Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange: how to withdraw money?

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Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange: how to withdraw money?
Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange: how to withdraw money?

Today, cryptocurrency trading is developing rapidly, and, accordingly, services for working with them are gaining more and more users. The Polonix exchange is no exception. Despite the fact that the site's interface does not have a Russian version, Russian users have long taken note of it. It is not difficult to register and trade there, but what to do next? How to get what you earn?

poloniex how to withdraw money

Undoubtedly, many users are interested in the question of how to withdraw money from the Poloniex exchange. In fact, making a translation from this resource is very easy. However, direct withdrawal is not possible. The currency that is available on this exchange is pegged to the dollar and its exchange rate, but users from Russia cannot withdraw money using a direct transaction. You will need special services.

If you have some currency online, you will need one of these methods to cash out:

  • Exchange currency in Poloniex to BTC, and then cash out by any means available for bitcoins.
  • Can be broadcast or output directly through foreign functionalities.

Difficult to determinewhich way is better, since everything happens differently with a different course.

How to withdraw money using bitcoins in Poloniex

This is the most convenient and popular way: for example, transferring ether or another currency to bitcoin, and then cashing out through special services.

how to withdraw money from poloniex

If you withdraw money to Bitcoin from Poloniex in several services, then you should focus on the most profitable rate. If you have accumulated another currency, simply transfer it in the Exchange section to BTC. When withdrawing money from Poloniex, a certain amount (that is, a commission) is charged, it is 0.00001 BTC per transaction. Accordingly, the cost of the minimum transaction (withdrawal amount) must be greater than this commission. It is best to transfer not the entire amount at once, but do it gradually, choosing the most optimal exchange rate.

How to withdraw received bitcoins

So, you managed to figure out how to withdraw money from Poloniex, and you managed to get cryptocurrency. How to make a further exchange or transfer?

how to withdraw money from poloniex to a card

Today, the following possibilities are known, through which you can withdraw BTC to other denominations:

  • you can transfer bitcoins to a card of Sberbank or any other bank;
  • make a transfer to a Qiwi wallet;
  • withdraw bitcoins to the Yandex Money service.

How to find the right exchanger?

Depending on your choice of how to withdraw money from Poloniex via cryptocurrency, youmust find an exchange resource that suits you. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of such a service, check the name of the site you have chosen in the rating list of scammers. The list of exchangers that work honestly is quite large, so it is worth stopping only at the most famous and frequently used ones.

So if you are withdrawing via Tytcoin, the minimum transaction is 0.04 BTC. For this reason, this service does not seem to be the best option for how to withdraw money from Poloniex. However, the exchanger offers a very profitable system of accumulating discounts. You can also withdraw money to X-pay. Here, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.003 BTC. There is also an excellent system of discounts, and the service transfers funds to the account of such banks as Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank.

how to withdraw money from the poloniex exchange

Speaking about how to withdraw money from Poloniex to a card, you should also pay attention to such a service as "50cent". It allows you to make a transfer to Sberbank or VTB cards, and the minimum transaction is 0.03 BTC. In any case, choose an exchanger that will offer you more money for 1 BTC and register on the site to get a discount. This is also true for services that specialize in how to withdraw money from Poloniex to Qiwi.

How to carry out such an operation?

When you have decided on the exchange service, open your personal account in the Poloniex interface, then find the "Balance" tab. After that, enter the Deposits&Withdrawals submenu, then go to the listcryptocurrencies and select bitcoin, click on Withdrawals. A form will appear in a new window in which you need to specify the withdrawal amount. It is she who will be debited from your account and, of course, some commission will be deducted. The amount of the transaction will be indicated in the Total box, it will be calculated automatically. The next column will indicate the size of the commission.

How will the transfer go

After you have filled out everything, you can pay for the action. The intermediary service provides contacts of its wallet. You need to copy it to the address bar to transfer funds to Poloniex. After that, click on the Withdraw icon. This was the last action for payment, now you can make an exchange.

poloniex how to withdraw money to qiwi

This is the end of the instruction explaining how to withdraw money from Poloniex. Wait for the transfer of funds. The transfer time for all exchangers is different. It is likely that the Poloniex exchange makes transfers instantly, but the exchangers provide for manual order processing, and not automatic, which takes some time. Also, the transfer time depends on the day of the week, bank, withdrawal currency, etc. The waiting time ranges from several hours to several days.

What else do you need to remember?

Do not forget that the commission is also charged by the exchange site. On the main page of the resource you have chosen, you need to select the currency that you give and that you want to receive, for example, rubles on MasterCard. Next, you need to specify your initials, then bank card details, phone number and withdrawal amount. If you are planning a daywithdraw an amount of about $ 2,000, then you will need verification, and if not, then such a procedure is not at all necessary. If you switch to high turnover, you need to provide the exchange with information about yourself, as well as copies of identification documents. Withdrawal restrictions will be removed only after verification of all the information you provided.

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