What does the "iPhone 7" look like from the back and front: description, specifications, photos

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What does the "iPhone 7" look like from the back and front: description, specifications, photos
What does the "iPhone 7" look like from the back and front: description, specifications, photos

The seventh iPhone was released in 2016 and caused a lot of discussion among Apple fans. The design of this model went to her from the previous sixth version, but the technical characteristics have improved markedly. The iPhone7 isn't a revolutionary flagship, but it's got nice and needed changes. You can find information about the appearance of the "iPhone 7" from behind, a photo of the gadget and detailed characteristics in this article.

Famous iPhone

iPhone is a real phenomenon among other smartphones. Its high cost and incompatibility with many systems, it would seem, should repel buyers, but everything happens exactly the opposite. Buyers are attracted not only by technical characteristics, but also by stylish design, a good camera and a recognizable brand. Having an iPhone in your pocket has become prestigious, the presence of such a phone is a sign of success. This impression is achieved with the help of truly talented Apple marketers,whose ideas have won the hearts of millions of people.

What does the back of an iPhone 7 look like?

All Apple smartphones work on the iOS operating system. It is she who becomes a stumbling block for many buyers, because it is incompatible with other operating systems. And it cannot be installed on the devices of other companies with all the desire. But on the other hand, it works like clockwork, processes data quickly and is protected from data theft much better than other other systems. In the modern world, there are whole armies of Apple fans who buy up all the company's products, from computers to wireless headphones. But this article will focus on the iPhone 7, which is one of the latest products of the Apple brand.

iPhone 7

Every year, according to tradition, Apple announces a new iPhone model. Of course, models differ from each other: as a rule, they improve most of the functions and add some new details. The seventh smartphone model was presented in San Francisco, after which sales began around the world. What does iPhone 7 look like? The photo shows that this model is very concise and attractive, but the screen size does not differ from the previous, sixth version. For fans of large screens, an additional model of iPhone 7 Plus was released, which combined a thin body and a large display.

Customers treat the seventh version of the iPhone differently. According to the description and photo, "iPhone 7" is not much different from the previous "six", as a result of which it is easy to confuse them. But under the hull there have been many changes. Whateverwas, the evolution of Apple once again occurred, and this did not go unnoticed by the owners of new smartphones. This is especially evident for those who switched to the iPhone from other brands and operating systems. What does an iPhone 7 look like? Outwardly, it is as concise as previous models, but has become much thinner.


iphone 7 back photo

Oddly enough, but the impression of the seventh iPhone begins much earlier than you pick up the phone itself. After the purchase, the first thing you see is the box. It would seem, what is so interesting in a regular package? But even above it, designers and marketers did their best. The standard white packaging with the logo of a bitten apple is decorated with a photo of an iPhone 7 on the back. This is an interesting solution, since it usually contains a photograph of the display with a color image. The packaging of the iPhone7 makes the smartphone mysterious. Already from it you can understand how the phone "iPhone-7" looks like. For example, the iPhone 7 Gold model has a golden smartphone on the cover, while the iPhone 7 PLUS Jet Black has replaced the usual white cardboard color with an all-black one. Apple designers love to make models that are significantly different from everyone else, and the smartphone box was no exception.


One of the main appeals of Apple products is their minimalist design. If you were the owner of the sixth iPhone, then you are unlikely to notice any differences when picking up the 7th version for the first time. Compared to the iPhone 6S, it has exactly the samedisplay, shape and size.

The iPhone7 is available in two versions: standard and plus size. The latter has a much larger screen area. The iPhone is available in five colors, each of which is attractive in its own way. The body of the model is made of aluminum, which has increased strength, but it’s better not to drop the gadget on the screen, because the glass is not protected by anything.

iPhone7 is the first model you can safely shower with. Its body is completely waterproof, so short-term exposure to moisture can not cause any harm. For comparison: models 6 and 6 S had such properties only partially. You can even receive calls if submerged to a depth of no more than 1 meter.

If you pay attention to how the iPhone-7 photos look, you will understand why it is considered one of the most successful options. But still, the main trump card of the company is under the casing of the phone.

"iPhone 7" on the back

When looking at the iPhone, it becomes clear that not only the insides of the smartphone have changed. The back of the phone has also been redesigned. What does the back of the iPhone 7 look like? The first thing that catches your eye is more elegant plastic strips. If you look at the back of other models, you can see subtle stripes that run along the top and bottom of the lid. If you think that they are made for beauty, then you are fundamentally wrong. Below them are radio antennas that transmit waves. But they cannot pass through metal, so Apple designers came up withthe decision to replace aluminum with plastic in these places. However, by the way the iPhone 7 looks from the back, you can understand that the stripes have been moved to the sides of the gadget. This greatly improves the appearance of the phone, making it even more stylish.

