Battery-powered Christmas garland: features, applications, manufacturing options


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Battery-powered Christmas garland: features, applications, manufacturing options
Battery-powered Christmas garland: features, applications, manufacturing options

Everyone is waiting for the New Year holidays with special warmth, hope for something better. And these days I want everything around to shine and glow with colorful lights. But not everywhere it is possible to connect flashlights to the mains. And this is where a battery-powered garland comes to the rescue - a product that appeared on the Russian market quite recently, just a few years ago, although there were craftsmen before that they independently assembled such products. The article will focus on these decorative elements.

Fir branches with a battery-powered garland - very beautiful

Where you can apply these garlands

The scope of such products is quite extensive. Naturally, they can be placed together with mains-operated lights, but the main advantage of battery-operated LED string lights is their mobility. Such products are very fond of girls, using them to decorate their hairstyles. It turns out really nice. Such mobile lights are convenientuse for decorating a Christmas tree in the yard, especially if the circuit has a timer that can turn the power on and off at a certain time. Some models can be controlled by remote control.

As in any other scheme, a battery-powered Christmas tree garland may have a controller that will provide several different LED flashing modes.

Often such products are used for decoration in the nursery. In this case, parents can be calm, because the child will not break the wires, he will not be shocked. And how much happiness children have in their eyes when, in the middle of the New Year's carnival party in kindergarten, the costume of a prince or a snowflake starts to glow!

Varieties of "mobile lights"

Battery-powered LED garlands have shapes that are completely identical to conventional network products. It can be rain, fringe, icicles or snowflakes, and possibly a mesh. The difference between the models is only in the number and size of power elements. Most often, batteries are used, such as AA or AAA, but sometimes, although rarely, you can find a 9V Krona battery as a battery.

Battery powered lights in the form of viburnum berries

Products of blue-white color, in the form of small balls of various diameters, are in special demand in stores. Such battery-powered garlands, when placed in a large glass, create the illusion of real pearls. Angel-shaped lights are chosen to decorate a gift wrapping or several spruce paws placed in a vase in the center of the table. But mostin demand, as in the case of conventional network garlands, is rain. They are decorated with chairs, the edge of the table, a set or even a bed.

Are there any downsides to battery powered devices

As experts say, a high-quality garland cannot have flaws a priori. But if you buy a cheap handicraft Chinese fake, you may encounter rather unpleasant moments, including:

  • LEDs will start to go out or fade after a few hours of operation;
  • when replacing a burned-out element with a similar one, the new one will also not shine;
  • LEDs will start to heat up;
  • the controller will periodically reset the program or fail altogether without surviving New Year's Eve.

In fact, there are more possible troubles, just smaller ones fade in comparison with those listed.

Battery-operated garlands are becoming more and more popular


If you do not want to spend money on buying such a product, you can make a garland on batteries with your own hands. To work, you only need lithium batteries, LEDs and a thin flexible wire. If there is a Chinese garland in the house, you can safely use it, this will save you from unnecessary soldering and wasting time.

Lithium batteries (each 3V) are connected in parallel. You can leave one, but such a battery-powered garland will quickly sit down. The more batteries you use, the longer the battery life will be. After checking the polarity, you can solder the wires tobatteries. For convenience, a toggle switch is included in the circuit.

Funny lights in the shape of snowmen

Summing up

Whether it's New Year's Eve or the holiday has already passed, battery-powered garlands can always be used. Take at least a trip to the lake with an overnight stay. After all, you can cheer yourself up by simply hanging the lights around, putting them on the roof of the car or fixing them above the table. So, this thing is really necessary. And it does not matter if it is purchased in a store, or made by hand. The main thing is that the lights glow and the mood rises.

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