IPad Pro tablet. Specifications and reviews


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IPad Pro tablet. Specifications and reviews
IPad Pro tablet. Specifications and reviews

Apple constantly uses new and incredible solutions in its products. No exception - and the recently released iPad, which has become the largest representative of the line. What is special about the device besides the huge display?


As you can see, the company doesn't like to change the design of its phones very often. Accordingly, the iPad Pro completely imitates its predecessor, except for the dimensions.

Actually, the dimensions of the device are both an advantage and a disadvantage of the iPad Pro. The size specifications are almost twice those of its predecessor. Large dimensions allow you to work with the device with only two hands. Having a dedicated stylus will definitely make it easier to use the tablet.

iPad Pro specs

The front panel has got an incredibly large display, control sensor and front camera. The right side was equipped with a keyboard connector, and the left side with a volume control. The top end houses the headphone jack and the power button, and the bottom end houses the Lightning port. The device has as many as four speakers located on the sides.

The device turned out not only large, but also quiteweighty - as much as 700 grams. Such a heavy device is difficult to hold in one hand for a long time.


Incredible by all standards, the screen received the iPad Pro tablet. The 12.9-inch diagonal fits even some laptops quite well. The size of the display is amazing, but the quality is even more shocking.

The device received the highest resolution among the company's products, namely 2732 x 2048 pixels. Retina technology familiar from iMac is used to improve the image. The essence of the novelty lies in the uniform transfer of charge to each pixel, and as a result, the screen is illuminated evenly.

An interesting novelty is the dynamic frequency of the iPad Pro display. Picture characteristics are automatically adjusted if necessary from 60 to 30. When playing less demanding content, this feature can significantly save battery power.

iPad Pro tablet


Some of the predecessor's settings have been transferred to the iPad Pro without changes. The camera specifications are 8 megapixels, as in the Air model. The pictures are quite high quality, despite the lack of changes. Of course, you don't have to expect much from a tablet's camera, but it's enough for an iPad.

The device also has a front camera. The resolution of the front camera is 1.3 megapixels. The front camera, in addition to video calling, allows you to take good pictures.


The user will also be pleased with the four speakers of the device. The sound is clear and will surprise even the most experienced music lover. interestingthe solution was to assign the speakers their roles, they are responsible in pairs for low and main frequencies. The orientation of the tablet also affects the sound. In a different position of the device, the speakers change roles.


The dual-core Apple A9x processor delivers superior performance for iPad Pro. The frequency characteristics are 2.6 GHz and further improve the impression of a good "stuffing". They also support a high bar and four gigabytes of device RAM.

The company has released several devices that differ only in built-in memory. On the shelves you can find devices with 32 and 128 GB. The asking price for the iPad Pro depends on these parameters.

iPad Pro price


The tablet operates under the guidance of a somewhat damp iOS9. The flaws in terms of the system are very noticeable on the big screen.

Mistakes start with the design of the interface. But if the appearance of the design can be neglected, then the other problem is not. Built-in programs are quite tolerably adjusted to the screen, but third-party applications are not familiar with the new product's large screen and cannot adapt.

While waiting for system updates, the owner will have to put up with a somewhat blurry and stretched picture.


Equipped the device with a 10 307 mAh battery. The large capacity of the battery allows you to use the iPad Pro for 11 hours. As the load increases, the time will decrease slightly.


iPad Pro asking price ranges from 65 to 87thousand rubles. The cost depends on the amount of memory and some additional features.


At first, the release date of the device was scheduled for September, but was postponed. As a result, Apple introduced the iPad Pro at the end of November 2015. A small delay did not reduce the popularity of the device at all, but even provoked fans a little.

Positive Feedback

Reviews claim that the new iPad is a masterpiece. The huge screen of excellent quality is ideal not only for work, but also for entertainment.

Apple introduced the iPad Pro

The performance of the device is also on top. Naturally, the device is not capable of replacing a laptop, but it will cope with a large number of tasks.

Pleases users and a powerful battery that allows you not to depend on the outlet. Usually it is the battery that is the weak point of the tablet.

Negative reviews

Unfinished system upsets users. With all the advantages of the novelty of the program, it does not allow it to open up to the maximum.

The lack of changes in the camera also looks strange. Of course, the quality of the photo is on top, but it was in the predecessor.

The most unpleasant place in the device reviews call its price. Incredibly high cost may scare away many fans.


Once again the firm has outdone itself. Pleases not only the power of the device, but also the use of new technologies. Without a doubt, Apple strives for excellence.

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