The back cover of "iPhone 7" looks different also because of the camera. In the new model, it is made more concisely: in the form of a small “eye” and a small flash next to it. From the rear view photo of the iPhone 7, it becomes clear that it does not protrude so much above the metal surface, so the phone gets an even smoother and more balanced body. The 7 Plus models have a dual camera that allows you to take wide-angle shots.

iPhone 7 description and specifications

Differences in colors

The seventh version of the "apple" smartphone is presented, as we noted, in five colors. In addition to the usual white, black, silver and gold, another shade called “black onyx” has been added to the line. It is made from the same high-strength steel as the other models, but looks much more impressive. When you hold a glossy black iPhone in your hands, thoughts of expensive sports cars come to mind.

If you wish, you can see your reflection on the back of the "iPhone-7". But such coverage also has its drawbacks. It scratches too easily, so it is better to put on a case on the phone immediately after purchase, otherwise the surface will not be so smooth by the evening. In addition, fingerprints are permanently left on the aluminum surface. Despite the oleophobiccover, the developers could not avoid this trouble.

Another option is matte black, which also only went on sale in 2016. It is more suitable for practical people. This model is made of special brushed aluminum and looks very original.

Gold and silver iPhone are qualitatively different from the appearance of other gadgets. What does a golden iPhone 7 look like? With a metal back and a white bezel around the screen, the phone looks very stylish, without a hint of vulgarity.


Description of the characteristics of "iPhone-7" deserves special attention. Externally, the seventh model has not changed much, which cannot be said about the internal component. The new model is supplemented with 2 GB of RAM. For 7 Plus models, this amount is increased to 3 GB. Also increased the internal memory of the phone. In standard models, it is now 32 gigabytes. The maximum amount of memory for iPhone-7 is 256 GB, which allows you to store enough pictures and programs for several years.

One more detail of the phone has undergone changes - the "Home" button. If earlier you had to press it to get a response, now you just need to lightly touch it with your finger. The sensitivity of the button to touch, as well as the speed of reaction, are also striking.

If you like to listen to music, then you should like the new phone stereo system. Improved speakers are located in different parts of the smartphone, which makes the sound morevoluminous.

Another curious feature of the smartphone is the absence of the usual round headphone jack. Starting with the 7th model, Apple decided to gradually switch to wireless systems, which greatly puzzled its customers. To make the changes not so shocking, the model comes with an adapter that allows you to adapt airpods to the Lightning connector. Unfortunately, you can no longer listen to music and charge your phone at the same time.


iPhone 7 features description

The most important thing that has changed in the iPhone7 is the processor. This model is equipped with an F10 Fusion processor, which boasts four cores and a frequency of 1.4 GHz. The new "brain" is much faster than the old version, so programs and applications open even faster now. On average, the iPhone7 outperformed its predecessor by as much as 40%. The operating system of the new processor is also interesting. For normal tasks, it uses only two cores, but if you need to increase the power, it will use the rest. This allows you to increase performance when you need it, and use the battery more economically the rest of the time. By the way, the battery of the seventh iPhone model has also increased, so the gadget can now work all day on a full charge. However, you should not count on more - the phone will still not last longer than 12 hours. If you play games and use resource-intensive applications, then the battery lasts only 4-5 hours. At the time of the release of the smartphone in 2016, F10 Fusionconsidered one of the most powerful in the world. But even now, iPhone7 continues to be one of the best Apple phones.

Description of iPhone-7 capabilities would be incomplete without a new operating system that can be used on Apple smartphones. In 2018, iOS12 was released, which impressed users with its speed and performance.


The iPhone7 display deserves special attention. Despite the fact that the screen diameter has not changed, its brightness has increased. The pride of Apple is the Retina display in HD resolution. It very accurately conveys shades, striking with the richness of color and realism. This feature of the iPhone makes it indispensable for bloggers, photographers and designers whose work is related to graphic images and snapshots.


The cameras in these phones have always been considered the standard for mobile photography. The iPhone 7 has an impressive camera. Its resolution is 12 megapixels, it even has an aperture of 1.8, which allows you to take portrait shots with a blurred background. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with a stabilization system, so when taking a selfie, you will get a smooth picture without the effect of “shaking hands”. Like all iPhones, the 7 model has an adjustment for the ambient temperature, which is determined by the "smart" flash. Therefore, you won't end up with photos with a strange green or yellow tint. According to reviews of the gadget, the iPhone7 still shoots poorly in the dark, but a fairly powerful flash, which is half as bright as the previous model, can correct the situation.

