4G antenna DIY. Antenna for 4G modem


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4G antenna DIY. Antenna for 4G modem
4G antenna DIY. Antenna for 4G modem

Today, many people complain about poor internet connection and slow download speeds. In this regard, providers have developed a new connection - 4G. It outperforms 3G and LTE internet. To connect to 4G, you need to strengthen or create a new antenna.

4G antenna

4G antenna will not only increase the connection speed, but also improve the quality of its reception. The new generation Internet allows you to play online games without lags. With a new connection, your fps will increase and your ping will decrease. This will allow you to get a better Internet connection even at the same speed.

Today, people are trying to connect to the new high-speed Internet, but not everyone is able to get a quality connection. What is it connected with? In this, oddly enough, it is not the operator who is to blame, but the equipment. In small towns or villages there is no quality connection. In this case, only a 4G antenna will help, which you can make yourself. We will return to this. Let's look at what is interfering with the Internet connection.

antenna for 4G modem

As a rule, this is a normal network congestion, but at the same time, there may be other reasons:

  • Long distance from the stationto your modem. This makes it impossible to get a quality connection in villages or small towns.
  • Location of the modem. Everything is taken into account from the height at which it is located, to the material used in the construction of the house.
  • Location of the modem. In this case, forests, skyscrapers or power lines can act as an obstacle.

What can be done about it? How to solve a problem? As we have already found out, a 4G antenna will correct the shortcomings of signal transmission. It will strengthen the Internet connection and allow you to get high speed even in the most abandoned village.

Homemade Antennas

Antenna for 4G modem is the only way to improve internet connection. Many people are concerned about the question: is it possible to make the necessary design yourself?

Of course, if you have the necessary knowledge of working with radio engineering, you can start manufacturing. A 4G antenna is a great way to improve the level of working with equipment, learn how to select the right elements and learn something new. You must understand that the antenna for a 4G modem can burn out if it is not made correctly. In order not to lose your money, you must follow all the recommendations for making.

DIY 4G antenna

If you live in a small town or village, you can use a 4G modem booster. Now you can find many different schemes for assembling such a structure. Of course, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, and you cannot cope with self-production, then the best option is- proprietary 4G antenna MTS or Megafon.

Amplifier for 4G modem

To make an amplifier for a 4G modem, you need to take a can of peas or coffee. At the bottom you need to make one small hole. It will be needed for the sleeve, which is made of tin.

antenna 4g mts

After that, the sleeve will need to be soldered. First, you can cut a hole in the body in the shape of the letter "H". It should be the size of the modem's section.It is necessary to insert the modem into the manufactured structure (the center of the can to the top of the modem). After that, you need to direct the amplifier to the side where the operator's tower is. It remains only to connect the Internet to the computer via a USB extension cable.

If you want to get a high speed Internet connection, then you need to use the cable that is used to connect the antenna with the modem, as short as possible. This has been experimentally proven.

Also, the modem should be installed near the ceiling so that nothing interferes with receiving the signal. If you use these recommendations, you can increase the speed of the Internet.

4G directional antenna


4G DIY antenna can be made in different shapes. There are reflective or collective forms. As a rule, the collecting form is attached to the modem, and the reflective ones need to be connected only to the 4G output. Reflectors or reflectors come in different shapes, the main thing is the correct connection.


Unfortunately, such designs can only be used for indoor use. They are likeand factory amplifiers are not able to withstand moisture or temperature changes. Therefore, they are used only at home.

Unfortunately, a simple reflector is not able to qualitatively improve the signal. 4G LTE antenna is about 10 times more powerful than our homemade one. But this does not mean that the reflector is not able to improve the quality of the Internet connection.

DIY antenna

To amplify the signal to a 4G modem, you can make an antenna from a satellite dish. This method is quite effective, since the dish can be tuned to any station, and it receives the signal well. How to make this design? There is nothing complicated here, we need to take a modem and a satellite dish. A 4G antenna with your own hands will be quite primitive. In the focus of the dish, you need to install the modem and tune in to the desired station. So we get a pretty good receiver. This shouldn't be a problem. Another issue is the setting.

4G lte antenna


The setup method is similar to how a satellite dish is installed on a television satellite. The internet is a little different. You need to send the plate below. You may even have to point down. This is due to the curvature of the reflection. In order to set up a satellite dish with the highest quality, you need to rotate it and use a special program to monitor how the Internet connection changes. After you have made sure that you have received the maximum value, the antenna must be fixed.

The external 4G antenna is fixed, now we can move on to the next step. Now standsexperiment with focus. For different models of modems, it is necessary to configure the converter holder in different ways. To do this, you need to change the position of the focus and watch the quality of signal reception.

In order to correctly adjust the focus, you need to know that the modem's antenna is on the opposite side of the USB. Of course, this is not the case on all models, so it's worth taking it apart to understand where the receiver is.

If you have not achieved the condition of line of sight, then you should raise the structure. Increasing the mirror diameter can also help to increase the signal quality. 4G directional antenna is capable of picking up a signal at a great distance. How is diameter related to reception quality? On average, a dish with a diameter of 1 m provides a fairly good Internet connection at a distance of 30 km from the station. To connect the modem to a computer, you need to buy a USB cable. What should he be? Of course, you should use a high-quality cord, of a small section with shielding and ferite at the ends. You can also purchase several of these cords and connect, the quality is not lost from this.

external 4G antenna

You should remember that you will not be able to use a satellite dish for television and strengthen your Internet connection. Of course, you can attach a modem to a satellite dish to boost the signal a bit. But it should be remembered that if the dish is tuned to TV, you do not need to turn it away from the satellite. A high-quality signal can be obtained if the satellite dish is set to line-of-sight.


To protect the modem from precipitation, you can make a protective structure. To do this, you can use a regular bottle or bag. Of course, it is better to create a high-quality protective case from materials that can withstand temperature extremes and moisture.


That's it. If you live in a small town or village, you can use the tips and increase the speed of your Internet connection. Of course, people who live in megacities will not need this. The quality and speed of the Internet connection depends on the range of the modem from the station, the height of the modem and the obstacles that may get in the way. Of course, if you do it right and connect the amplifier, then regardless of various obstacles, you can get high-speed Internet.

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