How to change the keyboard on Android: step by step instructions

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How to change the keyboard on Android: step by step instructions
How to change the keyboard on Android: step by step instructions

Literally every manufacturer of mobile gadgets is trying to add some original "chips" to the operating system. Not only icons, desktops and menus, but also such an important element as the keyboard enjoy increased attention on their part.

And it is she who can turn the experience of using a smartphone not only into pleasure, but also into a real torture. In pursuit of some innovations and fashion trends, manufacturers very often forget about such an ordinary, but at the same time important moment as convenience. Yes, a keyboard can be beautiful and feature rich, but if it's impossible to type on, it's worthless.

What to do?

So many users in this regard are asking a completely logical question about how to change the keyboard on android and what is needed for this. This process is not so complicated, but beginners still have some difficulties. Moreover, some cannot even change the language on the android keyboard and, it would seem, the simplest procedure turns into a problem. Moreover, in a good half of the operating instructions for mobile gadgets there is nothing about thisnot said.

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So, let's try to figure out how to change the keyboard on android and do it as painlessly as possible for both the platform and the user himself. The methods described below are relevant for all OS versions.

Changing settings

If your current keyboard looks, as they say, out of this world and imposed on you by the manufacturer of the gadget, then to enable the standard tool, you need to delve into the settings.

change keyboard color

To change the keyboard on android, follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to the gadget settings.
  2. Next you need to find the item "Language and input". In some versions of the platform, this section is called Input Tools.
  3. Now click on "Current Keyboard". After that, the system window should open, and in it you need to put the beacon on the “Russian” position, and then click on “Select layout”.
  4. In this part of the menu, you should have a list of installed keyboards in front of you, from which you can choose any one you like.

As for changing the input language, everything is very simple here. Regular, and a good half of third-party keyboards, as a rule, have a globe icon at the bottom, where localization changes by clicking on it.

Alternative method

If you don't want to stray through the menu branches at all, then you can change the keyboard on android in an easier way. To do this, you need to go to Google Play and in the thematicsection, find yourself any means of input, since there are very, very many of them.

change keyboard language

After selecting an application, just install it on your gadget, after which the new keyboard will be activated automatically.

By the way, you can do a lot with third-party smart apps. Here, if you wish, you can change the color of the android keyboard, the sizes of letters, keys, and other visual elements.

Users are extremely fond of the following applications of this kind:

  • Swype;
  • Google Keyboard;
  • Fleksy;
  • TouchPal.

This software fits perfectly on all versions of the Android platform, takes up little space and works stably.

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