Gorenje vacuum cleaners: distinctive features


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Gorenje vacuum cleaners: distinctive features
Gorenje vacuum cleaners: distinctive features

Gorenje vacuum cleaners receive only laudatory reviews. And this is not at all surprising. The entire model range of this manufacturer is distinguished by a high level of quality, ease of operation, and excellent performance. Considering that the modern way of life does not allow much time to be devoted to everyday life, each person seeks to surround himself with multifunctional devices. These include vacuum cleaners manufactured by Gorenje.

The range includes vertical and classic appliances. Equipped with different containers for collecting dust. And we are not talking about their volume, but about the type. Vacuum cleaners with both bags and containers are widely represented in the model range. Developers are trying to make products as convenient as possible for each user.

According to the majority of buyers, this technique copes with all the tasks set for a solid "five". The manufacturer constantly supplements the range with new models, using the latest developments. It is thanks to the vacuum cleaners of the Slovenian company that you can safely keep up with technical progress.

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Company Brief

The activity of the Slovenian company began in the 50syears. She made her debut in 1958. The first appliance that went on sale under this brand was a stove. 40 years after its founding, the company has significantly expanded its capabilities by opening branches in America and in European countries. All products, including Gorenje vacuum cleaners, began to take a leading position in the world market. Repeatedly Slovenian equipment became a prize-winner in various nominations. Ease of use, functionality, modern design and, of course, quality were highly rated by experts.

In Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former CIS, the products of this company are in high demand. The developers have tried to take into account all the needs of customers as much as possible, so for more than 10 years many have preferred only the Slovenian brand.

Distinctive feature - design

Each Gorenje vacuum cleaner has an important distinguishing feature - a stylish and modern design. Even with a cursory glance at any model of the product range, the design of the case, thought out to the smallest detail, immediately catches the eye. Many buyers believe that few people can compete with Gorenje in this criterion. Every owner of a vacuum cleaner of this brand is proud of their purchase.

At the first experience of working with the device, it is immediately noticeable how ergonomics are thought out by the developers. All the forces of the company are thrown into creating not only a beautiful, but also a convenient device that is capable of performing a large number of functions.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner of this brand, you can be sure that everything in the house will be at the highest level.Cleanliness and lack of dust will be a great addition to the stylish design of any interior.

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Cleaning radius and equipment

All Gorenje vacuum cleaners, regardless of the series, are equipped with modern developments. It is these technical solutions that distinguish the products of the Slovenian manufacturer from competitors. The first thing users noticed was the rather long power cord. In some models, it reaches 9 m. If we add the height of the telescopic tube to this length, then the cleaning radius will be almost 22 m.

Some customers mistakenly think that it is quite difficult to move around the room with such a cable. They have doubts - will he be confused? Definitely - no. The developers have installed a special rewind system on the devices, which works very quickly. It is thanks to her that it is quite convenient to handle the power cord.

What other features will surprise the manufacturer? To do this, consider a set of components. In principle, most models come with standard accessories: parquet and corner brushes, nozzles for cleaning carpets, upholstery of upholstered furniture. But some devices come with a so-called technical novelty. This is an ultraviolet ray. It is used to disinfect any surfaces. As you know, ultraviolet mercilessly destroys all types of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Features of operation and filtration system

Gorenje vacuum cleaners, which have a power of over 1.6 kW, are equipped withmodern soft start system. Its task is to prevent overloading the engine. This solution allows to significantly increase the service life of the device. You should also pay attention to the suction power. All devices of this brand have a fairly high rate. This was achieved thanks to the use of heavy-duty motors and a properly designed air intake system.

Describing Gorenje vacuum cleaners, one cannot remain silent about the filtering method used by the manufacturer. Since the main task of the vacuum cleaner is to absorb dust, the developers had to think about ensuring that it does not go outside with air. This is what multi-stage filtration is responsible for. It uses HEPA and carbon filters.

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Dust container

The Gorenie vacuum cleaner can be equipped with both a plastic container and a garbage bag. In modern models, the manufacturer has preferred to use these two types of dust collector at the same time. For example, the HIGIENIC bag keeps debris, even the smallest, and the CLEAN BOX container takes care of hygiene.

There is a special indicator on the case of vacuum cleaners. It lights up when the dust bin is full.

Features of vertical models

The Gorenje upright vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. The developers used a cyclone system in such models. Thanks to her, keeping the house clean will be quite simple. All devices are equipped with batteries, which makes them as mobile and independent of the mains as possible.

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Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning various surfaces. The only limitation is long pile carpets.

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