"Zevs Business Incubator": reviews and impressions. Zevs.in - fraud or not?

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"Zevs Business Incubator": reviews and impressions. Zevs.in - fraud or not?
"Zevs Business Incubator": reviews and impressions. Zevs.in - fraud or not?

The prospect of remote earnings is extremely tempting for a person who dreams of gaining financial independence. That is why recently a lot of online courses began to appear on the Internet, offering training in the basics of making money online. "Zevs In Business Incubator" is one of the most famous sites in this industry. You will learn about all the nuances of working with the project from this article.

What is a business incubator?

business incubator zevs reviews
business incubator zevs reviews

The company appeared at the end of 2013 and initially began to position itself as an innovative online business school. LLC "Business Incubator Zevs In" began to offer users what they have been looking for for so long and unsuccessfully - ways to make money on the Internet.

The project is built on a referral program. That is, to join it, you need the so-called invite code for registration. Well, in order for the project to begin to bear fruit, you need to invest in it not only your own money, but also spend a lot of time inviting other people to the business incubatorZevs. Reviews about this project can be found on numerous forums about making money on the Internet.

How much does it cost to enter the project?

Until recently, entrance to the company cost 500 rubles. But it seemed to the founders of the project that this was not enough, so they decided to raise the price to 700 rubles. With their first installment, participants pay only the first month of access to the online courses of the Zevs business incubator. Accordingly, in the second month you will need to deposit another 500 rubles, and so on.

Zevs In policy actively uses psychological maneuvers to attract new users. Thus, cash investments in the project are positioned as investments in a bright and prosperous future. And attracting new referrals (in other words, spam) is like a solid profession as an information manager of the Zevs Business Incubator company. Feedback, however, clarifies the situation and allows you to understand the essence of the project in more detail.

What should a business incubator pay for?

After paying for the first month of the course, "unique" materials become available, after studying which, the user will become a professional in online business. At least, the founders of the project assure us of this. In their opinion, housewives, pensioners, and students will be able to learn innovative methods of making money online at a business school and provide themselves with a serious income for life. However, in practice, everything is not so fabulous.

business incubator zevs
business incubator zevs

The course content includes the following programs:

  • design training;
  • web development training;
  • learning how to make money on the foreign exchange market and investment funds;
  • learning how to make money on e-commerce;
  • learning infobusiness and making money on webinars;
  • learning how to make money on the Zevs In affiliate program.

Do I need to say that information on all materials can be found freely available on the Internet? After reading the forums and studying free courses, you can just as well master any of the above ways to make money online. The main difference will be that you can do this without investing a penny of your own money. From this we can draw a simple conclusion that a business incubator is created in the likeness of a regular financial pyramid, and online courses serve as a kind of red herring.

Zevs In - divorce or not?

Everyone who has ever heard of this company is concerned about the same question. "Zevs Business Incubator" - a scam or a real way to gain financial independence? It must be said that not everything is so simple here.

On the one hand, the project honestly pays the money earned and really provides materials for learning how to make money on the Internet. The referral program works flawlessly and Zevs In pays 500 rubles for each attracted user. According to the company, the remaining 200 rubles go to the development of the project. Let's say it is.

But on the other hand, the most difficult work is done by the project participants themselves, while its founders rest on their laurels. Inviting people to a project is a very boring and thankless task. In order to attract at least one referral,ready to pay 700 rubles for entering a dubious project, you need to spend more than one hour on a social network sending spam messages to everyone in a row. In addition, the failure rate in this case is about 95%. This means that the chances of attracting at least a few dozen referrals are very, very low.

Without inviting referrals, there is simply nothing to do in the project, because it is impossible to return your money in any other way. That is why the pages of social networks are full of advertisements for the business school and actively invite new members.

Who really earns?

Today, the project has more than 70,000 participants, each of which has invested its own 500-700 rubles, 200 of which are debited monthly for “project development”. It's hard to believe that the founders invested 1,400,000 rubles to develop an ordinary website, isn't it? Despite the fact that advertising for the project is provided by the users themselves, distributing referral links on the network.

business incubator zevs divorce
business incubator zevs divorce

All world financial pyramids work according to the same principle, which became known in our country in the early 90s thanks to Sergei Mavrodi. Pyramid schemes operate under the guise of charity, global mutual funds or financial social networks. In any case, the purpose of such projects was and remains to pump money out of naive citizens.

With information and technological progress, financial pyramids have moved from real life to virtual, because on the Internet it is much easier to look for gullible people who dream of easy money. Precisely according toThe Zevs Business Incubator operates on this principle, with a striking name and online earning courses offered.

Why should you not trust pyramid schemes?

business incubator zevs in
business incubator zevs in

A project similar to Zevs In already existed on the Runet. The deception on the part of the founders of the MLM project was far from immediately traceable. The ISIF (International School of Investment and Finance) successfully operated for two years, after which it suddenly ceased to exist, earning several million dollars from its participants. The probability that the same will happen with a business incubator is 99%. But Zevs In, reviews of which can be found on numerous forums, is precisely a financial pyramid.

If the project is terminated, the participants will lose all the money that they did not have time to withdraw to electronic wallets. It will be impossible to prove anything for the simple reason that the contract between the client and the business school is not signed. The only proof of participation in the project will be the participant's account. But since the business school will cease to exist, all data will simply be deleted from the system. From this point of view, the scheme of work of the business incubator is thought out perfectly.

Zevs Business Incubator: user reviews

zeus in
zeus in

People who leave feedback about the project on the Internet can be divided into two categories: those who got burned on it, and those who actively advertise it. It's not too hard to guess thatmost people who invested their money in the first month of training were very disappointed with the content of the courses and the prospect of spamming on social networks around the clock in order to get their money back.

However, there are those who believe in the prospects of such a project as the "Zevs Business Incubator". Reviews written with the aim of attracting new visitors usually differ from the reviews of real users by excessive perseverance to join the project and the promise to earn from 500 to 3000 rubles daily. In such reviews, as a rule, there is no objective opinion about the project and a description of its negative aspects. To develop a project on a social network, fake accounts with motivating photos and success stories are often used, which is also aimed at attracting new referrals. Recognizing such accounts is very simple, because a person who really makes good money on the Internet will never spread this to others.

How to take courses for free?

zeus in divorce
zeus in divorce

Information on making money online can be found on the Internet in the public domain and absolutely free. Judging by the real reviews about Zevs In, you can find much better and more informative courses on the Internet than those presented on the project. Very often, webmasters post free lessons on creating a site from scratch, and experienced designers share master classes in Photoshop or 3D-max.

Many people mistakenly believe that in order to learn how to make money online, you need to spend money on webinars and e-commerce. Suchthe stereotype was created by the authors of such courses themselves to increase sales growth. Do I need to explain that there is no really useful information in such material, because the information business has long passed into the category of another scam for naive users.

How else can you make money online?

zeus in cheating
zeus in cheating

The Zevs In project, reviews of which are very contradictory, is by no means the only chance to make money online. There are many ways to earn money without investment. A beginner can try his hand at writing paid reviews or articles on copywriting exchanges. Active advertising services (boxes) and resources for making money on social networks have proven themselves well. Even today anyone can create their own information site for making money. And it is not necessary to pay for the knowledge that you can master absolutely free.

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