones, the inability to change the battery, as well as incorrect multi-touch operation, poor technical stuffing and long system loading.

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