Paidverts: user reviews of a well-known and reliable click-through sponsor

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Paidverts: user reviews of a well-known and reliable click-through sponsor
Paidverts: user reviews of a well-known and reliable click-through sponsor

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. Some of them require special knowledge and skills, while others are public, and to start working with them, a person does not need almost anything.

One of these methods of earning, which everyone can start with, is the Paidverts project. Reviews indicate that there is an opportunity to earn good money if you know what the essence of such earnings is.

Click on ads

paidverts reviews

So, the first and main source of income on the site is viewing paid advertising. These are simple sponsored links that lead to partner sites. Anyone can order such advertising. And, as the user reviews regarding Paidverts show, this makes it possible to ultimately increase the income on the account. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the project yourself in order to receive more.

Copy BAP and increase the cost of clicks

Another interesting feature of this site is the internal currency - the so-called BAP (bap). These are points that can increase the cost per click on each ad. The more of them, the higher the paid advertising, with which he must workproject participant. Thus, the system encourages users to work harder, earn "baps", and then spend them on boosting the account itself and, as a result, increasing income.

earnings on Paidverts

Also, "baps" can be spent on buying and selling shares. This is another tool with which you can earn. Project participants have the right to trade them, due to which they make a profit or suffer losses (depending on the exchange rate). Reviews on the site note that even on pure trading in these shares there is an opportunity to "raise" good money.


Projects of this nature (meaning click sponsors) often work with gambling. So they lure users to risk their earnings or, on the contrary, give a person the opportunity to multiply what he "called".

website reviews

Paidverts (reviews prove this) also has a system of games for money in the user's account. This way everyone can try their luck and try to win something. The games there are elementary and designed only for chance.

How to get started?

And it's easy enough to get to work here. All you need is an account on the project and free time. To get started, create an account in which you provide your contact information. After that, go to the working tab and select the links that you will follow. Project participants are advised to immediately set filters that hideoptions for which you will be paid up to a cent for each click. This way you at least optimize the cost of your working time.

Judging by the stories from the reviews, you can earn the first dollar in 3-4 days of regular work. Then you can reinvest it. This is done simply: buy ads on the site, and then start working on the resulting "baps". You will end up with half a dollar profit from the fact that more BAP points allow you to earn more money for each click. All work is built on this principle.

You can also bring referrals. You will receive 5% of the earnings of each of them, therefore, by gaining a large number of them, you can get a good income. As a last resort, if you don’t know where to get them, there is an option to purchase system referrals for a certain amount, depending on the age of the account and activity.

By carrying out such manipulations and including logic, you can quickly start earning good amounts. Try it, you might like it!

Project reliability

review of Paidverts website

You ask: does it make sense to invest your attention, time and money in this site? Well, it's up to you. However, earnings on Paidverts in a sense can be called stable. The project itself has been around for almost 2 years. In addition, it is administered by a company that owns a similar investment portal, which is even older - all 4 years old. During all this time, he has never failed investors. Therefore, drawing an analogy, we can say that with this siteeverything should be in order: Paidverts now employs a huge number of people, tens of thousands of dollars are spinning here. The fact that the site is really serious, you can see even from the screenshots of payments.


In general, the project is interesting for the reason that there are many ways to earn extra money. In addition to clicks on ads, you can bring referrals, trade stocks, buy ads and exchange them for "baps". With all this arsenal, and with a competent approach, the user can replenish his budget well.

If we talk about the ceiling of earnings, then it is about 300 dollars a day. True, the person who receives so much on Paidverts (user reviews confirm this) has invested a very large amount in this project. In general, he is almost one of the main investors. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised about.

You can get a few dollars for a day of work. Feedback on the Paidverts website indicates that you can reach this level of earnings in a few weeks. The further you go, the more you get.

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