HP Elitepad 900 Tablet Review: Specifications


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HP Elitepad 900 Tablet Review: Specifications
HP Elitepad 900 Tablet Review: Specifications

When evaluating a tablet, we often see it as a platform for playing multimedia, playing games, surfing the Internet, and social networking. For some reason, initially our attitude to the tablet is defined as a kind of toy that makes our life more diverse.

Meanwhile, there is a category of special, so-called professional devices that serve specific purposes. Such gadgets are not so well known in wide circles, but they are actively used by those who know their work, who need not a universal solution, but some specific product.

Meet one of those is the HP Elitepad 900. In this article, we will review the tablet, try to consider its strengths and weaknesses, and highlight some of its specific features.

Model view

HP Elitepad 900

Let's start with the general concept of the device. Before us is a tablet for business HP Elitepad 900. The developers define it as such for the reason that the computer has a special integrated software that is different from what can be found on other tablets. In particular, the computer operates on the basis of Windows 8, which allows us to talk about equipping it with suchproducts that will make the user's work behind him much easier and more convenient.

Positioning the device as a business-oriented product makes it possible to use the same approach for the design of the device, its full development in a given key.

True, let's not get too far into this and other issues, but let's begin to fully characterize the HP Elitepad 900 tablet.


Of course, first of all, we will describe how the object of our review looks like, what the user initially sees when purchasing it. In this regard, of course, the HP Elitepad 900 is not far behind.

The tablet is made in a strict aluminum case with rounded edges and dark color inserts. Even without taking the device in hand, we can say that it looks quite expensive. In terms of its shape and color selection, the computer is very similar to the Apple iPad, but the similarities between the devices end there.

The manufacturer claims that due to high-quality case materials, as well as carefully fitted parts, it was possible to achieve moisture and dust protection of the tablet, as well as the ability to withstand shock in the event of a fall. Therefore, again, when working with a gadget, you can not worry about the safety of your data on it.

The layout of the HP Elitepad 900 (64Gb) is classic for a landscape device. The device is equipped with two external speakers on the bottom (covered with a steel mesh), next to which there is an input for the charger. On this occasion, I would like to note that this is an unusual microUSB for us, anda specific connector (which can lead to a deadlock in case the owner of the device forgets his native charger while on the road).

HP Elitepad 900 tablet

On the left, if you hold the tablet horizontally, there is a “rocker” to change the sound level, and on top next to it is the Power button. The right side has a cap for slots where a memory card is installed, as well as a SIM card.

On the rear panel (at the top) there is a strip of dark color, effectively contrasting with the light surface of the device. The camera eye and flash are also located here.


The display dimensions of the device can be said to be ideal for work. So, with a diagonal of 10 inches, the tablet has a screen resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, which allows you to create a colorful picture with high detail. The tablet can recognize up to 5 simultaneous touches.

Reviews from those who have already been lucky enough to use the HP Elitepad 900 tablet note the high level of reaction of the device: the gadget literally responds to every touch as quickly as possible, which is very convenient for work.

It should also be said about the protection provided for the display. So, if you believe the technical characteristics, the model has a special glass Gorilla Glass 2, which prevents scratches, chips and scuffs. It cannot be said that this coating is 100% capable of making the screen of your device invulnerable, but nevertheless, it will be able to survive some damage.

Another advantage of the tablet is the wideviewing angles. This means that if you tilt the device, the picture on it will not change, but will remain just as bright and colorful. This is provided by IPS technology, on which the screen functions.


HP Elitepad 900 Windows 10

The autonomy of any device (tablet for games or for work) plays a huge role in the whole experience of interaction. To put it simply, how long your device can last without recharging determines the level of satisfaction from working with it.

As stated by the manufacturer of the gadget, HP Elitepad 900 is able to work for 10 hours without the need to connect to the network. Of course, many of those who purchased the device wrote about this in reviews of the device. The judgment turned out to be true, even with Wi-Fi turned on and non-stop operation, the device lasts 6-7 hours. By turning off Internet access, you can probably extend your session by 2-3 hours.

True, and this may not seem enough for those who value autonomy. It is these users who will like a special accessory - a case equipped with a battery. In fact, this is an additional battery that can give the device another 5-6 hours of operation.


For such a high-end tablet, it would be necessary to have sufficiently powerful hardware capable of quickly and smoothly reproducing the operation of the operating system and various application programs. Therefore, the device operates on the basis of Intel Atom Z2760 - a processor with two cores clocked at 1.8 GHz. To work with officeapplications and basic work tasks such power is enough; even if we talk about colorful games, then the HP Elitepad 900 (3G) tablet will not let you down in this regard. The secret lies not only in the performance of the processor, but also in the optimization of its work with the software. Only in this way can such a result be achieved.

