Sound gone - what to do? Causes and remedies for the problem

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Sound gone - what to do? Causes and remedies for the problem
Sound gone - what to do? Causes and remedies for the problem

Smartphones often experience all sorts of breakdowns. Not everyone can figure out what the reason is, so they immediately contact the service center. Perhaps this decision will be the most correct.

But some failures in the system can be fixed with the push of a button. Therefore, it is better to try to figure out on your own what to do if the sound is gone. Sometimes just changing the settings is enough.

Sound problem

The sound is gone, what should I do? It should be noted right away that this is not the most common problem with smartphones. It happens extremely rarely and in general for critical reasons. For example, the user, poor-quality assembly of the device, or system errors may be to blame.

The problem itself can also be different. The user may not hear the interlocutor at all. Noises and squeaks may also appear. Sometimes the sound can change, and the volume can be adjusted independently. Therefore, it is important to understand why the sound disappeared and what to do.

Speakers broken

Cause of sound loss

In fact, the reasons maybe a huge amount. And some may be very unexpected. Others will be easy to deal with, and some will be unsolvable. Among the main reasons are:

  • faulty speakers;
  • faulty audio jack;
  • gain board problems;
  • system errors.

In addition to these, you can still meet the problems caused by careless operation. For example, you dropped your phone on the floor or in water. In this case, the speakers will definitely fail. Also, the problem may be caused by poor-quality assembly of the manufacturer.


If the sound is gone, what should I do? First, you can try to reboot the device. Of course, this is not a panacea for all problems, but often it helps to restore the correct operation of the device. Unfortunately, mobile operating systems often fail. Sometimes it is enough to reboot the device to return it to working capacity.

But if this method did not help, then you need to conduct a full check of the device. Perhaps, for some reason, the settings or user configuration were reset. Just click on the volume rocker. If you notice that the volume bar has appeared on the screen and it is set to maximum, then the sound should be.

What to do if the sound is gone

In this case, you will have to listen to the device. Usually there are various kinds of system sounds that will help determine the cause of the malfunction. But they can also be disabled. Therefore, it is better to immediately go to the settingssmartphone and find the sound menu.

Almost any device has a playback mode setting. In addition to silent, vibration and loud, you can also set your own configuration. It happens that the system sounds in it are turned on, but the volume of the call is minimal. Here you will have to carefully examine everything to figure it out.

If you see that the sound settings are set to the default mode with maximum volume, but the sound is gone, what should I do in this case? We'll have to look for faults.

Can't hear the interlocutor

It may happen that you hear the call, all notifications are also accompanied by sound, but the interlocutor is not heard. This is a fairly common problem, especially for people who are not good with phones. Any experienced user will tell you how to deal with this problem.

During the next phone call, you will need to press the volume rocker. Sometimes the interlocutor's audibility setting gets lost and it seems that the sound is gone. In fact, it is enough to set the maximum volume during a call.

Sound settings

Speaker problems

But if none of the above helped, and the sound in the speaker disappeared, what to do, you have to figure it out yourself. It is possible that the speaker on the phone is broken. You should immediately understand that in this case you will have to go to the service center.

Firstly, in order to replace it yourself, certain skills are needed, and secondly, it will be very difficult to find a model of the desired part. Also, an inexperienced user canfaced with the fact that in the hope of finding one speaker under the case, he will find several at once. And this makes it even more difficult to repair the device yourself.

Of course, groups of speakers are not common, but they can occur, performing certain options. For example, one works with sound in games and music, the other allows you to hear the interlocutor, the third is responsible for system sounds.

Why does the speaker break?

Don't immediately panic if the sound on the "iPhone" is gone. What to do in this case? In general, the algorithm of actions does not differ in any way from those proposed for other models. You will immediately have to remember what happened to the smartphone recently.

Sound problems

Usually incorrect speaker operation is related to:

  • clogging the device;
  • coil burnout or short circuit;
  • open coil.

Clogging is a common sound module problem. But in this case, the sound rarely disappears completely. Most often, some sounds remain audible, but they are muffled. In this case, you can try to clean the phone yourself. To do this, it will be enough to take an old toothbrush or cotton swab.

But cleaning the speaker is no easy task. Previously, the phone was easy to disassemble into all its component parts. Now the manufacturer is trying to make monoblocks that only specialists can disassemble.

If the coil is burned out or a short circuit occurs, the speaker will produce noise or crackle. Moreover, in this way the module can stillwork, but it is better not to delay the repair. In this case, you will definitely have to contact the service center.

A break in the coil is characterized by the fact that the speaker stops making any sound at all. In this case, only a complete replacement is prepared for him.

Audio jack problems

And if the sound on the iPhone 5 disappeared, what should I do in this case? Again, it is worth mentioning that sound problems are universal for any modern smartphone, whether it is a device from Apple or Samsung. Some recommend checking the sound with headphones.

Why did the sound disappear?

If the speakers are "silent" and the headset is making sound, you can try the following:

  • insert and pull out the plug several times while playing music;
  • connect the headset, hold down the volume up button and remove the plug;
  • blow out the audio jack with compressed air;
  • if liquid gets into the case, if possible, disassemble the phone and clean it.

Sometimes it can happen that the so-called "antennae" are clamped in the connector. In this case, the device is informed that a headset is connected, so the speakers do not produce any sound. This problem can only be solved in the service center.

Problems with the sound amplification board

Of course, sometimes the sound can stop working due to a faulty volume rocker and dirt getting under it. In this case, fixing the problem will be easy. But problems with the sound amplification board will definitely force the user to go to the service center.

To fixspeakers

The fact is that it is impossible to determine a failure in the board on your own. Therefore, you have to turn to specialists, and those, in turn, determine one of the reasons why this problem could arise:

  • moisture inside the device;
  • overheating of the device due to resource-intensive programs, etc.;
  • physical damage or poor assembly.

Software issues

What to do: the sound on the iPhone 6 disappeared. As practice shows, it is better to immediately go to a service center. Firstly, official support for Apple devices is always at the highest level, and secondly, an inexperienced user can harm an expensive smartphone model.

But if we are talking about software failures, then you can try to "shaman" with the system yourself. Sound may cut out if:

  • viruses got into the system;
  • installing low-quality custom firmware;
  • incorrect factory reset;
  • downloading "pirated" apps.

Some of these problems can be solved by yourself. For example, get rid of installed software, also download an antivirus program and check the system for malware. If possible, it is better to do a factory reset.

Reset to factory settings

Sound gone - what to do? If all the above methods did not help to solve the problem, and you are absolutely sure that the problems are related to a software failure, you can try doing a factory reset.

Causes of sound breakdown

To do this, you need to clear all information from the phone, otherwise it will be deleted forever. Further it is desirable to use a backup copy of the system. In this case, all account data, configuration and other settings will be saved, and after the reset it will be possible to restore them.

Reset to factory settings can be done from the phone settings menu, as well as a key combination.

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