Recovering data from your phone: step by step instructions, tips from the masters

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Recovering data from your phone: step by step instructions, tips from the masters
Recovering data from your phone: step by step instructions, tips from the masters

Almost every second owner of a smartphone or tablet is faced with the need to recover lost data. There can be many reasons for this: accidental deletion, resetting the operating system, incorrect operation of the anti-virus application, etc.

Actually, the reason for the loss of information is not so important, because we are interested in the subsequent process, that is, data recovery from an Android phone. It’s worth mentioning right away that the iOS platform in this case, alas, is hopeless. Here Apple strictly follows its policy. On the official website of the company, in the corresponding section, it is clearly stated that recovering deleted data from a phone is possible only if synchronization with iTunes or iCloud has been connected. In all other scenarios, it is completely and permanently deleted, and it is not possible to return it under any circumstances.

The Android platform is more flexible in this regard and data recovery from the phone is quite real here, and without the needcloud storage connections. True, the latter just act as a panacea in this case, but not every user will want to contact them for various reasons.

So, let's try to figure out how to recover data from an Android phone and do it as painlessly as possible, both for the user himself and for his gadget. Consider the main tools for the implementation of this enterprise and the procedure, taking into account the advice of experts in this field.


The only solution to the problem of data loss is a program to recover data from your phone. Unfortunately, the platform developer did not provide any regular tools. Two scenarios are possible here - bad and good.

If you need to recover data from the phone's internal memory, then this is just the first case. When all the information was on an external drive, this is the most favorable scenario. The fact is that such software scans and analyzes system files and sectors. And if they are practically not blocked on the memory card, then they are protected by the platform on the internal storage of the gadget.

Administrator rights (root)

In the worst case scenario, that is, resuscitation of information on the internal drive, you will need to root your smartphone (root) or install administrator rights, and this is fraught with some consequences, such as loss of warranty and threat of personal information. Not every user will go for this. In the case of data recovery from Samsung phones, everything is much simpler.

data recovery from android phone

No third-party utilities are needed to get administrator rights here. The local firmware supports this feature. So before recovering data from Samsung phones, you need to go to the gadget settings, open the "Lock screen and security" section, then "Other security settings" and move the slider to "Remote control" in the "Device administrators" branch.

On gadgets from other manufacturers, as well as on other firmware, you will have to root the phone using third-party utilities. Among other software of this kind, the masters advise using the Root Master and 360Root applications. The interface of these programs is simplified as much as possible, and to obtain administrator rights, it is enough to install the product and click on the "Start" button in the first case, or "Start" in the second. After that, your gadget will reboot (if not, then force a reboot) and you will have access to system files. After that, you can already run the programs described below to recover data from your Android phone.

Next, consider some of the most effective programs for resuscitation of lost information on mobile gadgets.

DiskDigger Pro file recovery

This is one of the most requested utilities to recover data from Android phone after device reset or accidental deletion. Masters and advanced users speak very warmly about this program, as well as about its capabilities. It is also worth noting that in some simple cases (photos, text documents) forrecovering data from your phone setting administrator rights is completely optional.

android phone data recovery after reset

The program feels great on all versions of the Android platform, starting from 2.2. The application interface is simple and intuitive, and even a beginner will understand it. Menu branches with sub-items are logically built, so you don't have to wander there. In addition, the official website of the developer has a lot of training materials in text format, in case there are any difficulties.

Program features

In the menu, you can choose one of two types of scanning - simple and full. In the first case, the installation of administrator rights is not required, but the result may not be the most encouraging. Perhaps the only thing that the basic search and subsequent resuscitation adequately cope with is photos and text files, and to restore the rest (video, database, etc.) you will have to root the gadget.

After scanning, the utility presents the user with a list of all found files. Here you can already select some specific data to recover from your phone. The resuscitation process itself takes a little time, but if there are a decent amount of files, then you will have to wait. High-end processors naturally speed things up noticeably.

Distinctive features of the utility

As far as system requirements are concerned, Diskdigger is a rather resource-intensive application that is in no way suitable for multitasking. That is to playyou will not be able to play games while recovering data from your phone or watch a video. The utility is gluttonous to RAM and processor power. So you have to wait until the end of the procedure.

data recovery from phone internal memory

You can save the results both to local drives and to cloud storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. It is also possible to send the received data by e-mail. This option will come in handy if the drive you are recovering from is corrupted and it is dangerous to write to it.

