Refrigerator Bosch KGV36VW13R: specifications, reviews, photos


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Refrigerator Bosch KGV36VW13R: specifications, reviews, photos
Refrigerator Bosch KGV36VW13R: specifications, reviews, photos

The modern market of large household appliances, including refrigerators, offers consumers a wide choice of models. Buyers can choose for themselves the option not only suitable for functionality, but also for the budget. Of course, the larger the range, the more difficult it is to make a choice.

It often happens that equipment has served its purpose and requires immediate replacement. Then the buyer does not have time to monitor manufacturers and models. The consumer tries to find an alternative that could last as long as possible. In such a situation, many prefer long-established manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market on the positive side. Bosch is one such company. And although the technique of this company is considered not a budget option, there are some models that are quite suitable for the average wallet. A prominent representative is the Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator.

A few words about the manufacturer

Surprisingly, at the beginning of 1886 no one couldto think that an ordinary engineer, Robert Bosch, could create an entire empire for the production of refrigeration equipment and a number of other electronic devices. The main distinguishing feature of the German company, which originated in Stuttgart, is the use of quality materials. Today, Bosch is one of the most sought-after and popular manufacturers, which is chosen by many consumers around the world for service.

bosch kgv36vw13r

Main features of Bosch KGV36VW13R

The photo shows a roomy, silent with convenient functionality representative of a popular manufacturer. It is quite easy to use, because it does not have complicated settings. The standard size of 60 x 60 x 180 makes it suitable for small spaces.

Since the refrigerator belongs to group A in terms of energy consumption, this is a fairly economical option. The Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator consumes no more than 350 kW per year.

Total volume 318 liters, of which 223 liters are allocated for the refrigerator compartment, and 95 liters for the freezer. As for the freezer in the Bosch KGV36VW13R, user reviews indicate its capacity. In fact, few models with similar dimensions have such a usable volume. For easy storage, the space is divided into three compartments. One of them is a shelf, and the other two are drawers. The temperature is constant - 18 degrees. It cannot be regulated. It is possible to set only the "Super Freeze" mode.

refrigerator bosch kgv36vw13r

As for the refrigerator, the user can set the temperature in it at his discretion - from 2 to 8 degrees.

bosch kgv36vw13r reviews

The letter R in the name of the model indicates that it is made in white.

Defrost system

The model is single-compressor, so it will not work to turn off one of the chambers separately for defrosting. Yes, you don't have to do this. The Bosch KGV36VW13R model uses a drip defrosting system with the new Low Frost technology, so that no ice crust forms on the walls and the products do not air out. Once every 8-12 months, it is recommended to completely turn off and defrost the refrigerator.

Features of the model

Since this model is considered an economical option for home use, we can say that there are not a huge number of additional features. However, for those who often freeze berries, herbs, vegetables, meat or fish for long-term storage, there is a super freeze. The maximum freezing temperature is -24 degrees, so you can not worry about maintaining the quality of food in the Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator.

User reviews also testify to the convenience of drawers in the freezer. If necessary, they can be completely removed (which is provided in the models of not every manufacturer). This is quite convenient when loading a large number of products.

Most experts note the fast freezing of products in both chambers as the main feature of the model, which is extremely important forperishable goods.

The Bosch KGV36VW13R is ergonomically designed and has plenty of additional compartments to organize an entire storage system.

It is worth noting that with the doors closed and no power (in the event of an emergency shutdown), the model is able to keep the accumulated cold for a long time. Simplicity and quality are its main characteristics.

The presence or absence of the ability to change the location of the shelves

First of all, it is important to note that each shelf is made of impact-resistant glass, so it can withstand a lot of weight. According to user reviews, the Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator is an ideal option for those who like to store blanks in small glass jars on the upper shelves of the refrigerator. The top compartment is just for this. The distance between the shelf and the top wall of the refrigerator is the height of a 700-gram can. In any case, all shelves in the refrigerator compartment can be repositioned if necessary.

refrigerator bosch kgv36vw13r reviews

Model advantages

Analyzing user reviews, we can highlight the following advantages of the Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator:

  • Maintain the optimal temperature for freezing and storage in the refrigerator compartment. Thanks to the manufacturer's patented Low Frost technology, food stays fresh longer.
  • Convenient storage system. In addition to the main shelves, the model has additional tabs for storing eggs, side panels, a separate compartment for storing vegetables and fruits. All thishelps to keep products free from foreign odors. The shelves are made of quality materials, so they can withstand heavy loads.
bosch kgv36vw13r photo
  • The Bosch KGV36VW13R model outperforms most competitors in its price category in terms of performance. Thanks to its extensive experience and its own technologies, the manufacturer offers consumers a high-quality product that meets their needs.
  • If necessary, the doors can always be moved, which makes it possible to install the refrigerator in absolutely any space.
  • Low noise. With the correct installation of the Bosch KGV36VW13R refrigerator, it is almost inaudible during operation. This is a significant plus, especially for small apartments.
  • The ability to rearrange the shelves of the refrigerator. This makes it easy to fit a 3 liter jar or 5 liter pot on the bottom shelf.
  • Refrigerator "without handles". For these purposes, notches are provided on the doors. This simplifies operation and eliminates possible repairs to replace handles.
bosch kgv36vw13r specifications

Quality plastic used for drawers and shelves. This is a significant advantage that allows you to save on replacing boxes in the freezer (for example, like the Indesit or Ariston refrigerators)

Flaws of the model

Some consumers report the following disadvantages:

  1. If the refrigerator is loaded unevenly, a “rumble” may be heard during operation. But this problemsolved by competent distribution of products in the chamber. It is worth noting that not every consumer has such a problem.
  2. The absence of the No Frost system indicates the need to defrost the freezer from time to time, as frost slowly settles on the walls of the unit, forming frost. It is generally recommended to defrost your refrigerator at least a few times a year.


Summarizing the above, we can conclude that this is a practical refrigerator model that qualitatively performs the basic functions of food storage and quick freezing. In addition, the average price for it is 20-25 thousand rubles. This is quite acceptable for many Russian families.

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