Camera traps: customer reviews


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Camera traps: customer reviews
Camera traps: customer reviews

In today's world, high technology is constantly moving forward and making life easier for a huge number of people. In the circle of hunters, camera traps have become popular not so long ago, reviews of which are different. They will be useful for both beginners and professionals in this field. However, these devices will be great helpers for zookeepers. Such amazing equipment began to gain popularity relatively recently, but has already managed to attract people's interest.

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Hunters of the amateur level will not be very interested in such a technique. If a person goes into the woods with a gun only a couple of times a year, then it simply does not make sense for him to spend money on such an accessory. But as for the environment of professional huntsmen, this equipment is actively used by them. For example, one of the best models is the Filin 120 camera trap, reviews of which are only good. Many hunters use it and claim that they have not yet seen a better device, although they have already tried many variants of such devices in their entire lives.

People for whom hunting is an integral part of life will definitely appreciate this technique. Hostedit is usually premature in the territory where the next event will be held. This device allows you to determine the activity of animals in a specific area, thereby facilitating the task of the hunter himself.


The camera trap takes photographs that ultimately show where and how animals feed, how large their population is and what diversity of species. Using all the possibilities open to man by this innovative device, you can independently choose a specific animal, specifically the individual that will soon become prey.

Following from the above, we can conclude that such a technique is designed to bring maximum benefit to its owner in terms of providing information about the existence and activity of fauna living in a certain area. Thanks to this, it is possible to predict the future result of the hunt, as well as the feasibility of the entire event. However, the huntsman can choose his own victim.

Experienced hunters will certainly be interested in such information. It will become truly comprehensive for them. With its help, you can significantly increase your own chances of success and develop a unique winning strategy.


Reviews about camera traps are most often positive, as they are reusable equipment with a number of advantages. The owner can use their device freely throughout the season.

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The technique itself isa camera that is placed in a protective housing that protects it from various negative factors that are constantly encountered in natural conditions. At the same time, the body also performs a camouflage function. It is decorated taking into account those nuances that will give it the opportunity to remain invisible. At the same time, the owner himself will not have to do almost anything to hide the equipment.

Inside the case there is a camera that provides photo and video shooting, as well as sensors that respond to any movement occurring in the frame. It is very comfortable. When motion is detected, the camera is instantly activated. All recorded files are stored on the device. Therefore, the owner will be able to dispose of them at his discretion. The hunter receives from the camera trap not only useful information, but also beautiful wildlife shots. Close-ups of animals look especially good.


A facility for observing animals in their habitat has certain advantages. It is they who allow devices to reach the first positions in the ratings and rapidly gain popularity.

The main advantages of this type of technique are:

  • the ability to carefully control the movement of animals across the territory;
  • low power consumption as the power source is conventional batteries;
  • wide range of settings;
  • the ability to get a photo in real time, while being at a certain distance from the camera;
  • large viewing angle, giving you the ability to control a hugepart of the territory;
  • minimum weight and dimensions, which helps to set the trap discreetly;
  • wide price range.

With this technique, you can track the movement of animals of different sizes. The hunters have already managed to fall in love with her for all these advantages, while not finding a single drawback, which is not at all surprising.

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Modern assortment

The main range of camera traps is constantly filled with products of American, Chinese and European production. But among them there are domestic models. All of them differ in functionality, appearance and cost. From all the variety, you can choose a less expensive model that is useful for those who do not intend to use it too often, or an ultra-modern version that has a number of interesting features.

Best Model

The most famous is the MMC camera trap, reviews of which simply cannot be bad. It has many advantages, the main of which is the ability to send files via GSM and GPRS channels. In addition, IR illumination is provided here, which is practically invisible to the eyes of both humans and animals.

The model costs only 8 thousand rubles, which is even a low price for it. It has a fairly wide maximum viewing angle, which is equal to 120 degrees. It also has an increased actuation distance - up to 25 meters. In this case, the camera is activated in just 0.5 seconds. At the same time, it should be noted that the Filin 120 camera trap with MMS, 3G is notin vain receives positive. After all, it saves battery perfectly while in standby mode.