Distribution terms

The product is distributed under a paid license, but the developer has provided something like a trial version, where the user has access to the scanning function, only without subsequent recovery. That is, you can evaluate all the data to be resuscitated, and if the list suits you, then buy the key.

GT Recovery for Android

Another effective program to recover data from your phone after a system reset or accidental deletion of files. Specialists and advanced users also highly recommend this product as it can help even in the most difficult cases.

recover deleted data from phone

The utility is by and large a complex solution, where each category of tasks has its own tool. To recover music tracks, videos and text documents, GT File Recovery is intended, for photos - GT PhotoRecovery, SMS messages - GT SMS Recovery, contacts - GT Contact Recovery, and for social messengers like WhatsApp or Viber - GT Messenger Recovery.

Program features

That is, the developer offers not one universal, but a whole list of specialized solutions for resuscitation of various data. The program does an excellent job of recovering information on third-party media, but for normal work with the internal drive, you will need administrator rights. Otherwise, the likelihood of resuscitation is very small.

phone data recovery software

The interface of all programs in the complex is identical and only the top branch of the menu differs, where sections specific to this category change: "Music", SMS, "Photo", etc. The main functionality is simple and intuitive. We launch the program, scan the drives and select from the list what exactly needs to be restored. The result can be downloaded both to the source and to third-party media, as well as sent by mail.

It is also worth noting that the application does not load the system and is not as demanding on the amount of RAM as other software of this kind. Of course, you won’t work on weak gadgets in the background during scanning or recovery, but advanced devices won’t even notice the utility’s operation.

Distribution terms

The product is distributed under a paid license, but the developer has provided a trial version with limited functionality. That is, here you can see what kind of dataare recoverable, and if the list suits you, then we get the key. Only a limited number (for each direction is different) of files can be reanimated for free.


Specialists in this field and advanced users consider this product the best in its segment and out of competition, as evidenced by the mass of flattering responses about the program on thematic forums. This is already a desktop application, which is primarily aimed at working with external drives. But if your smartphone is connected as USB Mass Storage, then there should be no problems with restoring the internal memory either.

rekuva program

Modern smartphones, as a rule, and alas, connect only via the MTP protocol as a media player. And here again, you will have to root the gadget if you need to work out the internal drive.

Utility Features

The first step is to install the program on a personal computer, run it and connect the mobile device to the PC. At the top, you can see a drop-down list that displays all available drives. Among them, choose an SD card or internal memory of a mobile gadget. Then you can start scanning.

When completed, the utility will list all found files. The latter will be marked with one of three colors. A green marker means a 100% chance of data recovery, yellow means 50/50, and red means completely lost information that cannot be revived.

recovery softwaredata from android phone

It is also worth noting that there are two scanning modes - simple and advanced. In the first case, the program will superficially run through the drives and identify all the "green" files. Deep scanning takes noticeably longer, but is also more efficient. It affects both the system area and, so to speak, the worst places on external media.

For more specifics, you can select the types of files to scan, that is, indicate what exactly you want to recover: videos, photos, databases, music, some text documents, and more. This moment will come in handy if the drives were actively used and there was plenty of residual information.

App highlights

The program interface is simple, understandable and does not raise any questions. By default, the wizard is enabled, which, when starting the utility, will guide you step by step through the main functionality and simultaneously launch the necessary scanning procedures, and then restore them. It can be turned off and work normally. The application interface received competent Russian-language localization, which also contributes to the rapid study of the product.

As for the resource intensity, Rekuva practically does not take up space on the hard drive and "eats" RAM to a minimum. Even on older computers, the program can work quietly in the background, and the user will not even notice this while going about their business. True, the speed of scanning and recovery in the latter case will take noticeably longer, butthis is not critical for many.

Distribution Terms

The utility is distributed under both paid and free licenses. In the latter case, we have a purely individual product for home needs, which does not disdain advertising blocks. If the need for file recovery is low, then it will be enough. For more advanced users and those who need batch processing with an additional set of tools, it is better to look towards the professional paid version.

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