How to connect the Internet on "Megafon" yourself?

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How to connect the Internet on "Megafon" yourself?
How to connect the Internet on "Megafon" yourself?

It is known that "MegaFon" is a large telecommunications company engaged in the provision of communication services (cellular). The number of its subscribers is constantly growing, and the package of services provided is expanding to attract customers. Of course, many users know how to connect the Internet to Megafon. But there are still those who are interested.

The most common Internet connection options on Megaphone

The easiest way is to call from a phone that needs to be connected to the Internet to 0500. Just ask your phone to be connected or send you connection settings in the form of SMS messages.

How to connect the Internet on Megaphone

You can dial the following numbers from a landline phone: 8-495-507-7777 or 8-800-550-0500. They will also provide you with all the necessary information and tell you how to connect the Internet to Megafon. If you think that a telephone consultation may not be enough to solve the problem, then go to the nearest communication salon of this company. Say you don't know how to connect the internet toMegaphone. They will help you, possibly for a fee. But don't worry, as a rule, it costs no more than 100 rubles. Those who faced the question "how to connect the Internet on Megafon" admit that the easiest way was to call the appropriate numbers and do everything according to the instructions sent.

SMS messages

How to connect the Internet to Megafon

Another option on how to connect the Internet to Megafon is to send an empty SMS message to a number that depends on the required service:

  • Internet on the phone is 000105625.
  • In a smartphone - 000105970.
  • Unlimited internet service on your phone. To do this, send a message to the number 000105325.

In response to your request, the settings for your phone model will be sent, it will be recognized automatically. To set the desired parameters, you need to follow all the instructions.

Online Internet connection mode

There is another way to connect the Internet. MegaFon, on its official website, provided customers with the opportunity to order an Internet package that meets their finances and needs online.

  • Go to the official website of the Megafon mobile operator.
  • Select the "Internet" section.
  • Enter the region where you live. Usually, the page for your region opens by default.
  • Next you need to choose one of the Internet options for your smartphone, tablet, computer or router.
How to connect Internet Megafon

For example, you need to connect to the Internet on your smartphone. You should go to the "For smartphone" item, select the appropriate service. You will receive a small SMS message confirming the connection of the service. 15 minutes after connecting, the changes take effect. On the connection page, you can read information about deactivating the service.

To connect your computer to the Internet, select the "For computer" section, read everything that is written there, then you can choose the appropriate package and set up the connection according to the instructions on the site. You just need to know that for such an Internet connection you need a USB modem or a device with a built-in modem (laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

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