Forest camera works great with mobile operators. These include: Beeline, MTS, Megafon and, of course, the well-known Tele2.

Often, reviews of the Filin camera trap and other popular models speak of the body of the device. It reliably protects the contents from rain and snow. Therefore, leaving a trap in the forest for a long time is not at all scary. By switching to standby mode, the device can function without problems for as long as 3 months. All you need to fill it up before that is 8 AA batteries.

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The camera sends the just taken picture to the phone of its owner in just a couple of minutes. It has an innovative sending module. Therefore, it is carried out almost instantly.


Most often reviews of the camera trap with MMS note the feedback function. Thanks to it, the user can control the device from a certain distance by sending certain commands to it:

  • 530 - motion sensor activation;
  • 531 - turn off the camera;
  • 500 - create and send a picture, saving it to a memory card;
  • 505 - a picture is taken and sent to the owner's phone, but it is not saved on the camera;
  • 520 - send a text message with the number of frames taken, battery level and some other data.


Reviews about the camera trap with MMCclaim that it is perfect for the following purposes:

  • autonomous monitoring of a country house or cottage;
  • security complex with notification via MMS or e-mail;
  • watching living beings in their habitat;
  • safety equipment in the reserve or nature reserve;
  • control of an endangered population or animals in private game farms.
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Other Features

Quite often, reviews of a camera trap for security indicate its features, due to which Russian consumers pay attention to this particular model. The following points should be included in their list:

  • photo duplication;
  • control via MMC commands;
  • menu in Russian;
  • works on regular AA batteries;
  • remote control;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • universal mount;
  • night barely noticeable backlight;
  • the ability to take pictures or record videos.


Most of the reviews about the camera trap for hunting indicate the acceptable cost of the device. People claim that for such a set of functions they were ready to pay many times more. At the same time, the Filin camera trap with MMS receives reviews about its excellent body. Hunters love the material it is made from, which is impact and dust resistant. Indeed, in extreme conditions, it is not always possible to keep the device intact.

You can often hearopinion of buyers about the quality of the photo. Oddly enough, here it is just perfect. Some hunters even compare this camera to their phone and claim that the former is the winner.

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The device attracts special attention of people due to the possibility of photo duplication. In addition, in their comments about such a device, they note operation from ordinary batteries, the supply of which is available in almost every home, as well as a Russian-language menu that anyone can figure out.

Other options

In special shops for hunting, a fairly wide range of models from different manufacturers is presented. In addition to the Filin 120 camera trap with MMS, reviews of which are given above, there are other models. They are also highly respected by consumers and are hugely popular.

As a rule, reviews about camera traps are left only by those people who have already used them. Experienced hunters recommend that beginners pay attention to the following models:

  1. Scout Guard SG-660M 850. The first security camera trap has quite good reviews, as buyers are satisfied with everything about it. It has a working range of 15 to 20 meters and a photo resolution of 5 to 12 megapixels. The device has a slot for a memory card, but it will have to be purchased separately. The equipment is equipped with a reliable shock-resistant and waterproof case. The camera trap can function without problems at temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees, which allows it to be used both in summer and in harsh weather.winter period. The viewing angle is 62 degrees. Such a device functions thanks to AA batteries, one set of which is sold with the equipment. The cost of the camera trap is only 10,500 rubles.
  2. Ltl-8210A. An advantageous model with a viewing angle of 120 degrees has a number of features. It is triggered by a sensitive sensor, being at a distance of 20 meters from the object. It can be used both during the day and at night. The device is capable of taking 1 to 3 shots in a row. It works in the temperature range from -30 to +70 degrees. In this case, the humidity level can be 5-95%. Like the previous model, this one has a waterproof body that meets government standards. Recording video and sound is at a high level. Power is supplied by 4 AA batteries. Reviews of a camera trap for hunting often indicate its reasonable price. It is equal to only 7 thousand rubles. Absolutely every hunter can buy it.
  3. camera trap owl mms reviews

Reviews of the camera traps listed above indicate only their advantages. The owners of the equipment have not yet found any shortcomings.

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