Userator: feedback about the system. Is it possible to earn?

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Userator: feedback about the system. Is it possible to earn?
Userator: feedback about the system. Is it possible to earn?

Search engines have recently begun to pay more and more attention to the social component in the promotion of any site - the number of "likes", reposts; as well as on user behavior - transitions from search results to the address of the resource. In this regard, SEOs have begun to focus on site promotion tools such as small tasks for users to "like" and take any other action that is useful for ranking the site. To do this, even launched a number of services. One of them is Userator, which we will review in this article.

Userator reviews

Social factors as defining criteria

So, to begin with, let's describe how search engines determine user behavior, and what it ultimately affects. It is obvious that social factors (how users go from social networks to the site, how actively they repost and put “likes”) can adequately reflect the popularity of a particular resource. After all, in fact, it could be that from some popular VKontakte community, where a link to an unknown but interesting site was published, transitions suddenly began to be made? Of course it can. And due to this, this resource will beincrease traffic, rise in the search results and, as a result, gain a slightly larger audience than before.

It can happen in real life, can't it? Yes, it is quite. The task of services like Userator, the reviews of which we plan to describe a little later in this article, is to make this or that site popular as naturally as possible, to increase its authority and citation precisely due to such a “social” mechanism. This, in fact, is used by webmasters.

Services for promoting and paying for tasks

There are also a lot of sites that provide active social promotion services today. Their principle of operation is the same - there are customers and performers. The former replenish the balance and line up their task options, such as key phrases to search for, or content to be “liked” or “reposted”. After that, the actual campaign starts. reviews is it possible to earn

Like its counterparts, the Userator service (user reviews testify to this) also works with performers. Their task is to fulfill the conditions that were set by the advertiser-customer. And, of course, to receive a small reward for them in the amount of a few rubles.

The essence of the service is that many customers pay for the services of a large number of performers. This is how the project functions.

Userator is one of the promotion platforms

What is the difference between Feedback from both performers and customerstestify that this resource, first of all, has a unique set of tools even in comparison with its competitors. This, for example, is the ability not only to perform social tasks, but also to “wind up” various search suggestions that will be displayed when the user enters text. reviews

Thus, we can say that this resource can become a universal tool that helps to bring your site to the first places in the search results, make it known and recognizable, and attract people.

Of course, another, opposite conclusion can be drawn - if the service allows you to promote sites by performing a wide range of actions, accordingly, a large number of people can earn on it. We will talk further about what opportunities the performer has, what reviews they leave about Userator, and whether everyone can do it.

Earning Opportunity reviews

All income that a member receives can be divided into two types - this is an automatic action (the work of the program that was created in the Userator), as well as manual work (it depends solely on your media resource - the degree of promotion of groups or pages in social networks).

Automated work is easy. You just need to install the service program on your computer and wait for the jobs to arrive. Userator software (reviews will confirm this) does not contain viruses or other dangers for your computer. It simply makes queries to search engines whileyou, for example, are engaged in extraneous affairs. Thus, according to the organizers of the service, you can earn "on the machine".

Another method of earning is also not difficult. It is necessary to connect to, reviews of which we will give, your accounts in social networks. Then you will receive various offers on the site about how to put a “like”, repost this or that content. The cost of such actions will vary depending on the characteristics of your account.

Working conditions

As far as how to work on this platform, there is nothing complicated. The user can withdraw his funds from a minimum amount of 100 rubles. They pay here, as expected, in the most popular currencies, so there will be no problems with further conversion. The withdrawal is carried out after the above amount is available on your balance.

This is all confirmed by reviews. Is it possible to earn a decent amount here? It all depends on what social media accounts you have. Of course, you should not expect that by installing a program that independently makes visits to sites, you will receive a fabulous income. They pay very little for this type of work. The reason for this is the small number of tasks that the Userator program is able to provide. Feedback from performers indicates that, most often, viewing tasks simply do not enter the system.

Userator program reviews

Work confirmations

However, do not get upsetcosts. You can always work with social platforms, as well as do the work manually. True, for this it will be necessary to make confirmation of the work performed. For example, it is an obligation to take a snapshot of the search results, a screenshot of the site that was clicked on, and so on.

This is exactly why users leave negative reviews about Userator. Their essence lies in the fact that the performers complain: sometimes the tasks are structured in such a way that for a couple of rubles a person must copy the links of all sites from the TOP-50 search results. As you understand, such a procedure takes a lot of time.

Userator service reviews

Negative reviews

In general, to be honest, there are a lot of negative comments about the system. Moreover, people complain not so much about the device of the service itself, but about the tasks that are present here. As already noted, this, for example, is an excessively high complexity of work that is paid low. This may be an incorrectly formulated task statement that can lead to its incorrect execution. Users also complain about some inadequacy of the moderators. Mostly of this kind, people leave reviews about Is it possible to make money here, no one asks, because people are already convinced of the reliability and honesty of the service.

Should I start?

If you don't know if you should try working here, the answer is clear: of course you should! The service is relatively new and interesting - due to this, it is likely that itsthe negative sides will be corrected, so to speak, “corners are smoothed out”, after which the site will become an excellent opportunity for earning. No wonder there are positive reviews about Userator.

Mail, Yandex, VKontakte - all these and other services have shown their promise in terms of online business. Since Userator is based in part on interacting with these platforms, we can conclude that this resource has a future.

Userator reviews mail

How to earn more?

And if it seems to you that with this site you can earn very little, then the solution is elementary - try to combine work on other such exchanges. After all, as already noted, there are a large number of sites that make it possible to earn in the same way. By registering for 5-7 such projects, you can increase your income several times. The main desire. Good luck!

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