What happens if you call the number "666"? Secrets of the number "666"


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What happens if you call the number "666"? Secrets of the number "666"
What happens if you call the number "666"? Secrets of the number "666"

Three sixes - "the number of the beast." This frightening numerology came into the lives of many after the video distribution of the Omen series. People internally shrink from horror, but again and again reviewed the series of the mystical thriller. Oddly enough, the fear of the other world turned into … the frenzied popularity of the triple combination of the number "6". Among young car owners, it is considered a special chic to get a car number “666”, in extreme cases, “999” - three inverted sixes.

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Telephone Extreme

And here is a new fashion - telephone "six" numbers. Where is there to the usual number "13", which only promises failure. Scary number - it's cool, no money is a pity! And what will happen if you call the number "666"? A country of fearless … fools! It should be noted that such extreme claims can only be observed among young people. Older people are more careful: who knows, what if something or someone really lies behind an unpleasant numerical code? As they say, stay away from sinaway.

what happens if you call 666

Scare stories from virtual space

The Internet is full of stories told by those who dared to call 666. They all begin in much the same way: it was in the evening, there was absolutely nothing to do, just like in a nursery rhyme. And the guys and girls began to frighten and incite each other: they say, who is the most courageous here? There have always been brave ones. At first, the handset answered that such a number did not exist, but in some cases, beeps still went on. At the other end of the wire, after the subscriber answered, there was silence, then crackling and … slurred voices.

At this point, the evidence differs. A voice said to someone that he would come for him ("Freddie will come for you"). The mysterious character began to call someone back, and even to those phones from which not a single call had been made. And someone saw in his room a figure in a hood, which pursued the unfortunate until the thought of suicide ripened in him. But a creepy stranger prevented him from committing suicide and getting relief until the “dared man” agreed to sign a paper with blood to sell his soul…

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Voice of Unbelieving Thomas

If anyone is unaware, Thomas is a biblical figure who doubted everything. In this case, disbelief can be a lifeline in the abyss of superstition. There are those on the World Wide Web who consider the fear of mystical numerology to be complete nonsense. They share their own experience on the topic: "What will happen ifcall the number "666"? "Yes, nothing will happen, the followers of the theory of materialism say. There are no such numbers. The answering machine will report that such a subscriber is not registered on the network. And if someone answers, it means that this is a daredevil who has got, for example, telephone number "666 66 66", or something like that. If you are completely overcome with fear, - sober heads advise, - you just need to think that this is self-hypnosis. And for believers it is enough to cross themselves.

Where are the roots of fear?

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"The number of the beast" is mentioned in the biblical revelation of John the Theologian, and the number is "666". This is a harbinger of the Apocalypse, the reign of Satan in the world. The magic of numbers seems to chill the hearts of our suggestible contemporaries just as much as it did in ancient times. Just recently, the media stirred up the pious public of America. In the distant state of Louisiana, a coffee shop waiter dared to serve a cappuccino to a visitor, while decorating the drink with caramel patterns in the form of symbols of Satanism - a pentagram and those same three sixes. What was it - hooliganism or a hint of the imminent coming of the Prince of Darkness? Not specified. But the mystical fear of an unkind number is obvious. This is where myths and gossip are born on the topic: "What will happen if you call 666?".

What about science?

And science claims that the combination of three sixes are signs of the element that underlies organic life - carbon: it contains 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Even more everyday is the code for connecting to the stationary PBX "Multicom". And incosmic understanding of NGC 666 - the designation of the Galaxy from the constellation Triangulum.

Few people know that the fear of three sixes has an unpronounceable name: "hexakosioyhexekontahexaphobia". How are you? However, this phenomenon is so widespread that there are known cases of renaming bus routes, trains and even numbers of polling stations (!) Before the elections to the State Duma of Russia.

But in Eastern cultures, in particular Chinese, the number "6" is considered lucky. So in the East the question is: "What will happen if you call 666?" unlikely to be relevant.

666 phone number

Who is "666" a lucky number for?

For the popular German group 666, which adheres to the Euro Dance style, three sixes have become not only a name, but also a code of good luck. Under this brand, the musicians received as many as fifteen gold and four platinum awards. They also hold the record for dance music: the group lasted 112 weeks in the first lines of the sales charts. In the musical world, the “number of the beast” is generally not indifferent. There is a musical group with the same name in Hungary, and the most popular album of the Greek rock band Aphrodites Child is titled… what do you think? Of course, 666!

A phone number is like looking into the abyss

Some statistics are circulating on the World Wide Web, according to which more than 70% of suicides in America occurred after a fatal call to the "devil's number". True, there is no data on who summed up those statistics, where did it come from and where was itpublished.

what happens if you call 666

Scary, of course… A person is frightened by everything that he cannot explain. But curiosity corrodes, and it is stronger than all horrors. Are not the seances of spiritualism, divination in front of mirrors, magic rituals using satanic paraphernalia - the number "666" and an inverted pentagram not from the same series? Compared to some of them, calling 666 will seem like child's play…

The mystery of numbers actually exists, and no one disputes the connection of numerology with human destinies. But the study of this ancient science is the lot of the enlightened. The trouble is when amateurs start doing this in all seriousness.

And now the question is ripe: "Why?" Why peer into the abyss, which, as the darkest of psychologists and philosophers Nietzsche said, will itself begin to peer into you?

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