HP Elitepad 900 tablet bios entry

Operating system

By the way, speaking about the software on which the tablet works, it is necessary to mention Windows 8 in more detail. This is a product that was originally designed to work with mobile devices, as well as with PCs that support a touch screen as a control module. Today, however, a newer version of this OS is available, following the one that is on the HP Elitepad 900 (Windows 10). It will not be possible to install it on the tablet we are describing, since the policy of the software development company does not allow such updates and transitions. The only thing is that it is possible to carry out an update within the framework of the same G8. To do this, turn on the HP Elitepad 900 tablet, enter Bios. If you are doing this for the first time, we recommend that you consult a specialist or take the device to a service center.

In general, starting to work with the device, you will be taken to the familiar Windows interface with windows, navigation elements, a bottom bar and applications in the form of tiles. Everything is placed very conveniently and, most importantly, getting used to it is also quite simple. Don't worry about how hard it is to get your finger on the window frame to swipe with it.some actions: the interaction of the system and the sensor allows you to perform all tasks very easily and simply, the tablet literally guesses what you want to do next. Therefore, we can sum up a little: the capabilities of the Windows 8 system allow you to perfectly cope with any work task using office applications. Yes, and the HP Elitepad 900 does not need drivers: the tablet can function out of the box.

tablet HP Elitepad 900 32Gb


In addition to working with the Office suite, Windows 8 also offers Internet Explorer software tools to access the Internet. Of course, on the tablet, this browser is installed as the main and basic one. You should not worry about the speed of its work or convenience, on the contrary, due to the integration of this product into the general system of the tablet, it will be very easy for the user to switch between tasks, and at the same time nothing will distract from surfing.

So, exit to the desktop is done by swiping to the right side from the full screen mode. No delays or slowdowns - everything is intuitively simple and very fast.


Typing on mobile devices, as always, has a lot of problems. This is due to the lack of a physical keyboard and the availability of an exclusively screen version. Those who designed the HP Elitepad 900 32Gb tablet tried to solve this problem in several ways.

Firstly, it is to provide a choice of the type of keyboard that the user would like to work with. No need to go tosettings and spend extra time, you can simply choose the interface with which it will be more comfortable for a person to work. Secondly, the developers made sure that the screen outside the keyboard was scaled, that is, presented in a more complete form than we see it on most modern devices. Thirdly, obviously, work has been done to determine what the tablet user is going to write. This probably helps the device guess which letter will be selected next.

Given that all the tools from the Microsoft Office package are available on Windows 8, we can conclude that the tablet will make an excellent office tool on the road.


HP Elitepad 900 64Gb

The gadget, in addition to all of the above, is mobile due to the ability to connect communication options. In particular, here, as already described above, there is a slot for a SIM card (the device is capable of catching a signal in 3G networks), as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. These features are nothing new, they can be found on any device today. Nevertheless, they significantly expand the functionality of the tablet, making it a full-fledged Internet access point. And this is a completely new level of interaction, allowing, for example, to dump files from Office programs directly to the Skydrive cloud. And we haven't even mentioned working with email clients and the ability to edit work files directly in Dropbox and Google Drive.


The tablet is equipped, as it has become traditional, with two cameras: the main one (fortaking better pictures) with a flash, as well as a front flash (which is optional, has a resolution of 2 megapixels and is used, for example, to organize video calls). The resolution of the matrix that is located on the back of the case reaches 8 megapixels. The camera is equipped with a stabilization mechanism and autofocus, which allows you to take clear pictures even on the move.


Don't think that a computer is only an office gadget that cannot support multimedia and games. On the contrary, the device is completely open in terms of the purpose of its use, and you can easily download any amount of content. Given that there are two versions - a 32 and 64 GB tablet, and that each of them has a slot for inserting a memory card, we can testify to the huge potential of the device, its ability to be used as a portable data carrier, or as a mobile device. player. A large colorful screen and a fast processor can ensure the device works at the proper level.


What reviews can there be about the tablet? This can be understood even by a simple analysis of the technical possibilities that we have described above. High-quality case materials, nice design, wide functionality and powerful hardware already provide the user with the maximum level of comfort in work. And all this is quite expected by those who purchase this device (considering the price).

If we analyze the characteristics that were left by real buyers, then it is concluded that all comments can be divided intotwo groups related to the device, and those in which we are talking specifically about the operating system.

There are not so many complaints about the tablet itself: the device can be discharged faster than it should be (when in sleep mode), and it also sees not every memory card (as reviews show, more often only released by the SanDisk manufacturer). Otherwise, the specifications of the HP Elitepad 900 can be described as such that they can satisfy any user.

Another category is operating system reviews. Some call it uncomfortable and unusual, although this is obviously a matter of taste. Errors occur infrequently, and even if they are found on the HP Elitepad 900, a factory reset solves most problems (performed from the Recovery menu).


The tablet is interesting for its unusual presentation (as a business product) and the set of functions provided by Windows. So if you want to try something different from the next iPad, we advise you to turn your attention to HP devices and the Elitepad in particular.

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