What is Biglion? How to use coupons, reviews

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What is Biglion? How to use coupons, reviews
What is Biglion? How to use coupons, reviews

Many users think about how to use Biglion. This question arises sooner or later for those who are used to buying goods and receiving services at big discounts. Especially with the help of the internet. Today we will get acquainted with the mentioned site closer. What does he represent? How does it work? What do users think of it? Every active user should understand all this.

how to use biglion


What is Biglion? This is a service where you can find a huge variety of discounts and promotions every day. The site sells special discount coupons.

People call "Biglion" a couponer. As you might guess, the reason for this is the activity of the service. Some people think that the site mentioned is a scam. But is it really?


"Biglion.ru" is a large site with promotions and discounts. It allows you to receive goods and services at attractive prices.

The advantage of using the service is the size of the discounts. Most often, you can get a service with a discount of 50% or more. For a nominal fee "Biglion"offer the user certain bonuses. For example, a discount on dental treatment in a particular clinic or a 2-fold reduction in the bill when ordering pizza in a particular pizzeria. And you can immediately buy something at a reduced price.

Besides, using the Biglion coupon is quite easy. And buy too. These operations will be discussed in more detail below. A simple interface, many payment methods and a huge number of tempting offers are what attract users.

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How does it work?

How to use "Biglion"? To begin with, it is worth finding out whether the service really provides the services that it offers. After all, as we have said, some do not believe that someone will sell their goods at too low prices.

"Biglion" is not a scam. The site really works. How? With the help of coupons, the user receives certain bonuses, and the companies providing services are "promoted".

In fact, "Biglion.ru" is an advertising service. For coupons, he usually requires minor expenses - from 50 rubles. In return, as already mentioned, various attractive discounts and prices for certain services are offered.

What does it offer?

What can you find among the offers of the service? Almost anything. How to use "Biglion"? It is important to note that all services are divided into several large sections, which are updated daily with new promotions and discounts.

Having visited the site "Biglion",the user will see the following menu items:

  • "Services";
  • "Beauty";
  • "He alth";
  • "Children";
  • "Concerts";
  • "Restaurants";
  • "Entertainment";
  • Fitness;
  • "Beauty";
  • "Training";
  • "Auto";
  • misc.

With the help of "Biglion" promotions, you can order food at a discount, make a profitable trip, go to a concert, get a photo session, attend certain courses, or simply take advantage of the offer of a beauty salon or a medical center. It is impossible to predict the exact list of coupons. It depends on the user's region of residence.

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Use in brief

How to use "Biglion"? Briefly describe the process, it will be reduced to the following steps:

  1. Registration on the Biglion website.
  2. Profile verification.
  3. City selection.
  4. Search for a service.
  5. Purchase coupon.
  6. Use purchased coupon.

It would seem that everything is simple. But in fact, users often experience difficulties with the purchase and use of coupons. We will talk about them further.


Registration on the site "Biglion.ru" does not cause any difficulties. To confirm the profile, you will have to follow the link that will be indicated in the letter from the administration of the coupon. Next, the user must find the offer he is interested in in the list of goods and services.

How to buy on "Biglion"? After selectionspecific proposal will have to read its description. To do this, you should study the tab of the same name. It specifies the duration of the promotion, as well as all the conditions for using the coupon. For example, some restaurants only offer discounts on home delivery.

biglion shares

After reviewing, you can proceed to purchase and pay for the coupon. For this you will need:

  1. Click on the "Buy" button in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose the appropriate item. This is possible if the promotion provides for the provision of different service packages.
  3. Specify the payment method. Usually cashless payment is used.
  4. Enter the user's bank account details.
  5. Confirm payment.

Done! Now the corresponding coupon will appear in the profile in the "Coupons" section. With it, you will be able to get a discount on a product or service.


How to use Biglion shares? After purchasing the coupon, you will need to fulfill the requirements of the service company. Some ask for the order number and coupon booking code in electronic format, while others need to print it directly.

For the last operation to be:

  1. Open profile on Biglion.
  2. Go to "Coupons".
  3. Select "Print".
  4. Specify the printing device and confirm the process.

Also, you can save the coupon to your PC in PDF format and only then print it. Coupons are sometimes purchased as a gift and sentby SMS. There is also a separate button for this operation.

how to buy on biglion

Payment Methods

A few words about payment methods. Almost every Biglion user is interested in them.

As already emphasized earlier, you will have to use a cashless payment. Coupons "Biglion" can be paid:

  • by bank cards ("Visa", "MasterCard", "MIR", Sberbank, "Raiffeisen Bank");
  • from mobile phones (commission applies);
  • payment terminals;
  • electronic type payment systems ("Yandex", "WebMoney", "Sberbank Online" and so on);
  • through some organizations ("Svyaznoy", "Evroset", "Post of Russia", "Mobile Element").

Everyone chooses how to pay for Biglion shares. Most often, either bank cards or Internet wallets are used.


What do users say about the studied coupon? Customer reviews are different - both positive and negative. Someone was satisfied with the services purchased through Biglion, and someone no longer wants to return to this site.

It is important to understand that the administration of the service is not responsible for the quality of goods and services purchased with coupons. All claims should be directed to the service organization.

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In order not to be disappointed in the offer, it is recommended:

  • study reviews about services (there is a corresponding section on Biglion);
  • carefully read the description of the offer;
  • to ask for feedback on the company the person wants to contact.

No more tips and tricks. We figured out how to use the Biglion coupon, buy it and print it. Everything is easier than it looks.

Most of the clients are satisfied with Biglion's discounts and promotions. It is recommended that you purchase coupons for tours and hotel stays with caution. With them, as practice shows, the most problems arise.

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