What is geolocation in the phone?

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What is geolocation in the phone?
What is geolocation in the phone?

The word "geolocation" has long been on everyone's lips. But most people have only a general idea of what it is. Let's take a closer look at what this service is and how it can be useful.

The concept of "geolocation"

What is geolocation? Geolocation is data that reports in real time the exact location of a computer, tablet or phone and, accordingly, its owner. Through this service, data such as the country in which the subscriber is located, city, street and house are set.

what is geolocation
what is geolocation

How it works

Indispensable condition for the operation of the service is the connection of the machine to the Internet. Each mobile device has special software installed that allows you to track its current geolocation.

what is geolocation on iphone
what is geolocation on iphone

Thanks to the Internet connection, the service determines the location of the device using the subscriber's current IP address. What is a geolocation service, we discussed above. Now you need to understand how it works.

What do you need

Now many programs designed for smartphones, tablets andpersonal computers, upon registration, and some during use, request current geolocation data.

Some programs need this in order to place this data in the client's profile, other users could see his real location.

Apps designed for orienteering that request geolocation to tell the subscriber exactly where he is at a given time, help get the shortest route to the right place.

Working with search queries

Geolocation is of great importance when processing user search queries. What is geolocation in a search engine and how does it help?

Depending on the subscriber's location, search engines provide appropriate answers to his queries. Such data filtering is very convenient and saves time searching for the necessary information.

So, for example, when asking how much it costs and where to buy a new car, the system will first of all show sites that advertise cars for sale in nearby cities.

On mobile devices

What is geolocation in the phone? When enabled, the service helps you locate the nearest cafes, restaurants, theaters, fitness centers, and more.

what is geolocation in a smartphone
what is geolocation in a smartphone

In addition, the included geolocation system in the phone will help you find the device in case of loss or theft. This service will work even if the SIM card was replaced when the phone was stolen. The main thing is to keep workingthe Internet. It can be either the Internet working from a SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Service cost

This service is completely free. The only thing that spends money or megabytes is the traffic used to download maps. If the phone uses only the Internet of a cellular operator, then payment will be charged according to the tariff to which the subscriber is connected.

If the mobile device uses only Wi-Fi or unlimited Internet is connected from a mobile operator, then only Internet traffic will be consumed.

For business

What is geolocation for business? How can she help in his development? By tracking the demand for certain products in specific regions, the company can change the pricing policy in its branches. For example, you can set lower prices for goods that are not in demand.

what is geolocation in the phone
what is geolocation in the phone

In addition, for the convenience of customers, you can specify prices for each area in the currency used for payment.

What is geolocation for advertising? By identifying the location of customers, it is possible to place advertising banners aimed at specific consumers who are interested in these products.

How to connect

What is geolocation in a smartphone? How to connect it and how to use it? On phones of the fourth series, to enable the function of determining your current location, you need to go to "Settings". In this menu, you need to find an item called "Geolocation" andactivate this function by sliding the key to the side.

After enabling this feature, you will be prompted to choose which apps you allow to use your location data.

Next, you will be prompted to select a time zone. You can activate a feature that will show on the main screen that the location service is enabled on your device.

What is geolocation on iPhone? How does she connect? To connect this option on phones with an apple of the fifth series, you also need to go to the "Settings" section, from there go to the tab called "Privacy", where in the very first line there will be a function called "Location Services".

After activating this function, the system will offer to do all the same steps as in the fourth model. You will need to choose which programs can use your location data and determine the time zone.

What is iAd geolocation? It has the same purpose as iPhohe. This program is activated universally.

The only difference that can be very useful is the ability to find a lost or stolen phone using a tablet on the same iOs platform.

To do this, you need to install a special program called "Find an iPhone". You can download it for free through the AppStore app. Next, you need to register in this search program by entering your Apple ID data there. After that, you need to check that the Find My iPhone function is enabled on your phone. In order to do this, you needgo to the "Settings" section, go to the tab called ICloud, in which you can activate this feature.

In order for the service to work, you need to enable it and allow the use of geolocation.

what is iad geolocation
what is iad geolocation

The latest version of the software of the fifth series offers an additional service. In the same menu where the function to find the phone is connected, you can enable the function with which the lost phone will send data about its current location to the manufacturing company before being completely discharged.

To find a lost or stolen phone, you need to go to the "All devices" section from another device previously paired with it. Next, go to the “My devices” tab, where the model of the lost phone will be visible, select it, after which the location of the requested device will be shown.

If the missing phone is disabled, you need to check the box "Notify me about the find" in the device from which it is searched for. In this case, when the phone is working again, you will know exactly where it is.

For the convenience of searching, this program has several useful functions. You can go to the Find My iPhone settings and check the box next to Play Sound. If it is activated, a sound signal will turn on when searching for the device, with which you can easily locate the lost device.

The second useful feature of the program is the Lost Mode. If you activate it, you can blockphone, while its display will show a number at which the finder can call you.

The third feature is called Erase iPhone. With it, you can remotely erase all your personal data stored on a lost device.

what is a location service
what is a location service

If the phone was lost and all data was deleted from it, and then it was found or returned, you can easily restore all personal information using the backup copy that any device of this company makes every time it is connected to a personal computer.

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