Smartphone IUNI U3: description, specifications, reviews

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Smartphone IUNI U3: description, specifications, reviews
Smartphone IUNI U3: description, specifications, reviews

Iuni U3 is a powerful smartphone that, if desired, can be classified as a top-end smartphone, as the device has impressive technical characteristics and a stunning 2K display. But still, it was not without drawbacks. Let's try to figure out if this miracle of technology is worth the declared amount or the bar is slightly too high.

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The main material for the manufacture of the case was plastic. The assembly is made at the highest level: no creaking or backlash is observed. Iuni U3 is pleasant to the touch and fits perfectly in the hand, due to which it is pleasant and comfortable to use. The side frames near the screen are minimal, there are no mechanical or touch keys on the front panel, so the display occupies almost the entire front side. Above are the earpiece and front camera.

The device looks very large, and therefore not suitable for every user. It is clearly not possible to freely control such a screen with one hand, and this should be taken into account when buying. As a last resort, you can opt for Iuni U3 mini.

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There is only one speaker here, and it is located on the back of the device. The sound hole is somewhat muffled ifsmartphone is face up. Also on the back are the camera and flash. Under the cover are compartments for SIM cards.

Total dimensions of the device: 145 x 75 x 10.3 mm, weight - 176 grams.


One of the main advantages of Iuni U3 is a 5.5-inch screen that supports 2K resolution (2560x1400). The pixel density is 538 ppi. Such an impressive resolution, supported by an IPS matrix, allows you to achieve an unusual picture quality, which is why the color reproduction and image quality are truly amazing. Watching movies on a device such as the Iuni U3 smartphone is a pleasure: smooth images, natural colors and a large number of pixels make the picture very realistic. It is also worth noting the high-quality viewing angles, which almost do not distort information, and colors. Working with a smartphone is comfortable both in clear weather and on a winter day: the screen almost does not fade in the sun, and the sensor has a mode thanks to which the device can be used with gloves.

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Iuni U3: iron specs

The processor here, although of high quality, but, unfortunately, only a quad-core: each core operates at a frequency of 2.3 MHz. 3 GB of RAM ensures the correct operation of even the most resource-intensive applications, and the quad-core Adreno 330 graphics accelerator allows you to play games from the top category. The platform is Android 4.4.4.

As for the memory for data storage, users have access to about 32 GB without the possibility of expansion usingmemory cards. However, this volume is quite enough to create music and game libraries, download the necessary applications and several films in good resolution. Those who do not have enough memory of this amount will most likely have to opt for another smartphone.

From interfaces and networks, we highlight Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, micro-USB connector and support for LTE. I was pleased with the excellent work of the GPS-receiver, which instantly searches for satellites and quickly plots routes, so this option will become an excellent guide for users along the routes of the city and beyond.

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Games and Apps

In AnTuTu, Iuni U3 was awarded rather average results: after all, four cores are not enough in our time. But as noted above, the device copes well with advanced software and toys. For example, such popular games as World of Tanks and GTA San Andreas run perfectly on the phone. The picture is displayed without brakes and glitches, the colors are bright, and thanks to the operating system and hardware, everything is reproduced correctly and without errors. Plus, the gadget has a decent video player, which will be able to watch movies with a resolution of up to 2K. Watching video at this pixel ratio is a pleasure, so the device can serve as a kind of portable video player.


The speaker here is quite loud and clear: music tracks sound great. Even on a noisy street, it is difficult to miss an incoming call when the volume is set to the maximum level. Audio player endoweda set of modern codecs that allow you to play music files of various formats. With good headphones, the sound quality in the headset is quite acceptable, so users who are tolerant of sound quality may well use the gadget as an mp3 player. Of the shortcomings, we note perhaps too saturated high frequencies in the preset profile. But this defect is considered conditional, since the problem is easily solved with the help of an equalizer.


The main camera has 13 MP, F/2.0 aperture, autofocus, flash and optical image stabilization. During the day and in good light, the pictures come out great: this applies to both panorama and macro photography. There is almost no noise, the color reproduction is excellent, and all objects are displayed clearly. When photographing text documents, letters and numbers can be seen very well. The impression deteriorates when it comes to shots in low light conditions: the flash does not cope well with the lighting, the colors turn out to be pale and unnatural, the amount of noise increases. Sometimes it is possible to achieve an acceptable result when shooting at night, but quite rarely, so in this aspect the optics let us down.

The following functions are available from the camera settings: digital zoom, geotagging, white balance, exposure compensation, face detection, self-timer, macro mode, touch focus and more. These useful options allow you to improve image quality and adjust various effects based on the type of terrain and the level of lighting available at the time.

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It is also worth noting the frontal "peephole", which has 4 megapixels and is well suited for the role of a selfie camera, and the ability of the main optics to record video with a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames / s.


The 3000 mAh battery, although it looks quite decent, is still clearly small for a 2K screen. With active use, the smartphone may not survive even until the end of the day. In any case, almost every night the device will have to be charged. However, a large number of users praise the Iuni U3 battery. provides many discussions about this.


Of course, the gadget has more advantages than disadvantages. The assembly turned out flawless, and the smartphone is easy to use. The screen has a high resolution, high-quality color reproduction and good viewing angles. Cameras behave well in conditions of abundance of light, but during night shooting they do not show their best side. The technical characteristics are very impressive: the disadvantages include the presence of only 4 cores. There's no flash drive slot, but the amount of storage available by default is pretty decent. Whether to consider the lack of a USB flash drive connector as a minus or not is up to the users themselves: it all depends on the preferences and tasks that need to be solved on this device. For many, the lack of NFC technology will be a disadvantage: after all, it is invariably present in most advanced gadgets.

Everything would be fine, but the cost of Iuni U3 confuses: the price starts to vary from the mark of 17,815 rubles. Is it worth itsmartphone of such big money? If not for the screen resolution, the answer would be unequivocal - no. But the presence of such a high-quality and large display makes you think about this issue. Get a model with an 8-core processor, then, probably, the price would justify itself.

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Iuni U3 user reviews

Attractive appearance, high-quality assembly and practicality of the device delight users. It was noted that the device lies pleasantly in the hand and it is convenient to work on it. The screen is too big for some, but still this aspect does not affect the quality of using the device in a special way.

The screen of Iuni U3, the review confirms this, could hardly have received at least one negative review. Innovative resolution, excellent color reproduction, good viewing angles and an advanced matrix allow you to enjoy movies and games for hours. On such a display, it is convenient to surf the Internet: scroll through pictures on the World Wide Web, read information and watch videos.

The camera is another smartphone advantage that users have appreciated, unless, of course, you count the disastrous night shooting. Some claim that the gadget is quite capable of replacing a budget camera. The set of various functions present in the arsenal of optics makes a great impression. For video lovers, the developers have taken care of high-quality shooting with a resolution of 1080p at 30 fps.

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Most owners of technical characteristics are enough:especially note the amount of RAM. The gadget is not buggy, multitouch works fine, the device thinks pretty fast. It was noted that the developers regularly create new firmware for this model, because of which users can always change the assembly version if there are any problems in use. Communications works fine, but there have been complaints that the Wi-Fi receiver works a little worse away from the source.

For a more detailed review of the reviews of the owners of the device, you can use special Internet portals that provide information about Iuni U3. is perfect for this task.

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