The standard version of the "seven" has a single camera, but the 7 Plus has a double one. Both cameras have the same resolution of 12 megapixels. The "lenses" are capable of capturing different distances: the left one is 28mm and the right one is 56mm. This allows you to take both wide-angle and portrait shots. Also, on one camera there is a standard aperture of 1.8, and on the other - 2.8, which allows you to implement zooming without loss of quality. Thanks to the highest image quality of the seventh model of the Apple iPhone, you can not resort to a digital camera: it successfully replaces the phone.

iPhone 7 features description


The cost of the iPhone 7 smartphone was quite high immediately after the release in 2016. But now other models have entered the market, so its price has dropped significantly. New gadgets with a memory capacity of 32 gigabytes are sold for 40 thousand rubles. If you need more storage, then you can add 4 thousand rubles and buy a phone with 128 GB of internal memory. At the moment, this is the maximum possible number of GB that is on sale. iPhone 7 Plus costs a little more: for a smartphone with a memory of 32 GB, you will need to pay 46 thousand rubles.

Of course, Apple produces smartphones that are much more expensive than similar products of competitors. However, sales do not fall from year to year, and this is due to the high build quality and concern for the buyer. Picking up an "apple" smartphone, you experience only pleasure and no irritation, and for this many are ready to pay a large amount.

Pros and consphone

A new smartphone is a major expense, so people often read a lot of reviews and only then choose an acceptable option for themselves. The description of the iPhone 7 shows that it has its pros and cons. Benefits include:

  • Great camera.
  • Quick response and no lag.
  • The ability to swim with an iPhone in the water.
  • A Retina display that is stunningly realistic.
  • Increased internal memory.
  • More powerful battery.
  • High quality guaranteed.
  • Famous brand.

But a lot of cons:

  • Overpriced.
  • No conventional headphone jack.
  • Poor quality shots in the dark.
  • Incompatible with devices from other companies.
  • Expensive accessories.

Innovative iPhone Features

Apple's smartphone is known for its little quirks that make life easier for shoppers. Therefore, if you decide to change your iPhone to a phone of another brand, then it will not be so easy, because it will not have the usual functions.

phone description iPhone 7
  • The new 2016 model has the ability to unlock the phone by simply lifting it from a horizontal surface.
  • Livephotos is a unique Apple development that allows you to shoot small videos of 2-3 frames.
  • Airdrop helps to transfer pretty quicklyfiles from one iPhone to another.
  • The famous artificial intelligence Siri helps to execute some commands faster using voice input.
  • Unlock system with fingerprint or iris scan.
  • Memories. The iPhone operating system has a feature that automatically assembles small memory clips based on photos from recent weeks.

Customer Reviews

The seventh iPhone again split the ranks of smartphone users. But, despite numerous criticisms, whole queues still lined up behind him after the start of sales. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the flagship remains the focus on ease of use and convenience. A smartphone with an apple on the logo is pleasant to hold, and a fast processor allows you to instantly open any applications and games. Customers are satisfied with the ability to synchronize between different devices. With the right settings, important events, contacts, and notes are automatically transferred from iPhone to iPad or Mac. The seventh smartphone model is often chosen by people who like to take good photos. Even portraits can be taken with iPhone7: a special program recognizes the face and blurs the background around it, creating the appearance of real professional shots.

Externally, "iPhone-7" has not changed, except that there is a new model with a black glossy finish. But if you look at the photo of the iPhone 7 from the back, you will notice an improved camera and the absence of plastic strips in a conspicuous place. Tocons buyers most often attribute the price and isolation of the iOS system. Due to the company's policy, many products must be purchased exclusively under the "apple" brand, otherwise they simply will not work with a smartphone.

iPhone 7 features description


The iPhone 7 is still considered one of the best smartphones on the market for a reason. The battery, display and camera set them apart from the competition, and the user-friendly interface makes them even more in demand. At the same time, each buyer can choose a phone that suits his size: a regular 7 or 7 Plus. The first fits comfortably in the hand, and the second attracts with a large and colorful display. The overpayment for the brand is almost not felt, especially since after the release of subsequent models "iPhone-7" has fallen in price.

When buying an iPhone, you can count not only on the quality and power of the phone, but also on the pleasure of using it.

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